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  1. No. Just new tires Each of those kits had two sets of wheels on it them!!! I changed it back-and-forth on both of them! The Ki-84 has more weathering on the tires but has no Tire tread really. thanks for all the comments guys!!!
  2. Hasegawa Ki-84 of the 102 Sentai Eduard Exterior set, Aries cockpit, scratch built items like wiring the engine, antennas brake lines. The 102nd sentai decals were donated from a club member taken from the Tomy kit.
  3. I started the F4U2N Midnight Cocktail with Harvey as a group build approximately five years ago!!! Montex masks and DECALS, scratch built items, Lonestar conversion, RB production seatbelts, and Barracuda wheels / Magnetos an engine Wiring harness
  4. Yes the Drop tanks look better now! I didn’t think it could get nicer looking
  5. We have those here in California toWe have those here in California to
  6. This is our little Emily. She just turned nine on December 1
  7. Just finished this 1/60 scale Rick Hunters fan plane from Robotech anime series from the 80s. it’s a rare kit, Of the airplane in the first couple episodes
  8. Will this work for you Harv Legend 1/35 Israeli IDF AFV FN MAG Machine Gun Set (4 Guns) [Resin Model] LF1160 https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1313&_nkw=fn+mag+1%2F35&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_odkw=p-40b+1%26%23x2F%3B32&_osacat=0
  9. There is some YouTube builds on it he used Tamiya XF-23
  10. Just got these yesterdayJust got these yesterday
  11. I am not spending that kind of Money$$$$$!!!!!! LoL
  12. My last post was a new Tamiya RX-7 With these two I guess you can say I’m an RX -7 fixation
  13. John. It is coming along great !
  14. Couldn’t make it to nationals but I got this today, direct from the source
  15. It was in Port Hueneme at the Seabees base but it was used for NAS Point Mugu. it was used For Polaris, Polaris II, tomahawk, regulus, and a few others.
  16. that seaplane tender What scale is it?
  17. USS Norton Sound was my local one when I was a kid
  18. Great work John Love the color transition from top to bottom
  19. A simple Photo Etch for the Armor would work don’t you think? As a stencil for Strip styrene and sheet too!
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