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  1. Getting a bit more done . . . Wheels from SKP that require a small mod to the hub(s) More photos in the next couple of days
  2. Nige For those of us that have not got or set eyes on this particular kit, can you at least offer up a photo so we can see what the issue might be ?? many thanks
  3. As I want to display my HK Lancaster I thought what do you typically see alongside a Lancaster when it sits at dispersal ?? An Oil bowser seemed a good choice so I set about digging out the details . . . Back in the 1980's I photographed and got some basic measurements from two example that were located on farms near to where I live. I thoughts that the thing that might prove difficult would be the wheels and although I have source some, the overall diameter is correct but not the tyre/wheel ratio. The start More to come . . . David
  4. I purchased the 32nd trolley acc from Iconicair and thought about other pieces of ground equipment that I could possibly have alongside the HK Lancaster when I come to build and display the beast . . . Although I have some details/photos of what was contained within I thought I would just go with the basic structure and have it with the canvas screen down, (it will save any embarrassment on my part). The plan The basic frame The suspension
  5. From which aircraft is that photo taken please ? No doubt a post-war survivors ??
  6. Sorry they are NOT the same orientation and I still cant see what you have done !
  7. Sorry Nige I Cant see what you have altered on those legs ??? Perhaps if you had photographed them in the same orientation ?? David
  8. Neat surgery on both locations there Bill . . . .
  9. Ernie Those radio etc are well back beyond the cockpit. You can see the flap actuator and the main spar well into the background. I believe this photo is looking forward so that puts that radio gear on the starboard wall . . . . which means you aint going to see them !! David
  10. Phil I scratch built it from a sketch and measurements that I had drawn on a sheet of paper done in the early 1980's. Along with numerous photographs. The wheels I got from an overseas producers , I had to modify the hub, they are the correct diameter overall but the wheel/tyre ratio is slightly out but despite this I think it looks the part. If you are not aware, I scratch built some engine trestle and just completing a 32nd Nissen hut, again they are constructed from drawings of measurements taken from the real thing along with photographs. I have also done some wheel chocks. (I intend to display my HK Lancaster on a small diorama). I have built the Tamiya 35th Austin Tilly, converted to a Hillman Tilly, and in the final throws of the IBG 35th Bedford QL. You can purchase a 32nd Trolley acc. from IconicAir and I believe he is going to produce some bomb trolleys and a David Brown tractor ??? David
  11. Thats showing great detail Thanks Jeff for sharing.
  12. If I get this right Ernie, you are going to build '104' ?? This is the first time I have seen the word 'RESCUE' on the bomb doors . . . There must have been several changes in the livery of these aircraft I really would need to determine the actual period date I was working to ??? Good luck with the seat alterations David
  13. I know its not an aircraft but its certainly not an AFV but it does relate to the 32nd Lancaster that I intend to build once the workbench is clear, (one needs a lot of space ) I have also built some engine trestles to compliment the Lancaster build Thanks for looking in David
  14. Any updates Nigel or is it all transferred to Youtube vids ??
  15. Jeff Conversely DNCO means it wasnt carried out . . . . NOT Some great info on the Canuck Post-war Lancaster activities. I am gathering that you were there Jeff ?
  16. How you getting on with this Bill ? Is there a blanking plate for the top turret with the conversion set ? Have you decide which of the Dambusting aircraft it will finish as ? David
  17. Jeff Would the front turret have been stripped of ALL equipment as well ?. I can appreciate No guns in the turrets but there is not even the framework visible in the rear turret . . .
  18. That rear turret looks totally devoid of any equipment ???? Was it still operational when the photo was taken does anybody know ?? David
  19. You can seen in one of the photos above, Starboard view, that she had a Martin turret and its faired over . . . . David
  20. Fantastic set of reference photos and this should be a joy to watch. I admire your choice for as you rightly pointed out, MOST folks are into the wartime version so this will be oh so bright !! Good luck with the conversion and the window filling . . . David
  21. Excellent review I must say. Many thanks, I shall add it to my 'to have' list. David
  22. Rather strange reply because you have given two lots of information for ME699 . . . KM-T and ZN-O ???????
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