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  1. Happy Birthday Hope you get that Bluefin and Yellowfin
  2. If i knew earlier I would have you stop by and pick up my Seeker OSP and a Penn 40nr Look into the new Penn reels!!!! nice real nice Avet is not to far from me. but I don't have any. Almost won one in a raffle a week ago Good luck buddy I have been hearing a lot of great things of the Vagabond. I think my buddy was on it last week.
  3. What do you use for a heave set up? Rod reel?
  4. Smitty don't forget Military hobbies and Coast Airbrush Not far from Brookhurst. Also the Long fin and Fisherman's accesses. Hope you have a Great time on your Tuna trip. What Boat? how many day ( Days ) trip?
  5. Just order it from Sprue Bros. I have one. It's a really nice kit and I don't care for WWII Japanese aircraft much.
  6. Also the He162 But hat is 1/48
  7. Tamiya has sponsored planes of fame before!!! They have used their Zero to make the 1/32 molds
  8. And you thought yours was high priced!!!!!! only in California
  9. I wrote this the other day!!! But it did not post? https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/53481-ams-resin-aero-1c-150-gallon-drop-tank/ I new someone made them LOL But he does not have them on his site. Contact him direct? Do you still have 1/32 150Gal Aero /Douglas drop tanks? From Harold ( Yep...I did both version, one with two filler caps (after 1972 I think) and the early with one filler. )
  10. Kitty Hawk center tank looks like a 300 aero tank with the wrong fins Trumpeter A-4 tanks? with AMS item below Or Hasegawa This may work? http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/ams32055.htm Fisher patterns made a 400G and 300G but i think they may have also had a smaller tank in some kits?
  11. Smitty They came in the 1/32 Air-to-Ground missile set #3306 http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/trp03306.htm Thank You
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