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  1. Here's a pic of VRA with the covers off. I can't recall if I posted it earlier. The question is would they have changed the exhausts since she's a warbird?
  2. But if you bought three sets, then you'd have enough to replace the Siamesed ones. Each set would have 16 usable stubs so three sets give you the required 48. But this would probably be even easier. Can't believe how fast you did those up Mike! Carl
  3. Great start there Peter! The Montex masks will be vinyl. They're going to be more forgiving compared to Kabuki tape. One thing you should get is called transfer film. It will allow you to apply the mask in one piece and helps keep things aligned when you do. It's fairly cheap and you can find it on Amazon. There's different kinds too. I have some that's like a thicker, less sticky kabuki tape and I have a roll that's like the vinyl the masks are made from. Both have pros and cons. If you have any questions about using them, especially for the roundels, just ask. I've got a bunch of step by step pics around. Carl
  4. Ernie, what about the Eduard resin ones? https://www.eduard.com/eduard/mosquito-fb-mk-iv-exhaust-stacks-1-32.html?cur=2&listtype=search&searchparam=Mos They look pretty close. You'd have to buy three sets though to make up for the siamsed ones. Carl
  5. If you guys do end up having a meet, can I throw my car in the trunk of one your cars? It should fit without any issues. That way I don't have to hide in a different row. Got a bit of fun ahead of me this year as I need to change the timing belt. Which should be fun on a mid engine car. Carl
  6. The Ewoks happened because Lucas suddenly had kids who were old enough to go see his movies and he wanted something cute in them.
  7. Peter, it's so glad to hear you're not only back at the bench but more importantly here too! I'm liking your mostly OOB approach to the kit as well. Don't get bogged down with all the fiddly bits. Once I try to get some of these big twins off my bench, I'm gonna do something simple and different too. Like maybe changing the timing belt on my car. Carl
  8. Plot device? They were torpedoes though so maybe they were designed to do that...
  9. That's the plan. I've got two of the Tie fighter sets so i can have Vader and his two wingmen chasing Red 5 down the trench.
  10. Mike, since I'm still working on my B-25s, any chance you can move the thread to the WIP section? Thanks Carl
  11. Not all of them are new to the stash but I finally collected them all together. Didn't realize I ha so many.
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