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  1. Really nice Ernie! Is it just resting on the bomb bay doors?
  2. That's pretty neat Ryan. Speaking of carpet monsters, I was at the bench and dropped a small part. It landed on my cat so I had to grab it before she took off. Carl
  3. It's the clipped wing, er crust cut off variant.
  4. I bought the Model Factory Hiro 1/24 McLaren F1 GTR car kit a few years ago. It's resin, white metal, PE, turned aluminum, even vac form. I got scared at the idea of building it when I saw there were spring retention clips for the exhaust system. So instead I figured like most of you bigger is better and picked up their 1/12 Porsche 956 LeMans winner. Then I found separate brake calipers, pads and pad retention clips.... I'm still working my courage up to start it.
  5. Ernie, the sad thing is I do have shelves and drawers for most of that stuff. There's 6 paint racks, numerous small bins for AM and supplies, a wooden wine case for more paint, a rolling drawer unit...etc. Stuff just doesn't make it back to where it's supposed to go. Now with my sons "borrowing" tools and paints, it's probably only going to get worse.
  6. Here's my bench currently: In the far corner is a Tamiya Spitfire IX and a T-Rex There's also wings for a pair of HK B-25s. Beside that part of my bench is a drawer unit where the B-25 fuselages are, along with the LCM and a ZM He-219. Next to that is this pile: Not really sure what's there. The stuff on the cutting mat is what my sons are working on. Finally, the other side of my space. So yeah, way too much stuff started...oh look a squirrel!
  7. So is mine. Don't know how I find the stuff I'm actually working on. I'd have to change to "basement of doom" since they're not exactly on a shelf. Since they don't make a shelf big enough
  8. I'm with Ryan on this. Leave'em be. Carl
  9. The narrowed seat look so much better. Carl
  10. Jeff, let me check my LHS later this week for you and see if they have them.
  11. Jeff, I think Lee Valley carries them. Not sure if these are the same ones. http://www.leevalley.com/en/Wood/page.aspx?p=20187&cat=1,42500 Carl
  12. We'll all be here when you get back Martin. Watch out for those buffalo eating squirrels while you're out there! Carl
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