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  1. The rear missile part is on the weapons sprue, part number V-8 if that helps.
  2. Excellent work, love the weathered appearance. One thing - did you miss the back ends of the Aim-9's? I think there is a small circular piece that's attached to the rear. I can't tell for sure about the one on the right side but I think it is missing on the left side one.
  3. Excellent choice Carl, love that Dingo and Sherman too!
  4. Nice choice, that's an excellent kit. I was hoping someone would build a Tiger here.
  5. Awesome score Ernie! Nothing quite like scoring a kit you've been hunting for.
  6. Excellent choice, good to see some more OD vehicles here! Was starting to feel a bit outnumbered...
  7. +1, I think this GB is going to be a blast!
  8. Thanks Dave! Funny you mention the Achilles, just ordered one of those last night!
  9. Excellent choice Dave! Glad we'll have both Allied and Axis TD's being built here.
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