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  1. I think your mailing this buddy !.....harv
  2. I think maybe we should end this now. Toes do not need to be stepped on, feeling ruffled. You all are my friends and I dont like were this is going. MY 2 cents....harv.
  3. Masterful modeling my friend!.......harv
  4. I trust everyone here, including you my friend. So, I'm game. Whatcha got....harv
  5. Oh thanks, but I'm not THAT nuts...lol... and Thunder, thanks a bunch and welcome to our slice of the universe....harv
  6. Just ordered them and exhaust from UMM USA.....harv
  7. I have never seen this set. Thanks.....harv
  8. This showed up today from Carl. Funny little thing !.....harv
  9. To my very good friend, best wishes...HAPPY HAPPY,JOY JOY......harv
  10. So sorry for the both of you my dear friend. Love you both. Big hugs....harv
  11. harv

    Fw190 A5

    Thanks guys. I like it.......harv
  12. harv


    Moderators, please help. We have a spammer. Several threads. Do not open them. Barry's birthday post....harv
  13. I dont know what happened, I posted birthday wishes for you and it dissapeared! Anyway...HAPPY HAPPY,JOY JOY my good friend ! Hope you had a happy day....harv
  14. harv

    Fw190 A5

    Well, does this look better Martin ?.....harv
  15. Well it seems you have a nack for this building thing ! Very nice work.....harv
  16. I do have one in the stash. Yours looks great....harv
  17. harv

    Fw190 A5

    Thank you Martin....harv
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