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  1. I've built a few of the Midwest wooden boat kits, and have a couple of the Latina kits in the stash. Nothing that looks as nice as this kit though. The only thing holding me back from buying one of these is the price. Not saying it's not worth the asking price, just have to wait until more modeling funds are available!
  2. Peter- That sucks, don't know if it helps but I've done that exact same sort of thing. Is there a way to remove the broken spar, and somehow slip a new one in there? It's been a while since I've had a Tamiya Corsair on my bench (too long) so I don't know if that is even an option. I have the spare parts if you want to try that, both of mine were built with the wings extended.
  3. Okay, here's my bench as it sits currently. The dust is from the 1/4 Fokker D.VII I am currently building on it.
  4. Thanks for the heads up John, changing my password now! Edit What if you can't remember what your current password is (required to change passwords)?
  5. Any progress on this one Bill?
  6. Thank you for the link, but still showing -49 inventory.
  7. Damn! I wish I could get my hands on one of these.
  8. I too will be watching this one, just got me two kits in the mail yesterday. Looks like a nice little kit in the box.
  9. Impressive work Peter, ditto on that A-6 IP and that Tomcat is stunning!
  10. Looking good Peter! Curious how the fit is between those Eduard resin tires and the outer rim pieces. On my set, the outer rims were too small, leaving large gaps between the parts. I opted to take the kit outer rims and sand them to within an inch of their life, and used them with the Eduard resin tires. The kit parts are slightly larger in diameter, but I was able to slightly sand them to a smaller diameter to fit the Eduard parts. Great progress, you are really making me want to pull my kit out of the stash!
  11. Thanks guys, I tried the RB website and they are -48 in stock, looks to be unavailable for the time being. Will look into Wheelswingshobbies, have ordered from them in the past and had good luck.
  12. Anyone have a good source for buying these in the USA? I would love to try one but SB is out of stock.
  13. Nothing yet, but the raffle kicks off soon!
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