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  1. Ahhh... okay! I was hoping it was something like that instead of an issue with the kit prop.
  2. Gorgeous work my friend, good information on those kit decals! Now I won't be afraid to use the kit markings on mine. Curious as to why you used the Quickboost propeller instead of the kit supplied version?
  3. Thanks John, I'll be curious to hear your thoughts on how they go down!
  4. Nice choice John, where are those decals from? Haven't seen many Korean War decal sets aside from the AIMS set but none of those really spoke to me. I like the markings you have chosen!
  5. Brilliantly done! Love your photography too, for a minute I thought I was looking at the real aircraft!
  6. Hi Ernie - Any chance of a list of Ukrainian model manufacturers? I know a couple, but having a list might be helpful.
  7. Always loved the "form follows function" look of the PC-6, will be watching this one Peter!
  8. Just catching up with this one, absolutely incredible work here Tom. I can't even imagine tackling a project like this, let alone completing it. Magnificent stuff!
  9. Glad you're alright there Peter! Hang in there, Spring is coming.
  10. LOVE that scheme John, amazing build and one that will really stand out in the display case!
  11. Fingers crossed for you Peter, hope the electricity (and the heat) stay on! Here in Wisconsin, not as much snow this year as usual but PLENTY of the brutal arctic air. Air temp a couple of days ago (without the wind chill) was -27 degrees F.
  12. Thank you so much Ron, I appreciate that! If you've never built one of these kits, you're in for a real treat! So far, this is one of if not my all time favorite kit to build.
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