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Anybody got a WWII 1/350 scale battleship that is built?


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Hi all.  I'm trying to figure out how tall my ships might be, roughly and start working on getting some kind of display.  I'm thinking of  getting a display with three levels made by a local concern.  Because I want it to be useful for three ships at a time I need more of a general height than planning for a particular ship.


Please, I'd appreciate it if someone could take a rough measurement of their model from the waterline to the top of the mast and let me know which ship and how high their measurement came to.   Something like an Iowa/Bismarck/Yamato/POW would be best as I really don't plan on building anything after WWII.


Thank you.



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1 hour ago, Bomber_County said:

I have the KGV sitting here, not finished, I’ll pop the masts on tomorrow and measure it for you.....

It's alright, Phil.  I got an answer on Facebook yesterday.  I was beginning to think that nobody here had built any warships.  I've already submitted my idea for a three-tiered warship display case for a quote.  Hopefully they don't want an arm and a leg.



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