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  1. I hope they kept the mad riveter away.
  2. GazzaS


    I love your process. For me it's Blue 'S', Blue Circle, RLM 04 for all of the yellow, and the blue spinner disc. All of the white cowl versions just scream "Wrong!" to me. Gaz
  3. Looks awesome, Carl! What are the blades made of? I'm surprised by the rigidity. Gaz
  4. Looking real sharp. Ernie! Do you have a process when removing your masks/tape to keep the paint from tearing or getting a jagged edge look? Criminy! You know it's a big model when only 1 wing crosses the bench top and hangs over the edge. Keep it up! Gaz
  5. That is a GREAT! jumping picture, Frank! Thank you for sharing it with us. I know that a lot of time, military life can range from boring to the occasional, panicked clusterf*ck. But there are always so many great moments that those who never served can even imagine. One thing I really miss is the easy camaraderie. Love your workspace! One thing I lack is having a computer at easy reach. I should do something about that. The other day I bought a black BBQ apron. It earned it's cost in the first two hours, catching six small pieces of Tamiya dark yellow plastic. Gray shows up well, too. Looking forward to some update pics, soon! Gaz
  6. So sorry to hear that, man. I really hate how businesses treat people.
  7. I'm sorry for your loss, Jeff. It's always a sad time when we have to say goodbye to our best friends.
  8. Ern, Just found this over at FB. It was taken in 93' at Duxford. Mebbe it'll prove helpful in weathering the exhaust stains on the big beast. Gaz
  9. Just saw the final episode today. What a powerful bit of film!
  10. Here's your setup Ernie. Happy painting!
  11. Looks great, John! FWIW... I haven't ever had a twin-boom model that wasn't a PITA.
  12. I'm glad to hear there is a bit of improvement, Harv! Build whatever thrills you. Got any of those ancient Airfix kits that hang on a peg in the 70's? Gaz
  13. Nice saves on the cable cutters Ern. I didn't know the Lanc had them. As for that great big square hole in the leading edge... If we're looking inboard of the inboard engines, I've seen a drawing that shows an L-shaped trunk taking air directly to the fuselage. Gaz
  14. I agree. Patrick Stewart was and is a great asset to any film. I honestly can only remember a few episodes of 1999. I started to watch them as soon as they came onto 70's TV, but then there were summers away with no TV and I pretty much lost contact with the series. Mebbe I should get it on DVD. How many episodes were there?
  15. The last Sci fi series I could watch without sneering were Babylon 5 and Battlestar Gallactica. Star Trek the Next Generation (I considered it degeneration) wasn't too bad except I hated seeing Whoopie and it irritated me that every race in outer space bar humans and human allies had one thing in mind: Klingons: war, Romulans: Deceitful+war, Ferengie: Profit (WTF!!). The episodes were hit and miss for me. Explorer... worst of the worst. Unbelievable characters... Female captain...I'll live with it. Man in the military with a face tattoo?...C'mon man! A black Vulcan complete with a tight fro?? At least give him maybe a little makeup to go with that green blood? Romulan/Vulcan hair?...jeezus! And the ship's doctor? Dufus!! B5 had some great stuff but could have used more action. The characters evolved, and there was enough mystery to make it interesting. Gallactica was a surprise. Much better than the 70's version. And I didn't discover it until it was over... so I could binge watch it.
  16. I haven't any Star Trek tv series since I got sick of Explorer. I saw a few episodes with Scott Bakula. What else have I missed?
  17. I'm very sorry to hear that, Mark! I hope that some new opportunity arises.
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