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  1. My outdoor one does. But I'm only allowed to work on food and drinks at it. Keeps the cross contamination down. Don't want anybody eating an important piece of PE or something.
  2. The R32 GT-R is on my bucket list of 10 cars to buy if I ever win the lottery. Along with an Impreza 22B, Lancia Stratos and a Ford RS200. I like my homologation specials. Carl
  3. Well, I don't think Ontario has a ban on out of province visitors. Three hours on, 5 more to go.
  4. Thanks for the primer on Aussie muscle cars Rog. Being in Canada, we get indoctrinated into American muscle cars by default. Thankfully our slightly more relaxed import rules are changing that but the big market there is JDM stuff. GT-Rs, RX-7s, Delicas and Supras are the big draw models. European stuff occasionally shows up here too.
  5. Got the BBQ going at 9 this morning and put this on: I'll see how it turns out in 8 hours or so. Carl
  6. Yeah, I was expecting some flak but didn't get a peep.
  7. But it could replace your truck if you got the optional power pack for it.
  8. 1988 Honda Civic DX hatchback in bright red. It was the first of six Civics I've owned over the years. My parents bought it for me so that they wouldn't have to drive my sisters to piano lessons or Chinese classes any more. I also had to help with the family business at the time making pickups and deliveries Basically it freed up their time. But I got a car out of it so more than a fair trade. Took that car everywhere. Often full of friends and/or cargo too. Living 90 minutes from the Canada/US border, my friends and I started making trips to Buffalo for wings and other non-essential but fun things. Never got bothered by Immigration either even though we would cross over using just our driver's license as ID. Those were the days. I ended up getting rear ended by an unlicensed, uninsured tow truck driver one day. He was doing 60 and wasn't even looking at traffic when he slammed into me. My neck and back are still a mess to this day. I miss that car from time to time. A friend pointed out that our current car (2099 Honda Fit) is basically the same thing size wise, maybe a bit heavier but at least with more power. So maybe not. Carl
  9. I'm off by a digit. https://www.armortek.co.uk/m3-lee-grant-medium-tank/ Edit: I just noticed it weighs just under 100lbs.
  10. I wouldn't say no to this if it showed up in my driveway. The last of the V8s. As much as I like it (okay, love it), for some reason I've always liked his first car in the movie just that bit more. Maybe because it reminds me a bit of my Dad's Cortina.
  11. I would love a '73 Ford Falcon. But not necessarily the one most people are familiar with.
  12. Looks to be that the one in Sahara was an M3 Lee so a different turret. Otherwise I'm fairly certain that the hull is the same. The Grant had a turret built to British requirements. So a bigger bustle at the rear for a radio set. It also eliminated the commander's MG turret at the very top. Miniart do a Lee as well.
  13. Got a bit ahead of myself and glued the front tires on. Might make it a bit harder to install some of the outstanding smaller details. Hopefully not. I also took the chance to try a new airbrush out. It's a stubby single action. I'm hoping it'll be good for doing squiggles in a consistent width. For the size, it's got quite the weight to it. Almost the same as a full size airbrush.
  14. Well this is kinda funny in a way I guess. Great Hobbies got in some Wingnut kits yesterday so I took a look at what they had. I figured I'd get a Camel. Turns out I grabbed the wrong boxing and didn't notice until I received the shipping notice in the evening. At least there's a Camel in the box. Although now that I have it, the LVG looks kinda cool too.
  15. Thanks Rob! I'm may try to do a simple base for it. We'll see how ambitious I get.
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