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  1. Lots of splicing and dicing there Ernie. Nicely done too. I don't always remember the measure thrice, cut once rule myself. Carl
  2. I got a bit more done on the landing gear. The retraction struts are in silver now and I painted the tires on the outriggers. I had some extra challenges in getting them done. The rockets in the nose are now done as well. Red with a silver tip.
  3. It's only 11 lbs so a couple high school boys at most. Thankfully mine aren't there yet or I'd be having to sell off parts of my stash.
  4. Lunchtime update. Still has 4 hours to go...
  5. I think Scott likes F-16s the way JohnB likes Corsairs...
  6. As I was typing out my reply above, I had a package arrived from Canada Post. Stay on target.... Another parts donor. Just kidding, I bought it for the decals.
  7. The Trumpeter ones work really well for the cost. What I've found is that each brand seems to have slight variations in blade shape and some work better in certain situations. Some have a thinner profile so are easier to get into tight spaces. Others are a bit longer so can cut a larger piece of sprue. Dspiae has changed their blade shape and is currently on version 3. I've got Version 2 and 3. They've also sold them under the Meng brand so may/may not be cheaper that way. The Dspiae ones are on the left and middle. The Trumpeter is on the right. My original Dspia
  8. Looks great with the decals on. Really ties it together. I had that happen on my Hind. One of the cabin windows popped and fell in. I can hear it rattle inside but no way to get it out much less glue it back in place.
  9. Very nice cleanup on the torque arm. It makes a huge difference.
  10. Ok, as of 830 this morning it's on the grill. I'll update you all this afternoon. Carl
  11. Nice idea on the cowling flaps. I may have to do the same. I have some pics of VR-A when she was getting her engines serviced but oddly enough, missed the gear.
  12. Thanks folks! I started on the landing gear. I forgot I'd bought some brass outriggers from Aerocraft so those were primed first. Oops, forgot the second pic.
  13. The kit you bought comes with the large mouth intake so you're good to go there.
  14. Gotcha. I may have to do some scratch building myself.
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