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  1. A very nice looking Tiger Mike. Makes me want to work on my Dragon one. Carl
  2. Really nice build so far Gaz. There's something about these German 8 wheelers that's so cool. Carl
  3. Thanks Mike! Here's the pics I managed to take. Here's a size comparison with the Dingo I finished last month.
  4. Just remember to take them out of your pockets before you do the laundry. They make a right mess in the dryer.
  5. Proof that the Jagdpanther did not eat my Sherman for lunch. I joined the upper and lower hulls together. In trying out the rubber band tracks, I noticed they can't be glued together so I'm going to use AFV Club tracks as I have them on hand. They're only three parts per link so should only take a year or two....
  6. Thanks Rob! He didn't eat the Sherman, just a love bite. Thanks Gaz! The box is supposed to be the wooden jack box but the wood effect is a bit too orange. I might try to tone it down. I didn't think about annealing the wire until after I had glued on the ends like you did. Maybe next time.
  7. Great progress Ernie. The silver looks good and glad to hear it passed the tape test. If you run out of the MM stuff, this might be another option for you. Carl
  8. I got the bogies assembled over the weekend. I used the fixed plastic spacers instead of the foam ones as the rubber ones let the bogies at the end curl up with too much track tension. Once dry, I glued them to the lower hull.
  9. Rob, I'm still learning to like olives so my martinis tend to be neat. Thanks Phil! I like having the mix of road wheels on my Shermans and it's been something I've done on most of them.
  10. I finally painted and added the tools to the Jagdpanther. I couldn't get the tow cables to work for me. They're wire and I couldn't get them to fit suitably so I left them off for now. I gave the model a coat of weathering powders and with that, I'm calling it finished.
  11. Thanks Martin! I always wanted to build the Dragon one when it first came out but never got around to getting one. Then the Meng kit came out and I decided to try it instead. Thanks Harv!
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