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Effect of heat on kits?


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So a couple or three weeks back I had to put all of my kits into a non-climate controlled storage unit until I can devise a storage shelf up high in my garage. Obviously I kept my resin kits and accessories in my new place since I know what heat would do to them. 
But with our summer temps here in SC easily into the 100 degree mark, it has me wondering if I should expedite getting these kits to my new place sooner. 
Anyone ever keep kits stored in a high heat and humidity location?   I have the kits all boxed up in moving boxes, but obviously some are no longer shrink wrapped.  I’m just afraid of heat warping the parts and decals going bad. 

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I live in Missouri and we have high Temps and humidity.  Part of my stash is in moving boxes in our un insulated garage. Some have been there 5 yrs now. I was just going through some of the kits to put up for sale here, and found no problems with them. My resin and big expensive kits are in the house along with all decals.....harv


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