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109 Wheels.. New stuff on the market

Dave J

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Was just over on Barracuda's Website and noticed these! I must of missed this announcement... They look great and I am sure that they will be up to Roy's high standards as normal... Shame there is no Tail Wheel included !


BR32070 Bf 109G Wheels - Ribbed Hub, Ribbed Tire




BR32071 Bf 109G Wheels - Ribbed Hub, Smooth Tire




BR32072 Bf 109G Wheels - Plain Hub, Ribbed Tire




BR32073 Bf 109G Wheels - Plain Hub, Smooth Tire




BR32074 Bf 109G-10 and Bf 109K-4 Mainwheels



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These also look great....


I think though, Roy should be persuaded to produce some tail wheels to go with these.... Having said that, MDC do some nice tail wheels for the 109G-6 through K...



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