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  1. Good thing the seatbelts are out of the way. My sister's dog once chewed through the shoulder belts in her Subaru. Took the dog less than 20 seconds to do it. $500 for replacement ones.
  2. For all the mayhem they cause, I think we love our pets too much. Jimmy at the dog park after a wrestle with another dog.
  3. The G is probably my favourite version of the F-4. I've got just about every conversion released for the Tamiya 1/32 kit in the stash and even tried doing my own at one point. I'll still build one in 1/42 but the ZM is a good reason to go smaller. Carl
  4. I know, I know. Once the Valkyrie is done I'll be back to the B-24 and then the Lanc. Or maybe the Lanc and then the B-24. Either way I'll need to get them done and off the bench soon. Carl
  5. Nothing to see here. Just your standard He-219, B-24, Corsair, F-18, Lanc pile... Edward is working on a dragon model so I had to make some room for him.
  6. Decal time for the Valkyrie. Lots of them too. I think someone looked at an early F-4 too much. Plus there's decals where you'd be hard pressed to see them. Like underneath a folded tailplane.
  7. Nice bunch of kits Peter! I remember the Minicraft F11F. Was one of my favourites when I was a kid. I had the same boxing of it. I wish someone did it in 1/32. Carl
  8. You definitely have to be using either lacquer or enamel for your base coat if you do. The first time I tried it was on my Bandai Millennium Falcon kit. Bandai decals aren't as bad as these recent Hasegawa ones but are known for being a bit stiff too. Thin decals may dissolve if you let the X20A pool on them. A light brush coat and see what happens and definitely don't touch them.
  9. If you want to find a rare Tamiya Sherman, look for their re-boxing of the Asuka Easy Eight kit. They threw in a set of figures and charged less than Asuka did for the same kit. Tamiya also released the Asuka Firefly in a similar package. Carl
  10. Fantastic job on the decals. They look great and nice to hear you didn't have too many issues with them. I've just tried putting some on my Valkyrie and both Mr Mark Softer and Solvaset weren't doing a thing so I went to the my weapon of last resort- Tamiya X20A.
  11. The Cavalier Mustang conversion that I ordered from the Ukraine was shipped March 27 and arrived today if that helps give you an approximation.
  12. Harv, go for it. The set is very impressive. It also gets rid of having to build the Tamiya Merlin so should make for a straightforward build.
  13. I got a package in the mail today from the Ukraine.
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