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  1. Thanks Harv! Yeah, I'm still getting used to how easily I get tired. Had it brought home to me when I probably did too much walking on Tuesday and had to take it easy yesterday. One day at a time. Carl
  2. So Ernie, I recall reading that the .40 was created in response to the 9mm as a comparable lighter round. Meantime, the 10mm was in response to those felt that the 9mm didn't have enough punch compared to the .45. Any of that true/accurate? Carl
  3. Fantastic looking cockpit John. Are those the kit PE belts? They were the reason mine ended up on the SOD before I ripped them out and started over. Carl
  4. Amazing as always. The base ties it all together so nicely from a shape standpoint. Carl
  5. Thanks everyone! I'm just working on it when I feel up to it. Nothing forced or feeling that I have to work on the kit. I think that's been helping me out. Anyways, I've made a bit more progress on the build. I got the inner framework painted and together. First up was the firewall, control column and fuel tank Then I painted up the side frames These were then added in place. I added the instrument panel and the IP decals at this point. From here, I have the seat, belts and engine. Slowly but surely.
  6. Hopefully you get over the flu quick enough Martin. Carl
  7. Great project Ron! If ever there was a national plane for Canada, it would have to be the Beaver. On floats of course. Carl
  8. Ok, found something suitable to donate so please add an Eduard 1/32 BF-109E4 to the gift list. Carl
  9. That's fairly evil looking. Does Charlie Sheen get to fly it? Carl
  10. It was. Went together nicely following the instructions.
  11. I've been home for a couple weeks now after my triple bypass surgery. Last week I made it back to the bench but I've been finding it a bit of a struggle to stay focused. Part of that is I'm easily tired which is not what I expected. Everyone says it's normal after major surgery but I've no reference so it's kind of new to me. Which is a good thing I guess. Anyways I started working on a resin Zero kit I have. I thought it wouldn't be too bad. The parts count was low and it seemed simple enough. I ran afoul of trying to do the chipping needed for the finish and having to use wire to peg the individual fingers. Setting that aside, I started on a Hasegawa 1/32 Stuka G2. The problem I ran into there was I have too much AM and it was dragging me down. I started working on fitting bits but trying to make all these bits fit was too much. Maybe down the road... So that led me to this kit. There's a couple reasons for this choice. 1- It has almost no rigging 2- I don't have any AM for it so it'll be 100% OOB 3- It should go together (hopefully) without hiccups. Unless they're self induced. 4- It has almost no rigging So here's the box contents. And here's where I've managed to get today. I've painted and started assembling a number of cockpit bits. Painting around the brass fuel tank isn't 100% perfect but I'm happy with it. I know there will probably end up being some faults and possible corner cutting on this build but I'm fine with that. I just want to feel like I'm enjoying things and not getting bogged down. The interior is primarily NMF so I'm just using Matt aluminum for that. I haven't come across any wood that needs to be done so that's an added bonus. A big thanks to Ernie who sent this kit to me last year as part of the Christmas raffle. Carl
  12. The Hasegawa one in 1/32 is quite nice. I have it in the stash and was going to start building it but I have way too much AM for it and I want to do a simpler build at the moment. The later variants of the Trumpeter kit are supposed to be ok as well. There's an issue with the gun pods in the G version supposedly. Someone with more knowledge will hopefully come along and confirm or deny that. Carl
  13. I've just started on it but I'm enjoying it so far. It's going to be OOB which is what I really need at this moment. I tried to build a simple resin Zero kit but got bogged down trying to do chipping. So i switched to a Hasegawa Stuka but it has way too much AM that needs attention.
  14. Sign me up and I'll find something to gift as well. Carl
  15. Ernie, please put me down for entry and I'll try to find something to contribute as well. Coincidentally, I just started on the kit I won last year from you. Carl
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