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  1. Since I can't do any modeling due to kitchen work, I have been eyeing my stash and will be getting rid of a few items. The first is BF110-C7 kit with a complete Pastor John G-4 conversion. The only trade I'm looking for is the new F-5F kit. And yes, its a lopsided trade so money or something else to even it out. I haven't settled on a price yet, so if interested please PM mee TIA.....harv. Sold.....
  2. Thanks my friend.... Is SOLD
  3. Martin, I haven't the room for it. I have 3 or 4 more big kits I may be getting rid of soon.I love the kit, but it would take me 10 yrs to build and no display for it. I have a couple biggies planned, B-17, a long stalled F4-D, an F15, and god knows what else.....harv
  4. I missed. Oh well. Waiting on the new ZM release.......harv
  5. I like it. Looks good to me.....harv
  6. harv

    Barker's Camel B6313 - 1:32 scale

    WOW, some seriously good work here !.....harv
  7. I almost pulled the trigger on this one last night for $35, but delivery was 2-3 months........harv
  8. harv

    Hasegawa 1/32 Ju 87D-3, "T6+CT"

    I built this one when I was stationed in Thialand in 70....harv
  9. THAT looks lovely Mgunns !.......harv
  10. Thank god !! Thanks James !!!.......harv
  11. harv

    Change your passwords!

    I need to turn my camera off !!.....harv
  12. ....poor boo boo......harv
  13. harv

    Good Mk 81's?

    Your right Carl. I was wrong. Smitty, if you haven't sorted this out in a couple days, I'll look at what set I have......harv
  14. I run out of likes all the time. Go figure ! .....harv
  15. harv

    Good Mk 81's?

    Those are Mk 82, 500 punders.......harv
  16. harv

    AK True Colors

    I'll look into it. Thanks Carl......harv
  17. harv

    1/32 Fly Hurricane Mk.IIc

    Cool. Will follow !.......harv
  18. harv

    I must be crazy, B-24J on the bench.

    He does this often, with lots of kits. I have used him a couple times. But pricey........harv
  19. harv


    Welcome Ryan ! Wow, nice work. Love to see more........harv
  20. harv


    Welcom aboard my friend !......harv
  21. That's what I did on my P38.......harv
  22. harv

    1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    Very well done my friend ! Outstanding.......harv