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  1. Back when people really cared about mileage, that made these K Cars.... ugh!
  2. Glad to see you all are healing up or not suffering too badly. Still haven;t caught it. Getting jealous of all of these bastards getting a week off work!
  3. Nice! We need some more WWI artillery... with crews!
  4. http://www.averystreetstores.com/floquil-railroad-enamel-paint-dio-sol-thinner-brush-cleaner-1-ounce-110001/ Other links have said they didn't have any in stock... but not this one.
  5. Nice work, Carl! I haven't built a Hurricane since I was 12 years old. 1/48 scale Monogram. I think I may be due... once that new one comes out.
  6. Cockpit looks brilliant, Rob. I'm surprised that ZM didn't supply belts.
  7. Great texturing on those hoses, Kai! The lighting on the HUD will be awesome!
  8. Stunning result, John! You must have an impressive collection of completed kits.
  9. Hi Rob, Thank you for your thoughts. The brass foil is nowhere near as soft as kitchen foil. Once annealed, it can be shaped easily. But an unexpected bump won't ruin your work. I will still bend them further, and add a little mud here and there. Your idea about removing the shaped detail came to me shortly after finishing the parts. But I really didn't want to do it again. I don't believe in working too hard for perfection. I believe if I did it with every kit I would be frustrated and never complete anything. I have some thin aluminum, too... but it is no friend of CA. Lead might be harder to get in sheet form and I really don;t want to have to flatten everything I use as well. I know 3d printing is the way of the future. But I kind of like the idea of going back in time.
  10. Thank you, Kai. I would like some day to be able to fabricate any shape in metal.
  11. Sorry... what is the "KGB" and what does it suggest? Is Beria suggesting we do some liquidation? Seriously though... I have no idea what you're talking about.
  12. I don't even have a garage. I have a carport for two cars. Then again.... I never have snow! My wife has a motorcycle under the carport. No... this isn't my wife.
  13. Thank you. Sadly, a set of photo etch that has fenders costs as much as another kit. And you still have to bend them. Thanks Martin. Thank you Peter. I plan on doing a damaged aircraft, soon... so I need to learn how to manipulate the metal better.
  14. The Meng 410 ain't bad. The spinners are a little short... but easy enough to lengthen with some plastic sheet. Mine from a couple years ago:
  15. Despite puppy, I managed to spend a fair amount of time on the Panther. First I decided to chisel out the zimmerit for the tool and extra track brackets. Then glued them in. Then I discovered that there there should be Zimmerit on the trunnions. So, I made my own. One of the things about scale modelling that has frustrated me is the inability to make twisted plastic look like twisted metal. And I have plans that require twisted metal. So, I ordered a roll of brass foil... it's .002mm thick. Much thicker than kitchen foil, yet much thinner than photo etch. I've played with making 3d shapes with sheet metal a little over the last few years. And today I decided I was going to replace my panther's fenders with metal parts. They're far from perfect, but they're meant to look banged up, anyway. Putting 3d relief onto sheet metal is known as metal chasing. An ancient art that I would like to be able to do one day. But on this day, it'll have to do. Now, with the lower hull attached, the new fenders are here to stay. It occurred to me that maybe some of the upper details from the fenders could have been shaved off and glued... because trying to replicate them with my current skills didn't go so well. Anyway... thanks for looking. Happy modelling!
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