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  1. That's a very shiny finish. Looking forward to the decals. Carl
  2. I had a squirrel chew on the nosecone from a Tamiya F-4J kit. As for the Blundstones, maybe he was going for the antique leather look...
  3. I've only tried it a couple times but the Ammo Metal ones seem to brush well.
  4. Years ago when my sister's dog was still a puppy, she got accidentally locked in our hall closet. She was in shoe heaven and chewed thru a half dozen of my running shoes and trainers. My sister almost ended up with a puppy sized duvet.
  5. Thanks Peter. They took a bit of dry fitting but the spent was worth it The annoying part was they kept falling inside the wing when I was doing the test fitting. Then they'd get stuck somewhere and I'd have to shake the plane until they fell out. And then repeat.
  6. There's a convertible one in the underground parking lot at my in-laws' condo. It's in mint condition. It stands out so much since there's a bunch of exotic cars down there.
  7. Thanks Martin. Definitely a kit that needs planning two steps ahead. Got the wing tip lined up as best I could. It could've been better if I used CA I think. The inserts for the gun ports are on now. Tweaking them before gluing them in place should reduce the amount of filling. Starting to look the part.
  8. Phil, I can't blame you there. Both the Fly and PCM kits aren't the easiest to put together. Carl
  9. Ok, got the lower wings on. No major gaps at the join line either. But I'll have to get the wingtips aligned with some tweaking.
  10. I actually got the PCM together a few years ago and was almost done the paint job when I dropped it. The thing just shattered. So off to the bin it went.
  11. With Revell coming out with a new Hurricane, I thought maybe I should glue a couple more parts together on my Fly one. So far just the upper wing so that I can get a sorta decent wing root fit. Carl
  12. There's a new set of figures for the recent Border Models 1/35 (ahem) BF-109 coming. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2022/01/preview-franz-stigler-company-wwii.html?m=1#more They depict Franz Stigler and some of his ground crew on the day he escorted the B-17 Ye Olde Pub. Carl
  13. John, you make spraying gloss white look so easy. Great finish there and can't wait to see the next step. Carl
  14. My Black Friday order from Reskit arrived today. Bits and bobs for kits already in the stash. Carl
  15. Nice kit there Rob. I've got the ICM boxing but would've waited and gotten the Special Hobby one instead had I known about it. Carl
  16. Nice jeep Ryan. Gotta ask if it has the Hemi as I'm not up to date on Jeeps. I see the hood scoop. Carl
  17. Well, my sis tested positive yesterday for it. That leaves their youngest as the only one to not have it in their family. I was more concerned about their oldest daughter as she has severe asthma and Covid can hit kids with that really hard. She's mostly recovered but has to stay home from school until next week. They've stopped testing here in Ontario unless you're getting admitted to a hospital. As a result, the provincial government has stopped reporting daily infection numbers as they don't reflect what's actually happening. Carl
  18. I'm up for the Wyvern and I guess the Me410 with the big stonkin' cannon. I thought I read somewhere that the L-39 was HpH's best selling kit. Carl
  19. Great news there Ernie. Being Covid free, not the gelatin part. Hope that passes soon too and you're back to normal. No kidding. My two boys are 8 & 10 so the last minute cancellation of classes province wide hasn't been fun.
  20. We're two blocks north of Bloor in the west end. Our lot is actually on the larger size in our neighbourhood. Hard to complain since we actually have a backyard.
  21. I wish I had even the 30foot part. Our lot is only 16ft wide. Hard to fit 30ft into that. We maxed out at 14 ' wide by 25' deep. Then again, my summer car is only 5' by 8 1/2' long. Which means it'll fit in the trunk of one of Ernie's. Carl
  22. Rob, both Tamiya and Mr Color lacquer thinners are cool enough that they won't melt the plastic. Don't try it with of their Tool cleaners though as that stuff is much stronger. To be safe I'd recommend trying it on a spare part first or piece of sprue.
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