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Gecko: Bedford MWD 15 cwt (4 x 2) Closed Cab - 1/35th scale

FME erk

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As a avid vehicle modeller this kit will be useful along with 32nd scale aircraft as long as it doesnt sit too close  . . .

I received this today and thought I would share some of the details.

New tool of a Bedford Mwd with a hard top, previous version have been an early wartime with aero screens and another version is a water bowser.

A few photos . . . 


Four decal version included 


Box includes a lot of PE fitting particularly for the distinctive front grill and a driver with two heads, a side cap or beret . . . 


The molding is in grey plastic and although there are TEN bags, a couple of bags have two differing frets  . . .


I dare say once this becomes readily available it will adorn many a photo platform with the appropriate RAF aircraft  . .. 

best to all 



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You would need either a Bedord OX or a Commer tractor units which would have to be scratch built along with the Queen Mary trailer  . . .

It would be massive . . . .

Time is not yet available to build such a tractor unit, (would prefer the Commer) but I do think the trailer would be fairly straight forward  . . .


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