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  1. Will this work Mike? I know it has that anti-reflective coating on it (not sure if that is applicable to the Sufa) but that could be stripped off I imagine... AFV Club Academy F-16 canopy
  2. Could the basic racing tips be 3d printed? Just a thought...
  3. NICE!!! Looking forward to seeing this one. Pulling up a chair...
  4. Bravo John, she looks gorgeous in that scheme! I can see why you want to build another one, the racer paint scheme really makes her stand out. I also like that "Race 49" bumblebee scheme, WOWZA!
  5. Thank you, I was very happy with how the finish turned out on this one. It's subtle, in fact some of it is almost invisible in the photos. Hopefully, the -1D I'm working on turns out as well. What happened with yours? Curious to hear what went south on it. There's a couple of areas in these kits to be careful with during assembly, I only discovered them myself by accident.
  6. A few photos of my progress! First, I gave the entire model a coat of satin varnish to kill a bit of the shine and bring the paint, decals, etc to the same shine level. There must be a word for that but I don't know what it is. I also finished up the propeller, though it will receive some more dirt and streaking effects later. Photos I studied of these aircraft on Iwo Jima showed that many of them had the rear faces of the blades almost entirely scrubbed of paint. Many also showed no signs of the yellow paint on the blade tips on the backside so I decided to do mine that way. I made sure to paint the rubber cuffs a slightly different shade and not chip them at all. The wheels were installed in the Barracuda resin tires, and then the red anti rotation stripes (?) were painted on. The wheels will still get a lot of weathering effects applied to them later. I also did the "Uncle Dog" antennas in a woodgrain effect, base-coated in Tamiya deck tan and numerous oils were slopped on the gently wiped off to leave the grain. It's hard to see the grain in the photos, but it is there! Next, time to start installing some of the loose pieces and begin weathering it. The weathering phase is one of my favorites and I am looking forward to starting that soon. Thanks for looking in!
  7. I'll get some photos up later Martin, not much to show photo wise. I've been down with the flu the past five days, mostly just a clear satin coat to prepare for the weathering and painting all of the tiny bits. I'll get a few shots later when I get home! Today's the first day I've felt almost normal (well, as close as I ever am LOL.)
  8. I see you're up to your usual tricks John, beautifully built and so quickly too!
  9. Congrats Ernie, that's the first step. Glad to hear you're Covid free!
  10. Thank you for all of the time you put into this review - the photos, explanations, and thoughts are well appreciated. I am slowly warming up to this aircraft, not sure yet if I will get one but am happy to see CSM releasing some very interesting aircraft. I have a few of their Nieuport kits in the stash to build, and they look very good indeed. This one looks even better if that's possible. Those thin flying surfaces, WOW! Very impressive molding. I am looking forward to purchasing more of their products in the future.
  11. Very impressive work Mike, not only are doing the double wires but adding the infill as well. Wow... just WOW.
  12. Martin - I personally use Fusion 360, they have a "recreational use" license which is free and can be renewed each year. I have only found a couple of things (can't remember them now unfortunately) that you are not allowed to do with the free license vs the professional version. It takes a bit of practice, but I did find some excellent tutorials on YouTube that helped me get started. One of the ones I found very easy to follow along with was a 30 day series by Product Design Online for complete beginners here.
  13. Yep! I'm already working on my list of wants for you to print for me, let me know when your new printer is up and running and I'll start sending my lists of stuff for you to print for me! 😁
  14. I like that idea, "box top model". I built this very kit years ago when I needed a "mojo builder" build. It was just the ticket for me, hope you enjoy the build as much as I enjoyed mine!
  15. You can say that again! Whoever wins this prize is one lucky individual. Honestly, I am a bit shocked at the generosity displayed here.
  16. Thanks much, and I think I have the same affliction as John. I'm working on #3 with 14 more in the stash to build!
  17. Kaireckstadt - Thank you, loved what you did with yours as well. You've really got me thinking about a base for mine too. Thank you Mike, much appreciated! John - FOURTEEN?!? At this rate you'll soon have as many as the USN.
  18. Hope you're on the mend soon! I woke up last night at 2am with the stomach flu, wretched my guts out till 4am. Have pretty slept nonstop since 4am this morning. Just typing this has made me so tired I'm going back to bed lol. Hope you get your negative soon!
  19. Excellent work John, I really like what you're doing here. Funny how a Mustang cockpit looks so different in grey versus interior green!
  20. Stunning work Jeroen, love what you're doing here. Your paint work is GORGEOUS.
  21. Thanks John, I remember being shocked when you built three of them (I think it was three?). Now I know why, the Tamiya kit is one of my all time favorites to work on. It's Frank though, no worries!
  22. Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback! Peter - I've looked at the Revell kit, but have until now avoided it as I was afraid it would feel like a step backwards from the Tamiya kit. I have seen some spectacular builds using that kit, not sure I want to put the time into one of them to achieve those kinds of results. I would like to see how yours is coming along!
  23. Thanks for looking in fellas, I am very proud of this build! Hope Corsair #3 turns out as well.
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