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  1. With the upper hull seam dry, I glued the lower hull together. This one has a few more gaps in it but it's the underside so shouldn't be as visible. After cleaning up the seam on the conning tower I had to replace some of the rivets. They're raised so I tried some Mr Surfacer 500 dabbed on with a piece of wire. It mostly worked out. Now to let the hull dry a bit and then start working on the seams there.
  2. It really isn't that much but the hull is basically empty. Shipping is the only challenge if you're ordering it from overseas.
  3. It is indeed Phil. It fits on both with room to spare. Thanks Peter! Thanks Paul! So far I've got to say I'm very happy with the kit.
  4. Thanks Gaz! I'm fairly certain it's the largest kit I've put together. I'm thinking of getting some figures. It looks like Aires does some under one of their brands and I've found some from U Models. Just need to decide which ones and where to get them from.
  5. Nice build John. Looking at my kit, the fuselage is really quite compact. Carl
  6. Thanks folks! This kit is coming along nicely. The conning tower is together. I needed a bit of filler at the top so I used CA to fill the gap. I then installed the outer torpedo tube doors. There is a magnet to hold them open but I decided to leave it out as I felt it would be too hard to close them after. I put a small piece of tape on the backside to hold them shut so I can paint them without too much paint getting inside. At this point I added the torpedo tubes, installed the rudder and the rods for the diving planes. I've now started cl
  7. I've got more assembled. I started on the inner bits of the conning tower. The fit has been really good I'm happy to say. On the right is the schnorkel that the U-boat had so they could run the diesel engine and charge the batteries while submerged. Some details are definitely basic but I'm not sure if the actual parts weren't as well. I then attached it to one side of the conning tower. The part was a bit warped but straightened out as I glued it. I got the tow bow torpedo tubes together and glued to their bulkheads. I need to start doing
  8. Thanks Peter! Like I said, my first sub kit so not my usual thing either.
  9. I think this is the one. I'm sticking to pretty much OOB. I'm thinking of adding some figures if Ii can find them to add a better sense of scale. I bought some Mission Models paint for this as it supposedly goes a long way. One way to find out. I think for me it is. And the paint bench. Still some odd things to put away but pretty close. As for how many WIPs, I have no clue. I'm afraid to count to be honest. There are a number of open boxes around me but they've all thankfully found shelf space.
  10. It was definitely unique. They only carried two torpedoes. To load the tubes the sub would dock where they would fill the rear ballast tanks to raise the bow out of the water and then insert the torpedoes.
  11. Just catching up Phil and it looks really good. I've got a Border Models Panzer IV in the stash so it will be interesting to see how they compare. Carl
  12. I'm actually starting with step 1 which is the torpedoes. There's a pair of them and they seem to be fairly detailed. I will most likely leave one out of the tubes so as to better see it. I decided to join the front and rear halves of side of the hull instead. Here it is next to a 1/32 Corsair.
  13. "So, who's the U-boat captain?" Well, I got a new bench and a cleared off old one so I thought I'd better build something big. Wish me luck as this is probably my first sub kit. Thankfully, beyond the size it's fairly straightforward. I'm planning to keep it pretty much OOB as I don't have a lot of reference materials.
  14. What is this word "unpack"? I don't understand it as it's not in my vocabulary. There are boxes in our basement that haven't been touched since Sue first moved in with me 11 years ago...
  15. Just got a notice that my turrets are being shipped. So hopefully I'll have them soon. Carl
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