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  1. I can't credit for the zimmerit. It's the Takom kit with the moulded on zimmerit.
  2. Same here. I have a couple of his kits and conversions in the stash.
  3. I had a bunch of road wheels on my bench so I put them to use.
  4. "You must think in Russian"... A bit on the tiny side but it's the only readily available kit I know of the Mig-31. I also picked up some reference materials. The SoftBank book is I think the 3rd or 4th volume on the VF-1. Which is kind of impressive when you consider it's a fictional plane. The Scammell book should come in handy while I continue on my build. Hard to find here in the west but $20 from HLJ. Go figure. Carl
  5. Some very nice planes there Hubert. Glad they survived the move with minimal damage. Carl
  6. Almost as much fun as individual track links.
  7. Well, the cockpit is almost finished. Just need to do the IP and I can think about closing up the fuselage soon.
  8. I've got most of the fuselage together, both engines, and part of the main wing. Sort of looks like the one at the Udvar Hazy centre. No paint though.
  9. Truly awesome build. Mine is languishing on my bench.
  10. Dragon kits here for some reason have gotten crazy expensive. Most are close to $100 a pop and that doesn't necessarily mean they'll have Magic tracks in them. Many of the newer Chinese brands are considerably cheaper. I just ordered the Amusing Model E-100 which comes with individual link tracks for $55 CAD. I don't mind link and length tracks either. I find they can be a decent compromise between individual link tracks and rubber bands. In fact these are on my bench at the moment.
  11. Amazing work on this conversion. Love the problem solving. Carl
  12. Any sanding I do in a bucket of water. The shavings and bigger bits I clean up tight away. I'm always worried one of the pets will take a liking to them.
  13. Yup, ever since the Covid lockdown she follows me everywhere in the house. Zoe is 13 on Monday. Can't believe I've had her since she was a pup.
  14. Thanks Rob. There won't be any other vehicles, just some figures. It's wide enough that I'll be able to give it a slight turn at the trailer and have the whole thing slightly angled. Carl
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