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  1. The nacelles definitely need some work. There's some sanding marks and I need to re-scribe some panel lines. So I switched subjects and worked on the Spitfire: 
  2. Thanks! I'm reading through it now. My turrets must be a later release as they're clear and not frosted.
  3. I'm going to be doing a J kit so thanks for sharing your experiences. The turrets are a question mark as far as getting the eBay ones. Been there, done that which is what brought me to this question. No kidding it's easy to burn out. Just need to look around my bench for evidence of that.
  4. So I've got a couple (ok, more than a couple) kits in the stash where I have a bit of a dilemma. The kits in question are the Trumpeter MiG-29UB and the Hobby Boss B-24J. Both kits are in the stash because of specific markings I want to do them in. For the MiG, it's a set of Tiger Meet markings. In the case of the B-24, it's RCAF markings with a shark mouth. So here's the dilemma. It's the markings that interest me the most and why I even have either kit so how much AM should I be throwing at them? There's a fair amount available for both, maybe more for the B-24 vs the MiG. I also don't want to get too bogged down with either build. I'm thinking of sticking to obvious but simple bits and leaving it at that. So no wing fix for me. For the B-24 my current plan is to use resin tires, brass gear and MG barrels. I'm really torn on adding PE to it but maybe just the cockpit. On the MiG, I'm thinking resin tires and maybe that's about it. Brass pitot? What do you guys think? Go all in or have a slightly more involved easy (!??!!) build? Staring at a pair of half done B-25s next to my bench for over a year is what put me down this train of thought. Carl
  5. Just a mock-up to see what I'll be dealing with: The nacelles need a bit of touchups but getting closer. Here's the other undocumented build I've been working on. This is a lot closer to being finished.
  6. Thanks Dale! I think I'm under the 100ml limit for carry on.
  7. Very nice there John. Are you still using those Fine Molds belts? Carl
  8. Well, if I'm aiming for accuracy it's should be beer. I don't think the RAF ever few casks of scotch over to France after D-Day. At least probably not by Spitfire.
  9. Thanks Martin! I'll let you know if I truly can't find it. Carl
  10. Well, I made some progress on this and then ran into a wee problem. I started on the MLG legs and wheels. I got those finished and then next up was getting the fuselage ready for camo. I installed the front and rear canopy sections. The cowl was then dry fit so I could paint it and then install the guns after. At this point, I started looking for the middle canopy section and couldn't find it. After spending a couple hours looking, I've decided to set it aside for the moment and finish some of the other bits laying around. Odds are, it's under them. Worst case and it's truly lost is I'll use a spare canopy from an Eduard 109 I have. Carl
  11. Whoa! That interior looks amazing. Harv, there's an AM set for folded rotors. It's made by Scale Warships. I think it's the only way I'd get one too. Carl
  12. I've run into a slight issue with the 109 so I've revisited some ordnance for a Spitfire IX. My first try is in the background. With a quick wash/stain and then followed up with some clear orange. Then masking for the straps. And done:
  13. So far I've finished 3 kits that were previously started so I'm making a bit of headway.
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