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New Fok D.VII OAW and Dr.1 items from Aviattic

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Aviattic announced today multiple new items for preorder for Wingnut’s Fokker D.VIIs and the Mengnut Fokker triplanes. 

Meng/Wingnut Dr.1 photo-etch detail set and screen printed stencil decals, enough for six aircraft plus the corrected “face” for Voss’ F.1.

Fokker D.VII decals for U.10 (the surviving aircraft is on display at NASM)

and finally, four sets of engine panels for OAW-built D.VIIs: early, mid, late, and a Jasta 65 set. The Jasta 65 set will be needed for anyone wanting to build an accurate Sieben Schwabben (Seven Swabians) and U.10- both of these aircraft featured panels that were not included in any release of the D.VII.


Photos and preorder information can be seen at https://www.aviattic.co.uk/news.html

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