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  1. Being the other Lanc fanatic, I look forward to your future builds but for the mo I am engrossed in the FM104 David
  2. I hope all is well with you Harv or at least comfortable. I'm currently being ripped apart with Kidney stones so I too am not capable of sitting for long periods to do what I want to do. Thinking and sharing together mate
  3. Excellent build and a beautifully coloured version of our trusted Lancaster.
  4. Thanks Ron. I have never heard of that name so I shall start browsing to see what I can find
  5. THE GMC lorry wheels are not ideal so I shall press on with using the AFV kits. I've not been to well of late but I do intend to make a start pretty soon, I am having withdrawal symptoms I gotta make a start soon
  6. Graham Many thanks for producing that superb bit of craftsmanship. Can I ask if you are going to produce a 4000lb trolley and one for carrying smaller bombs ? 'My' squadron didnt carry the 12,000lb, not many did, so although it looks terrific I shall wait hopefully for the smaller version. Have you plans to produce the David Brown ? David
  7. Thats a superb finish on the front turret Ernie, Crackin
  8. You realise that they will refer back here for the final scheme as they will assume you have studied the aircraft more than anybody else and as such . . . 'Your the man ' It will recently be an eye catcher, head turner when she flys over for real David
  9. I'm impressed with the work so far Ernie. Why is it we all want more photos but you tease us with just one ?? I am so looking forward to seeing the NMF and then the red . . . it will be fantastic or even better than that David
  10. Liking the idea of the engine 'Cheat' makes for common sense in my book David
  11. Shame about that Graham I'm sure a number of us would have taken a few had we known you were casting it
  12. Where did the large, clear bomb-aimer's blister come from I wonder ? and do the engines have motors in them ??
  13. Phil The Airfix Refueller Set plan, see the first post, in their instruction sheet is the only 'plan' I have seen of the AEC Matador refueller so to that end I have scaled it up to both 35th and 32nd scale. There is a noticeable difference in the two scales so I couldnt use the 35th AFV Club kit in parts for the 32nd build, sadly. I am rather hoping that the American GMC lorry has a wider axle in 35th than the AFV Club Matador of the same scale so that I could adapt it for the 32nd build ?.
  14. I shall be in receipt of the Heller GMC 2.5t kit very soon. I purchased it for the items mentioned above but If the axles are not wide enough I shall put it back on Ebay site. If they are, for the 32nd scale version, then I think I shall be running with them. I also looked at the KFS stuff and I particularly liked a couple of the WWII vehicles but then I am drifting away from the 32nd scale and who knows where I might end up ?? David
  15. I think that is the axle off the front on the Matador. The drive is off-centre and I think that is the steering rack seen at the back in the photo . . . (I'm not an expert either )
  16. I opted to purchase these kits in order to obtain a third axle along with the prop shaft and wheel/tyres should i decide to go 35th scale. I have the AEC 6w refueller plan(s) in both 32nd & 35th scale. In both cases I would have to build a tank and associated pump housing at the rear. I still fancy the 32nd scale as the cab is basically a box. I was unaware that you got TWO cab fronts and roof in each boxing of the kit so I can readily build a couple of vehicles in 35th (an RAF 3-tonner & 6w Crane). If I turn to the 32nd I would need to source something to represent three axles, drive transmission and prop shafts . . . anybody know of such for a WWII lorry ? Decisions to be made David
  17. I did find those panels rather strange with the panel lines contained within them . . . glad you are eliminating them Ernie ! David
  18. Looking good Ernie . . . you are doing a grand job !!!
  19. Good informative review with many clear sprue photos, many thanks. I look forward to seeing your build James . . . . David
  20. It appears that Nige's Lancaster build Videos have dried up so I'm paying more attention to yours Bill . . . How is your build coming along ?? David
  21. It is becoming a work of outstanding craftsmanship. I love the details that you are adding and those interior photos are a great incentive to build one of those colourful birds. I think you are right Ernie when you say that you need to stick to ONE particular bird as there seems occasional mods on individual aircraft. Slightly off topic but what do you use the 'Leveling Thinners' fluid for ?? Keep up the good work my man David
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