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New shipping rate from HobbyNutModels.com to Canada on Quinta Studio items.


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After doing some heavy research and calculations, with help from some members and customers, I have come up with a new rate structure for my friends in Canada.

Starting immediately, I am charging a flat shipping for all Quinta Studio items up to 3/4 pound (about 350 grams), price will vary depending on order total. 

So what does this mean?

With help of a few of you testing shipping options, I was able to determine that the lowest current postal rate was about $15.50, the highest was about $23.50, so about an average of $19.50 USD. I have decided that I will absorb some of the shipping costs myself and offer a flat rate fee of $13.50 for orders up to $100, $8.50 for between $100 to $175, and FREE Shipping for orders over $175. For the sake of simplicity, this covers all provinces in Canada. 

This applies to all in-stock as well as pre-order Quinta Studio Items. If you place an order for items that are in stock and items on order, the whole order will hold until they arrive in stock. Typically, the longest wait time will be about 3 weeks before I ship, as I order about every 2 weeks. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me any time.


Mark K




Screenshot 2021-05-18 153019.jpg

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22 hours ago, BlrwestSiR said:

That's great. So often those of us in America's attic get bent over when it comes time to pay for shipping. 


Reality is, rates to the world have gone 2x up this past year, even here in the US, we have seen about a 50-75% increase. I remember in a previous job I used to rent a whole semi with 40 foot trailer to go one way with thousands of pounds of equipment for $1250. Those days are sadly long gone, maybe in the future when commercial air travel resumes, prices will go down.

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