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  1. Ron, it's going to be a great experience. I had a similar operation done a couple years ago but instead of taking my cornea out and replacing it like you're getting, I had a lens implanted in each eye. First time I had 20/20 vision since I was 3 1/2 years old. Carl
  2. It's such a fun movie. And thanks for the clarification on the brown goo.
  3. Thanks Lothar! It's been a challenge but I'm still enjoying it.
  4. Guess I missed my chancd at fake IDs again. Carl
  5. Welcome aboard! My wife is Scottish so does that count? I've even been to the Edinburgh model show. Carl
  6. Thanks Dennis! Thanks Rob! Much of the internal detail doesn't get seen unless you do a maintenance scene I suspect. So I've gone through the build to see what does need to be added or what can be viewed after completion. This was the same approach I took with my ZM Skyraider. I ended up leaving out a lot of the internal detail on that one. For the fuselage tanks, the top panel fits well enough that I can get away with not gluing it in place so that the details will still be accessible. Here's the fuselage as of this morning: With the panels in place. The last second intervention worked. There's only a small seam on either side that's no wider than the panel lines. The only one that needs any filler is on the underside and that gets covered by the ventral gun pack.
  7. Looks great Rob. I used pennies for the counterweight but can't recall how many I used. They were placed behind the cockpit bulkhead before it was installed. Carl
  8. After about a half hour, I decided to see how the fit of the front section was. I'm glad I checked as somehow, it no longer fit to the rear section as cleanly. So I decided to carefully (ok, not really) pry apart the front fuselage and try a different approach. This time I glued the interior section to the rear fuselage. I then added the outer halves and adjusted the fit as I went. Some tape and clamps to keep things where they're supposed to be and hopefully this time it'll work.
  9. A small update today. With the fit of the fuselage fuel tanks resolved, I gave them a coat of paint. Using some of the images in the Kagero books, I decided to paint the tanks in a dark yellow and then all the various lines in semi gloss black. I needed a bit of touch up back and forth on the colours I then attached them to the lower tanks and have them a wash of Gunze Ground Brown wash. Next up I finally closed up the front fuselage. To make sure I had the right spacing at the front, I attached the forward bulkhead and placed the nose on. The nose is still removable at this point.
  10. This should be lots of fun to following along with. Carl
  11. Nice job fixing the cowl flaps. Sometimes it's those little things that just bug you. Can't wait to see what you do on the Mossie.
  12. The plan is to do both. I've got the wire anchors and acrylic sheet for the extra shelves and I've just started on the new base and top to combine two units.
  13. Ok, I'll start one in the next day or so.
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