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  1. Well, I hope you haven't got it. Good luck!
  2. More practice with Figs and more work on the M47. The tallest figure is the Göring 1/32 from the Wingnut Wings kit. It is an amazing likeness that will most likely be spoiled by me. The Dolp metal figures are even harder to paint.
  3. Thank you for the great review! I'll definitely consider these next time I consider getting new paint.
  4. My last 1/72 scale figures only got a coat of flesh toned paint on hands and face. Just seems too small to bother. Whereas my 1/35 guys look a bit like Punch and Judy
  5. I call my new ute "Space Shuttle". Because it has so many frigging electronic devices.
  6. Look good to me. Then again, I'm still trying to master larger scales.
  7. Sorry... never heard of any car part called fangs, so was hoping to learn something. Not be taunted with images of herd animals.
  8. This is where the HGW transfers have failed in my history. Not only areas where the paint surface is imperfect, but also areas where there is a seam. I imagine, if you had filled the seams between clear and solid parts, sanded them perfectly smooth. Then, made the clear parts clear again by ultra-polishing, they would have worked. Nature of the beast. I too have given up on Alclad. I've never had it peel from masking. But the masking tape always removes the sheen. My go-to metal paints are now Vallejo Acrylic Metal Color: They airbrush nicely and paintbrush well, too. But if you are using them with a paintbrush, the drop you put on your pallet will separate quickly. Keep up the good work, hombre. Gaz
  9. heh... I've been outbid with 13 hours to go. I wonder how many people have second accounts under different names that they use to influence more bids? Anyway... I don't want it that badly after looking at a couple build threads. Seems it was a 2008 rebox of a 1972 kit.
  10. Nice tips, Hubert! Thank you!
  11. Thanks for the advice Bill. I'd better check the listing again to see when it expires.
  12. Thanks Bill. I got a notice in my email that my bid was still in the lead. Once day left....
  13. I've made my second bid on EBay ever. My first was outbid by a mile while I was in work. Anyway... my second bid is for the starting price. Is there some reserve price that allows the seller to withdraw the item if it's not reached?
  14. At my workplace, we're going mandatory masks tomorrow... Thursday. There will also be someone checking temperatures at a choke-point for incoming employees. Also, .... and finally, thank goodness..., toe-grabs on the lavatory doors. Toe pulls they're called: I've been so sick for years of having to grab a door handle after washing my hands, and seeing some other shithead walk out the door without washing his hands. They're increasing the fines down in Melbourne, too.
  15. Looks very good, Rob! I have some HGW transfers for 1/48 scale 109's. They didn't like anything but the smoothest surfaces. The process for laying them tests my poor patience.
  16. Rob, I thought the same thing at first. But it worked. It's not like a gentle clean is gonna hurt your paint.
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