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  1. I spent a bit of time on the new engine nozzles. Or the fairings more precisely. I'm not entirely happy/sold with the way it looks. They're definitely squared off but look clunky to me. Once the Apoxie Sculpt fully cures, I'll do a bit more shaping and see. I do have an alternate plan just in case.
  2. I've got one in the stash but haven't built one yet. Their 262 is giving me similar fits. It's like the engineering/design is 95% there but they've missed just enough to make things a headache rather than a joy.
  3. Looks that way. Chris, the J isn't going to work unfortunately. The cockpits are completely different between the E and the J. Navy F-4s didn't have any flight controls in the rear, USAF ones did. So the IPs, and side consoles are completely different. I wonder if you got the EJ bit mixed up when you ordered.
  4. I got stuck in our garage once doing the summer tire changeover. I was bent over and couldn't move. A neighbour found me and got Sue so she could help back into the house. Saw a chiropractor the next day in our neighbourhood same as you, hobbled in and walked out. Still have the odd flare up but nothing that bad since.
  5. How's this? Or since you mentioned Merlins, Both were done by a Japanese artist heavily influenced by Space Battleship Yamato. The Corsair is on my to-do list. At some point. When I get the courage.
  6. Chris, if you want to see the difference in burner can size, here's the GT Resin one compared to the stock kit version.
  7. Lovely collection of Birdcage Corsairs John. How about an FAA one? They had a few I think for training in the US.
  8. Great build Jeff. Thanks for sharing this fantastic build with us. The BC plate is definitely a nice touch.
  9. They do, which threw me for a curve initially.
  10. It is and they made it simple to assemble. Well, fairly simple to assemble.
  11. While letting things on the Kai Eagle dry, I took a stab at the intake grilles. These are by Metallic Details and are a huge step up from the kit pieces. First step is to fold each length 90° so it's vertical. Then the get attached to the cross members which are in one piece too. Last part is the grille. The assembled FOD screen compared to the kit part.
  12. Time to work on the vectored thrust nozzles. I made a template and cut out four nozzle petals. These are the upper and lower ones. Then I started on making the round nacelles rectangular. In the meantime, I think I know where most of my tools have gone to: There are scribers, sanding pens, chisels, brushes, clips, and more in the pile. Oh boy, guess I can't say the carpet monster took them...
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