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  1. Glasses are fine as well as my eyes....harv
  2. Happy late birthday to both of you Gaz and Hubert !........harv
  3. Pituitary is good, no lesions. Double vision is here to stay it seems. Headaches are better and the tingling is still present. We are researching neurologist. And Rob, that's a big 10-4.....harv
  4. Does anyone know about the CROMWELL German Pz II Ausf "D"2CM Gun Tank ? I'm curious......harv
  5. My dr. called me with the results of the MRI. No tumors or cancer, no swelling. He did find that my brain mass is shrinking (leave it alone cupcake,LOL) but normal for someone my age.So, he said he cannot find anything in the MRI causing my symptoms. He wants me to think about two things, trying drugs( witch ones I have no idea) or Neurologist. I want to try the the latter first. Thats were I'm at right now. Thanks to all of you for your support to me and Bev. It means a lot......harv
  6. Wow, impressive work! Like Mike said, excellent weathering......harv
  7. Welcome Rodolfo ! I hope you post lots of build pics....harv
  8. I'm at the bench as we speak !.....harv
  9. Agreed ! I am trying to stay positive, but the symptoms scare the shit out of me. The face tingling, double vision and headaches ( witch have eased a bit), all makes me wonder and thinking about it is maddening. But tomorrow I HOPE to have more answers. Thank you for your input Ryan, it does help......harv
  10. Dam Ryan, thats tough ! I have had 3 MRI's ( not strokes) in the last few years, so I know whats going on. And yes, impressed with Volks........Harv
  11. Thanks a bunch Steve. I might just do that !......harv
  12. It sure is Carl. What cracks me up is when she tells other I am a "serious" modeler........harv
  13. My wonderful wife Bev got me the sign. Love it......harv
  14. Some good news for a change, MRI scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. AND Volks emailed me and they have shipped my 229 conversion replacement set. I'm happy.......harv
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