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  1. Thank you, hard to believe that I am now 50, scary!
  2. Where did you see that? I looked at their site and couldn't find photos of possible markings.
  3. I'm fortunate to have about 600 square feet for my workshop in the heated and cooled basement, but right now it is serving as my workshop for a major flooring project in the house. All new floors in every room, almost finished with that then the workshop is going to be gutted and completely redone. Unfortunately that means no building for quite a while!
  4. The rear missile part is on the weapons sprue, part number V-8 if that helps.
  5. Excellent work, love the weathered appearance. One thing - did you miss the back ends of the Aim-9's? I think there is a small circular piece that's attached to the rear. I can't tell for sure about the one on the right side but I think it is missing on the left side one.
  6. Excellent choice Carl, love that Dingo and Sherman too!
  7. Nice choice, that's an excellent kit. I was hoping someone would build a Tiger here.
  8. Awesome score Ernie! Nothing quite like scoring a kit you've been hunting for.
  9. Excellent choice, good to see some more OD vehicles here! Was starting to feel a bit outnumbered...
  10. +1, I think this GB is going to be a blast!
  11. Thanks Dave! Funny you mention the Achilles, just ordered one of those last night!
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