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  1. Nice choice, that's an excellent kit. I was hoping someone would build a Tiger here.
  2. Awesome score Ernie! Nothing quite like scoring a kit you've been hunting for.
  3. Excellent choice, good to see some more OD vehicles here! Was starting to feel a bit outnumbered...
  4. Thanks Dave! Funny you mention the Achilles, just ordered one of those last night!
  5. Excellent choice Dave! Glad we'll have both Allied and Axis TD's being built here.
  6. My first subject for this GB, Tamiya's 1/35 M10 Tank Destroyer. I have the RB Productions barrel for it, might get a couple of other accessories for it yet.
  7. Same here Mike! I'm planning to do some Allied armor for this GB, just ordered a Tamiya M4 Sherman "early" and M-10 Wolverine with some goodies, looking forward to building these two!
  8. Thanks Harv, right back 'atcha! I dunno if we're ready for THOSE pics LOL...
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