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  1. Hubert, Enjoying your WIP! Love the spats and inner detail work. That chain is wonderful!
  2. Glad to see paint on it... Looks most excellent, thus far!
  3. Flies. Well... A fly. First he landed on the figure I had been working on. But by the time I had grabbed the camera he was on the cupola. I tried to shoo him towards the figure, but he didn't follow orders. He even landed for a ha;lf a second on the face of another figure that was standing up... but before I could swing the camera, he was off again.
  4. I have a prominent. narrow nose. Paper masks just don't work for me. I have to wear a proper, rubber sealed mask, otherwise dust and air just flow down into the gaps in front of my eyes and into my nostrils or mouth.
  5. Although I really like the shape of the plane... I really don't want to have to deal with resin dust. I just don;t want to wear a mask.
  6. Looks fantastic, Phil! Well done. Gonna try the pigments with water, too!
  7. So... for those of you who have built Lukgraph kits before I pose this question: What are the struts made of? I can't imagine trusting much weight on resin struts.
  8. Thank you, Phil. Sanding is my 'new' thing in all models. It's actually wet sanding done with very fine grit paper or micromesh. Usually about 6000 grit or above. The hoped-for results of the sanding are: Distresses the camo paint. Reduces 1/1 scale overspray. Gets rid of matte texture which can cause weathering effects to wick across the surface uncontrollably. It has to be done carefully, of course without a sanding block, and a drop of liquid soap in the water for lubrication. Truth be told, I'd rather none of my paints were matte. It would save me a step, a
  9. GazzaS

    My twin

    YOu must have inspired the artwork, Harv!
  10. Hannants in the UK (love em'!) is my go to place when I can;t find it here in Australia. And they have this new Tamiya release: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/TA35372 And you can see a video review of it here:
  11. Well... don't know if I'm competent. But I'll let you know when I start my next WNW bird.
  12. My trouble would be having a machine that only cuts. Numbering them would have to be with a sharpie...lol
  13. Fokker D.VII, Hannover Cl.II. ,Halberstadt Cl.II. But who knows when I'll actually get to them.
  14. Looking forward to seeing more of this. After seeing your lozenge work, I'm tempted to try my own. I don't really care for huge decals, and I've never been totally happy with the way the decals came out. They get wrinkles near the wing tips, or even worse, blisters as you use a hair dryer to shrink them.
  15. Welcome back, John! Err... John's mossie. Heck, you've done all of the hard work. Now you're at the fun stage. Gaz
  16. I think there are a lot of WNW that won;t get built by the 'first' buyer. There are some guys who are 'waiting for their skillset to improve' before they build them. If I was 35, I might thing that way... but being almost 20 years past 35... I gotta build em.
  17. I have seen a couple black model aircraft done with light colored lines. Every rivet and every line stood out. Not seeing your model, I can't comment on it. Very recently somebody over at TOS completed an ME 110 in black with lighter colored details. For a while it looked great to me... But before I had quit looking a the selection of photos I began to feel that it just looked wrong. Again, every detail stood out from every distance and every angle. We all know that panel lines are little magicians who sometimes show up brilliantly, and at other times disappear. I don't think tha
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