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  1. Martin, I briefly considered binning it but decided I had to at least give it a shot at fixing it. I've already binned too many multi engine bombers for one reason or another.
  2. The Asuka Shermans are considered to be some of the best Sherman kits in terms of accuracy and detail and without a lot of small fussy bits. Some folks feel the recent Rye Field kits have topped them but only barely. They go together really well without any hiccups. Even the included rubber band tracks are nicely done. Unfortunately their HVSS kits don't have rubber band tracks, just the individual link ones. The only annoying/gimmicky bit is the working suspension. They use soft rubber pads to cushion the swingarms. Some versions have a plastic spacer you can use to get rid of that "feature" and build it fixed. I used pieces of sprue cut to the right height to do the same thing. Tamiya thought they were good enough that they even re-boxed a couple. Those are silly money on the collectors markets. I've build three so far and have another three to go Carl
  3. I wonder if it was because they felt that the .303 round being smaller and lighter, they could carry more rounds of ammo for the same weight versus .50 cal. The same sort of argument of 7.62 vs 5.56 that came later on. I'd also read somewhere that the RAF had a massive stockpile of .303 ammo and wanted to use it up before buying something else. Maybe a combo of the the two? Carl
  4. Nowhere near Thanksgiving here (that was back at the beginning of October for us Canucks) but all this turkey talk made me hungry so...
  5. Sorry to hear about that Hubert. Glad to hear you're both getting better. There's too many vulnerable folks in either mine or Sue's extended family for us to skip out on the flu shot every year. I ended up getting the flu shot, shingles, pneumonia and my Covid booster shot within a couple weeks of each other earlier in the month. My arms were sore especially after the shingles shot but not as much as it was from the IV when I had my heart scare right after. Carl
  6. Ernie, any thoughts to what markings you'll do yours in? I broke down and sold one of my mountain bikes to pick one up. Don't worry, I still got another 4 so I'm not without wheels. I'm leaning towards R for Ropey which I have custom masks for. I've got the Belcher's Bits decal sheet and was thinking of the wartime VR-A but that has bulged bomb bay doors. Carl
  7. Looks great there John. I think you need to stick to planes as you're making the regular armour builders here look bad. Carl
  8. So a question for the Aussies here, is this really a mode of transportation in your country? https://driving.ca/auto-news/crashes/australian-man-gets-cooled-off-by-cops-for-driving-motorized-cooler
  9. So here's the lower fuselage gap. With some strip styrene glued in place. Reinforced with CA and most of the gaps now filled and sanded to shape. Lots of panel lines to be restored but it went better than I thought it might. The topside is done too. Just a bit of filling around the nose.
  10. The problem was I no longer have access to the Liquid Gravity as it's trapped between the fuselage and the false wall I put in the nose gear bay. I thought I had enough space but didn't take into account the ribs moulded into the fuselage interior. I hadn't noticed them until I was gluing the two halves together. Thanks Peter. I filled the gap with strip styrene glued in place with cement. I then filled the remaining gaps with thin CA to add some further bonding strength. I hope.
  11. Well, I took the tape and clamps off this afternoon. There's definitely going to a bit of filler needed. Especially on the underside. Could've been worse I guess. I'm going to let it set up a bit more and tackle the seams in a day or so.
  12. Thanks guys! Definitely get the turrets if you decide to get this kit. Hit a milestone and a bit of a rock too in the build. I added the remaining nose weight to the fuselage. Then I noticed that I hadn't glued the cockpit floor to the fuselage. So the Liquid Gravity not only started to leak out but also jammed in the gap between the floor and the fuselage. Which meant the fuselage no longer closed up... So after some grinding of the fuselage interior, thankfully where it won't be seen, I got the two halves together. At least on the topside... As you can probably tell by the size of that clamp, I'm not getting it any closer. Thankfully the nose section meets or I'd have a really problem with the canopy and nose glass.
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