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  1. Oh no. I didn’t know about that! Dam it
  2. My friend with the same jobe as you had the Rx7 generation 2 Mira only one of two in the USA. My Cousin made a copy of the body parts from scratch to convert his to one too.
  3. I liked it so much I ordered a 2nd kit. Already have a Tamiya Japanese ELFIN version too. Also have 6 more Japanese version’s Fujimi and Aoshimia that I received over the years
  4. Just found this thread will you be selling these Mahalo? I’d like to purchase a set? !!!! I have 2 Albatross W4 in 48th scale but my main scale is 32nd and 35th
  5. Just got these. My friend gave me the tomcat for helping him move his fiancé
  6. Also there’s a 1/44 scale X-02S (OSEA) On the Patlabor the helicopter in 1/72nd Scale Hellhound
  7. Great work John!!!! So back to another Tamiya Corsair
  8. Mini art just released an M3 lee/grant with both lulubelle markings from the Jim Belushi and Bogart movies of Sahara, With a set of the figures pictured above
  9. I like to see someone do a 1/32 scale John Belushi in the 1941 movie motif. For a P-40
  10. Harvey just forward the information to a friend of mine that’s looking for this kit! he wanted to buy my set, but I couldn’t part with it.
  11. Does the middle figure look more like Jim Belushi or Humphrey Bogart? I was thinking of getting this figure set and a M3 Lee. To put with a Border ME109 Shot down. I know the ME 109 would be a later model, I know. But I thought it would make a good diorama.
  12. Just received today from Hobby Nut My SH-60B and a HH-60H x2 The other is for my buddy As you can see the patch! yes the SH-60 B is going to be warlords
  13. Thank you very much I received my SH60 B and my two HH-60 H today!!!!!!
  14. I also got the kit and man those decals. I purchased mine to do a two-tone ocean black panther scheme now will do the kit DECALS!!!! I hope they re release this kit it’s sold out fast
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