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  1. Something else to add to the list of corrections then . . .
  2. This is a conversion from Tamiya's Austin 10 Tilly vehicle. The RAF didnt use the Austin on the home front on RAF stations so I thought I would attempt a conversion to the Hillman Tilly. First time in this scale and it was built to complement the forthcoming HK Lancaster. I could list the mods undertaken but you could probably see the differences from the Austin just by looking. Many thanks for looking in.
  3. Nige that was an interesting video, please keep them coming as I wasnt aware that the pilots cockpit floor was to high. What is the name of that tool you used to cut the pilots floor off ?? Wooden handle with what looks to be a razor blade ? I would like to get one of those David
  4. FME erk

    1/32 Lancaster Cockpit improvements

    Robert If you are in the market to sell some of those improvements . . . . ?? David
  5. Smitty44 I believe this issue had Book 1 & 2 combined . . . https://www.abebooks.co.uk/book-search/title/the-lancaster-at-war/author/garbett-mike/ Listing No 11 tells you this is the case:Copyright 1971 & 1979 David
  6. Smitty44 A book I could strongly recommend would be the 'Lancaster at War' book 1 by Garbett & Goulding. Its a long time Out of Print book you should be able to get second hand copies It is a pictorial book basically a 'day in the life of . . .'. Has photos of the crew positions and also the exterior showing the weathering etc. There was a publication that combined Lancaster at War 1 & 2 so that would be even better I suspect. Also the book(s) contain recounts by both air and ground staff David
  7. There will always be wear n tear on any aircraft particularly if it has a lot of hours. Edges of table and equipment and main walkways will always show scuff mark so the amount would be down to you. Reference photos are available from several sources if not from the members here . . . . I dont think any ONE book will give you all the answers
  8. No thanks Eduard must be rubbing their hands together with the thoughts of all the additional detail they could provide but I'm sorry I have paid enough so I will try my hand at rectifying faults and improving stuff where I can. Just personal choice you understand.
  9. Routine orders were usually for the aircrew to open the doors as they were shutting down the aircraft. Two reasons for this, 1. for an inspection ie No bomb hang ups and 2. saved the groundcrew starting the aircraft engines next morning to have the hydraulic pump open the doors.
  10. Sorry Nigel I didnt find that really helpful as I couldn't make out the type of Swann blade you used ????. I love the idea behind the tip and will probably use it but . . . . I have only 10 and 10a so if you could let me know which blade I would appreciate it thanks David
  11. Yeah the door does hinge forward internally.
  12. I like what you have done to the seat and particular the armour plate. That is so visible as you look into the cockpit and now you have replaced the original and reshaped it, it looks great. Well done Nige I always thought the shoulder straps were anchored at the top of the seat and there was a quick release block that sat in the pilots belly and also this is where the lap belt straps came together in the block. I seemed to remember you twisted it anti-clock, hit it central and it released all the straps . . . . I am looking forward to more David
  13. Its starting to come together quite nicely . . . Can I ask what is the Tamiya 'Cockpit Green' ident number or code ?? many thanks David
  14. Any and all progress is good perhaps there will be more .. .- -.
  15. Any updates on this Mr. James ?? So looking forward to see how the wings turn out and get an impression how BIG she really is . . . .
  16. I tried the mesh from a cheap sieve from a discount store. A bit of a bum to glue in such a tight circle but I dare say Eduard will some day produce these it etch ??
  17. The 'wire container' is provided to hold a Oxygen bottle. There are several around the aircraft. Usual standard colour for early Lancasters (on the production line as Manchesters) were green interior with black in the nose whereas later Lancaster 's appear to have black at the front (Nose & Cockpit) and then green aft of the main spar. I hope this helps David
  18. Think I would be inclined to do that to reduce the overall height but I personally think the seat leans back to far . . . The flaps I will have a think about B4 offering any suggestion(s) . . . thanks for the photos Nige David
  19. I have seen on photographs and Nige's video review of the flaps that they are in-complete ?? That is to say that if you look (if you have the kit) there are circles that are cut out to lessen the weight on the actual aircraft but the kit flap(s) has at least 3-6 'missing'. They have not been molded ?? If somebody can post the photo of the flap(s) then others will perhaps understand what I am referring to . . . .
  20. FME erk

    HK Models 1/32 Avro Lancaster Mk.1 (Part 1)

    Thats why a lot of us took up the offer of a 'pre-order' I sent my order into a place in Germany at the cost of 329Euro (inc Free P+P) £306, but I have yet to receive it. I have been reliably informed that it will be sometime the last 2 weeks of January David
  21. Good to see you have a few good books . . . . Think I have all of those and a few more because I have been following this girl for about 40-50 yrs . . . . I was even out on Lincoln High street campaigning with Stuart and others in the late 1970's early 80's to keep PA474 in Lincolnshire and I have the commemorative photos of her when she left Waddington with pilot Ken Snell; how she looked so different back then . . . (thats why she carrys the Lincoln City coat of Arms) thro campaigning
  22. That is of great interest as I had not previously known of such a document.
  23. FME erk

    B-17E with front turret !!!!!!!

    What an ugly bird . . . . Seems that the improvements were justified but strangely never implemented . . .
  24. FME erk

    Need help regarding Westland Lysander

    Good luck with your search Hubert, I'm sure something will come through David
  25. FME erk

    How to Post Photos

    Mikester It states that the image is only 15KB ?? David