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  1. BlrwestSiR

    HO 229 Mysytery Ship build

    My in-laws are Scottish so I could always get one of them to say it.
  2. BlrwestSiR

    My First Heartbreak

    Nice trip to memory lane Gaz. Here's to getting it finished this time around! Carl
  3. BlrwestSiR

    P-47D-11 finished

    Very nice Razorback John! Glad you made it over the finish line. Carl
  4. BlrwestSiR

    M4A3E8 WIP

    The Sherman is turning out nicely. Your bench reminds me of mine, just neater. Carl
  5. BlrwestSiR

    AK True Colors

    A couple more notes. TheOD sprayed dead flat compared to Mr Color which has a more satin finish to it. Clean up is as easy as Mr Color too. I use Tamiya airbrush cleaner for that purpose but I'm sure any regular lacquer thinner would work. Martin, the paints are definitely available in Canada. I picked mine up at my my LHS and they stock the full range. They're waiting on the aircraft colours to show up shortly. Carl
  6. BlrwestSiR

    AK True Colors

    I've been using their armour colours. I find they're thicker than Gunze Mr Color so need a bit more thinner but spray really nicely. I'm using Mr Color Leveling thinner for thinjing without any issues. They've also got a distinctive odour to them but I'm happy how they're working out. I used it on my Sherman Firefly. Carl
  7. BlrwestSiR

    HO 229 Mysytery Ship build

    But did you say/read it with a Scottish/Russian accent?
  8. Man, do I hate insurance companies. Martin, I completely feel your pain and understand your frustration. They screwed up a claim I made in April and assigned me as at fault for a collision that wasn't (I hit a guy that ran a light). Because of their mistake, they refused to renew our policy but didn't tell me about their decision. Had we not switched cars, we wouldn't have known about this and would have nearly been driving without insurance. Because of their mistaken assignment of fault, going to another insurance company would've been astronomical in premiums. After threatening to sic the ombudsman on them, they finally fixed the clerical mistake they made so that I could get a policy elsewhere. This is after I've been with them for over 15 years. The kicker is they're happy to pay for fraudulent repairs. I told them the body shop charged them for things that weren't broken on my car when I got the bill back and they said "that's the nature of the industry". Jeff, I hear the horror stories about BC insurance and almost feel glad I'm only paying Toronto premiums. Carl
  9. BlrwestSiR

    HK Lanc. It will be mine

    Well, the kit is out now. Sprue Brothers have it in stock. http://store.spruebrothers.com/searchresults.asp?searching=Y&sort=7&search=Lancaster&show=90&page=1&brand=HK Model Carl
  10. BlrwestSiR

    Soo.... What did you just get???

    Not for me, I just paid for it: It's the birthday present for our youngest son when he turns 6 in April. https://spawncycles.com/raiju-20 Not the cheapest option but he loves riding so much and he's been on hand me down bikes from his brother I thought he deserved one that wasn't just new to him. I think his mind will explode when he sees this. Carl
  11. BlrwestSiR

    1st LSM Christmas Raffle

    Disenchantment is great fun to watch. I approve!
  12. BlrwestSiR

    Kitty Hawk F-5F first quick BUILD

    Thanks Ernie! I'll keep an eye out for it. Carl
  13. BlrwestSiR

    1st LSM Christmas Raffle

    I saw that at a drive in here in Toronto when it came out. It was so cold we had to keep the car running. The problem there was the daytime running lights couldn't be turned off so we ended up using those cardboard tray/box thingys that you get concession foods in to cover the headlights . As for my Christmas movie list: - The Ref - Die Hard - Die Hard 2 - Lethal Weapon Carl
  14. BlrwestSiR

    1st LSM Christmas Raffle

    Martin, you need to get this for bedtime reading: Sadly, my wife won't let me read it to the boys for their bedtime book. Carl