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  1. Welcome back to the Great White North Ernie! I guess this gives a new meaning to K.I.S.S.- Keep It Sorta Simple Depending on how much free time you have, I'd say it's do-able. Carl
  2. It's almost the end of a 4 day weekend here and thankfully I got to spend some of it at the bench. I assembled the MLG legs and got them ready for a coat of paint. I then masked off the MLG gear bays so I could paint the underside of the 109. I used Gunze 117 for the RLM 76. I think the bottle I had must be about 15 years old. It was a but thick but thinned down nicely. I then masked and painted the canopy sections. These were done with Gunze 116 RLM 66. I used the Montex masks for these as the 109 canopy is fairly flat so they'll stick well enough. At the same time, I did the canopy for a He162 which is the other bits present. Now off to Dim Sum with the parents! Carl
  3. Thanks Phil. This one's my third 109 in 1/32 and I've got one left. It's definitely a good kit for a mojo restorer.
  4. I was about to ask how loud is the blower for the paint booth...
  5. Thanks Gaz! Just saw yours in the other thread and it looks great. Carl
  6. Nice start Phil. The IP looks really great. I'm guilty of having one of these kits languishing in the stash. One day... Carl
  7. Makes me jealous! I'm in the basement... ...with the litter box. At least I don't get complaints if the paint stinks. Carl
  8. Rog, I saw this posted today and thought of you. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/a-plane-inside-a-plane-canadian-cargo-plane-returns-from-australian-wildfires-with-f-a-18-hornet Do you think the chewing gum made it on board?
  9. Got more done. It's amazing how quickly things can go together when there's no engine or other but that won't be seen after completion. I painted the insides of the wings where the rads go, then added the rad screens. While that dried, I glued the lower central wing and soar in place. I had to clamp one side to close up a small gap. To keep the clamp from slipping off, I'll put some sanding sticks between the model and the clamp's pads. This afternoon, I added both wings.
  10. Looks impressive. I'd have to redo my workspace if I got one though. Still very tempting. Carl
  11. Dale, enjoy the break. We'll be here waiting for new stories upon your return. Carl
  12. I was waiting for you to chime in. I knew you'd balance out all the props on your own. Carl
  13. Nice! Not many Corsairs with noseart. Carl
  14. Here comes the salmon! What are your plans for markings? Carl
  15. Even zoomed in, I'd say that part looks amazing Ryan. So to me it's worth it. Carl
  16. Great looking F-4 Jerry! My first try at a Tamiya Phantom was the same scheme but yours came out much better. Carl
  17. Thanks Harv! Most school teachers here in Ontario are on rotating strikes so I'm spending a lot of time at home with the boys. Which means lots of bench time... Thanks Martin! Quick question for you guys. The Montex instructions say the overspray was RLM 76 but I'm thinking it should be white. What do you folks think?
  18. I think you're right about the easy bit John: I'm almost dreading that I've missed something it's moving along so quickly.
  19. Great on you Dale! Those Bandai Star Wars kits can be very addictive. Excellent detail, fit and with most you can get away without painting them.A great way to introduce someone to the hobby. Carl
  20. I think the greatest challenge is space. Most 1/32 jets are big. Displaying a finished one can take a fair bit of real estate. I've done a few (3 F-4s, 1 F-16, 1 F-104) so far and have a bunch still in the stash so I'm definitely building them. Just need to have the space once they're done. Nevermind what I'll do once the 4 engine heavies start hitting my bench... Carl
  21. Ok, we're one week into February so time to start on this. I've got the Eduard PE cockpit set and for markings, I'll be using Montex masks. I'll be doing Black 1 as the half winter camo looks different. Probably done to death as a result but oh well. First step was the cockpit. I shaved off turret sidewall details and added the Eduard bits. Thankfully there's not a lot to add. I then started painting the main colour of RLM66 I then added the seat belts. Normally I'd use d some fabric/paper ones but decided to keep it simple and use ones that were part of the Eduard set. And that's the last couple of days in a nutshell. Carl
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