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  1. I know that for sure Gaz. I really havent had the energy to finish it. Plus the pain and tingling......harv
  2. Thanks Carl. Yeah me too....hatv
  3. Well, you got me there !!..........harv
  4. Thanks Smitty ! I'm good with the Big guy. I'm imune to him.........harv
  5. Dam Gaz, she looks great ! Nice pics.....harv
  6. As many of you know, I have had some setbacks from Medical issues. Nothing really serious but still enough to seek medical treatment. Nothing is solid yet, still looking. Anyway I'm writing this to say the Horton Mystery ship is on hold indefinitely. Hands are still trembling from meds but getting better. That and the fact I'm tired of fighting the conversion. But when I feel comfortable with building, I'm thinking of pulling out my F4-D gun ship i put away 4 yrs ago after my dad passed. Sapper Six has given me an itch to start back on it. I will still be going to Nooga but empty handed. Thanks all of you for your support and help. This bunch is awesome ..........harv
  7. Enjoy your Jameson, sit back.....and don't sweat it. Who will really know. BTW it is looking great !........harv
  8. Beware of the "thee eyes".........harv
  9. Same to me. What worries me is slight tinkle in A........harv
  10. Looking really good Carl !! Keep it up.....harv
  11. harv


  12. harv


    HAPPY HAPPY,JOY JOY to my good friend ! Hope your catching tons. Love you buddy.......harv
  13. Very nice of you, but I believe you are out shining my efforts....harv
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