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  1. Ugh, yeah not so much fun. I remember when I wanted to get some 245/35/17s for my Civic. The shop owner refused as he said he didn't want me back there having to get the fender lips rolled. I argued that they would fit but he was adamant. Ended up with 235/40/17s which ended up giving me the grip I wanted so it worked out in the end.
  2. It's definitely sturdy with no rattles. The instructions had torque specs for all the bolts and and they even have an anti-wobble mount in the hitch pin. I think its about 75lbs so definitely not thin gauge metal.
  3. With the hitch now installed on the Element, I got the new bike rack assembled. It's made out in Vancouver so didn't take long to arrive here in Toronto. Thankfully it's a fairly straightforward job of bolting it together. I had it done in about 45 minutes. I mounted it on the Element and put my sons' bikes on it to see how it worked. It'll hold all four of our bikes and we can still open the rear hatch.
  4. Actually it's because I wanted a hitch with a 2" receiver which meant a Class III hitch. Curt only lists a Class III hitch for the Element LX and EX but not the SC. I figured "how different could they be". Turns out that the SC has a different bumper so had to cut away the extra bumper mounts (angle grinder) and then straighten the centre hitch mounting plate (sledge).
  5. Went outside for this one. Got a hitch for the new car and installed it tonight. Ended up needing a small sledge hammer and an angle grinder to get it on. It ended up taking around an hour and half to get the job done. Instructions said 30 minutes and made no mention of angle grinders or sledge hammers. But we can put our bike rack on the car now. Next job is assembling said bike rack.
  6. I checked my LHS for you but they're out if stock on the Rivet-R. If it's BNA, it may be worth checking out what the shipping costs are. Just put it in you cart and you can get an estimate on the shipping. I've found it's sometimes cheaper to get it from them than Sprue Brothers even though I'm in Canada. Go figure. Carl
  7. @HubertB, @Bomber_County, I try to keep my workspace neat but it's usually a failure sadly. It has gotten better since I picked up my bench organizer. The Hobbyzone ones were just too expensive to get in Canada so I went with Arttystation. I believe Harv has them too.
  8. I always have a cutting mat on the bench. Not that you can tell as it's inevitably gets covered in well, everything. I get my cutting mats from an art store in the neighbourhood. They have a bunch of sizes in stock.
  9. Here's mine compared to the regular Rivet-R: A better pic of just the corner "wheel" One nice thing about the Rivet-R is that you get different spacings you can use to match your model.
  10. There is a Rivet-R wheel that's meant for corners. It's a smaller diameter and only 2/3 or so of a circle. I'll see if I can find a pic of it. Carl
  11. Wow, that's a bunch of work. Would it have been easier to convert the Eduard/Hasegawa instead of trying to fix the Trumpeter kit? I know, it wouldn't be as "fun". Haven't had our dog or cats eat one of my models yet. Did have a squirrel chew on a Tamiya F-4J kit though. Left teeth marks in the nose cone and shredded the crappy decals.
  12. With less than 24 hours notice, the provincial government here has closed schools indefinitely. They sent them back for a day after the 4 day Easter weekend and have now left all the parents scrambling to find a solution. Awesome.
  13. Thanks Harv! I think I may have some in one of those Kagero books and will check that first.
  14. Thanks Rob for the heads up. I've heard there can be fit issues with it so I'll have to approach it accordingly.
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