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  1. Good to her from you buddy ! Thanks for the show... ...harv
  2. Is it just me or did the forum get a new facelift ?...harv
  3. I read this on FB today.....harv
  4. Looking forward to this build Rob. I have thought about getting on myself..... harv
  5. Amazing work my friend !.....harv
  6. Is Mr. Softner available in the states ?.....harv
  7. To my dear sweetheart , friend, it was awesome talking to you today. Enjoy your new car ! Love you....harv
  8. Me too buddy. If not soon we will meet in Vegas !....harv
  9. Danny, thanks. I have been to Militart Hobbies. It see a decent shop. We are in the city of Orange, so its close......harv
  10. Thanks for the review! Amazing detail for a 1/48 kit........harv
  11. Yes, our grandson who is17 and our granddaughter will be 1in Nov. A bit of a gap..lol.. My sister and I are 15 yrs apart....harv
  12. Thanks guys. Bill, there is one near. I visited it last time we were out there. I hope to stop by there.
  13. On our way to Orange, Ca. Gonna go see these two grandkids. I'll be checking up on all of you.....harv
  14. Mike, you are a madman, but a good one....harv
  15. Thanks Ron. I had my right eye done8 yrs ago. Easy peasy. I'm looking forward to better eyes sight. I'm actually excited about it. Modeling will be more fun, I hope. I've only been wearing glasses for about 20 years. We are close in age. I'll be 71 Oct 16.....harv
  16. I would buy one from you ! Just saying....harv
  17. Trying to get some assembly done. Cant wait for my eye surgery to get the small stuff out of the way. On a side not, leaving for Cal. For 10 days to visit grand kids !....harv
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