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  1. New mess on the bench: Wanted something that wasn't a twin.
  2. Ok, so my bench is littered with more kits than it should be. What's one more in that case? This has been kicking around in the back of my head ever since I saw this pic in Dana Bell's book on the Kingfisher: Note the postwar style white only star and bar on the fuselage. On the tricolour scheme, it just looks cool. Plus there's the beat up main float. Only problem is I have no idea what the wing markings are like. After conversing with Dana, he wasn't sure about them either. Thankfully there's another pic in his book of a different Kingfisher with the same incorrect insignia. This one at least shows the underwing markings and they're the standard version. I might go with this one as a result. Carl
  3. Really nice P-47 Rob! I like the NMF, something I find challenging. Carl
  4. BlrwestSiR

    Renault Char B1 - French heavy Hitter

    Cool! Maybe an Indiana Jones diorama with a horse and rider? Carl
  5. BlrwestSiR

    Dragon Bf 110 C-7

    Lastly, I installed the underwing rad fairings and MLG legs. There's a small strut- N5 that goes in the front of the fairing that's not on the instructions so make sure you don't forget it. Carl
  6. BlrwestSiR

    Dragon Bf 110 C-7

    I then cleaned up, painted and installed the Quickboost exhausts. Unfortunately these broke apart a bit upon removal from their pour stubs. I almost went and ordered some REXx metal ones but decided I had these on hand and might as well make a go of them.
  7. BlrwestSiR

    Dragon Bf 110 C-7

    Ok, so after being sick for most of last week, I've finally made it back to the workbench. After painting the prop blades and spinners, I realized I'd used the wrong colour. I'd used RLM 66 instead of 70 so I repainted them. At the same time, I did the front parts in white.
  8. BlrwestSiR

    Dragon Bf 110 C-7

    Thanks Gaz! Thanks! Good to hear you're trying with the grandson at least. Bandai kits are a great intro. They're well engineered, go together well and can be played with after assembly if they're gentle enough. I think I'm lucky as far as my boys go. They're both more interested in building/making stuff with their hands than video games at the moment. We've got all the game consoles in our house (they're mine actually) but they've only recently discovered Nintendo and they're happy to play it at their friends' houses. The biggest fight for their attention is just plain old TV.
  9. BlrwestSiR

    Dragon Bf 110 C-7

    Thanks Ryan! I've got the Trop as well as a third kit for the AiMs G4 conversion. I'll have to see when I get to those in the cue. Thanks Peter! I generally keep weathering light as well. This will probably be a bit heavier than my usual but not beaten to death.
  10. BlrwestSiR

    Dragon Bf 110 C-7

    Thanks Martin! Although being sick for much of last week means I guess I'm about even in terms of progress. Thanks Grunhertz! Thanks! I'm happy with the way it's turning out.
  11. BlrwestSiR

    RR Spey powered RAF Phantom conversion

    Crazy fast progress on this Cees. Carl
  12. BlrwestSiR

    Kitty Hawk F-5F by a clueless prop guy

    Very nice build Ernie. I think you should build more of these kerosene burners in the future. Carl
  13. BlrwestSiR

    T-34...on the move!

    Looks good to me as well Gaz. You can always add a bit later once they're installed like Rob said. Carl
  14. BlrwestSiR

    Hataka Lacquer paints - OMG!

    That's good to hear Peter. My wife occasionally complains about the smell of paint but I generally don't spray a ton at a time. Always nice to have one more option. Carl
  15. Hey, Harv's back so that's good enough for me. Me, I've been too sick all week to go near the bench. Just a really bad cold the boys wanted to share with me and my wife. Hopefully I'll be functional and back at it this coming week. Carl