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Did the RAAF use the British Tilly light utility car?

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I think it's most probably a "No" Danny, at least here on home soil...

Once the Japanese entered the War, Australia was pretty much left to her own devices until the Yanks arrived en masse. Along with all the infrastructure, they brought Jeeps and other specialist vehicles for their own airfield requirements. There would already have been Hillman and Austin cars here, many of which may have been converted to tray or panel configuration, but were mostly used as Farm runabouts and not for Military use. Specialised V8 Ford, Chevy and International brand pick-ups were already popular here by the time the War broke out, but these were more rugged for agricultural use, and are in another vehicle class. In early 1945, the British Government started sending Austin, Hillman and Standard Tilly's to Australia, to alleviate the general vehicle shortage here.

As an aside; my Father had a 20 year old FJ Holden panel Van that we used to take down onto the beach to go Crabbing and Fishing in the '70's... My Grandfather used to call this a 'Tilly', as he did Dad's later 1982 Ford Falcon Utility. 'Ute' is the popular term here for a Sedan-based Pickup.


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Roger that...

Jeeps (note the RAAF under windshield)...


Or various marques of British or American truck...



Or even Tractors. 


We were a mere bit player, so utilised anything the major powers brought with them.


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Thank you for all the photos!!!!!   That give me some ideas.  I was thinking a Tilly and this fuel / Petrol truck


I was gonna put it with the Tamiya Mosquito (Kit DECALS) in a diorama. might just use just the jeep on a runway of PSP plating / Marston Matt.   I have the figures and the hats in the photos already



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