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  1. Wasn't there a Daytona 24 hour race car that was duck taped back together after a crash and still finished the race? Maybe the Prius owner is going for an homage?
  2. Sometimes you gotta love the humour in things. https://www.cp24.com/mobile/news/trafficking-supect-in-hamilton-hit-with-non-essential-business-fine-1.4875724
  3. Getting there Harv. I've come across a few kits where they make you slice off rivets or numbers from a sprue and glue them onto other bits. I think I tried it once and gave up. But that was in 1/35 so the rivets were much tinier. Carl
  4. Thanks Ernie! I've sprayed the yellow panels on the underside. Once that's dry, I'll start on the upper side camo. Carl
  5. Thanks Harv! One more step done. The decals are on. All 5 of them. My kind of decal count.
  6. I got lazy and used decals for the fin flash. Worse than lazy, I used the kit decals... Hopefully this doesn't bite me in the butt too much.
  7. Some nice progress there Harv.
  8. It certainly is. Will have to see about stocking up again once it's safe.
  9. Not sure on that one. I've got two boys, 9 and almost 7. They've been out of school for 2 weeks already. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal for me as a stay home dad. I'd just take them to the park or a movie or some other attraction. The problem is they're all closed. Thankfully we have a backyard and deadend laneway they can play in. But it's getting tough though. Carl
  10. Good news! Cleaning up around my bench I found the missing canopy section. So this should be back on the bench soon. Carl
  11. Ok, I've joined the turret and hull.  Next up are decals and some weathering.
  12. Anyone know if there are AM bulged bomb bay doors available for the HK Lancaster? I'm looking to do the wartime VR-A Lancaster and it had the bulged doors. Failing that, if anyone know of some plans available I may give a try at making some. Thanks, Carl
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