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Hasegawa 109 K4 White 12 1/32 a few more photos

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Hi Bevan


Beautiful 109, but in future for things like this please add the pictures to the existing thread, rather than starting a new one for

exactly the same subject















Sorry my bad. too used to Hyperscale I guess

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Very tasty paint job. Care to give us some idea how you approached it...?  Certainly looks the part for late war finish.



Hi Matt glad you like it. The RLM 76 got a bit of pre-shading with white and grey in the centre of each panel leaving the bare plastic for panel lines as I think black or dark greys are to bold for this. Oversprayed with very thin 76 (Gunze acrylic) to get the desired effect. Upper camo colours were sprayed with no pre-shading. The patchy look to the colours was achieved by using thin layers of paint built up more in some areas and less in others letting the underlying plastic show through just a little. There is no post-shading to these colours. Now it was given a couple of coats of automotive acrylic clear thinned with gp thinner. This is great because it dries almost instantaneously. Decals and more clear. Next was an oil wash, but instead of wiping it off I stippled it with a rolled up bit of rag to try and get a more randome effect. Let the oil set up and more clear this time for a panel line wash. Ok now flat coat, Testors Dull Coat, 4-5 misty coats. All the scuff-scratches are Derwent coloured pencils, exhaust is a combo of airbrush and pastel dust, chipping is mainly 2b lead pencil. Somewhere along the way I used a 3000 pad to expose some of the rivet detail. HTH cheers Bevan

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Excellent. Many thanks for the run down..


I'll have to get hold of some water soluble pencils. I have some non-soluble but they are so hard they won't actually put any colour down....


You're very welcome Matt. The ordinary coloured pencils (hard) really only work over a totally matte surface otherwise they just wipe off. The water colour pencils are great for colour variation and easily controlled. This is the first build I've used them on this build...





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Hi Bevan,


Well that is just superb! I particularly like the way you varied the depth of the paint on the cowling. Most convincing! It certainly does capture that "late-war hurriedly-applied" look about it.





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