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  1. Almost snuck this by me ! Ooo, I like....harv
  2. Not going to look.....harv
  3. Oh hell no Kai ! I haven't started on the interior yet. I may have a small update later. I need to work on another part. I'm tired of windows, lol.....harv
  4. Thanks Martin. I do have those same pics....harv
  5. I was looking at their NEO a few days ago...harv
  6. Thank you my friend. I'm doing ok. Start cardiologists rehab in two was. What ever that is....harv
  7. Hopping for a speedy recovery Mark. Yes, you have your hands full. Carry on....harv
  8. Any updates ! We are bitting at the bit. How big is this ?.....harv
  9. Go John ! You know I'll be watching. That reminds me, I have a mk V on the sod.....harv
  10. One almost done. Still needs cleaning up....harv
  11. Wow ! I sure would love to see it....harv
  12. I have a total of 4 windows to enlarge. Still on the first....harv
  13. Very well done sir. You are hard pressed to find even the smallest flaw here. Everything is so well done.....harv
  14. Really glad to see this back. Looks great !.....harv
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