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  1. A break is always a good thing Peter. My Wife and I have just spent the last week away on Holiday, and it's marvellous how refreshed and recharged I feel, despite being on the go for 15 hours a day. But now it's back to House / Lawns / Family / Bills so I have limited time to match my new-found enthusiasm!
  2. That's particular apt... I'm pretty sure Five Futter thinks the sun shines out of that particular Member's a***
  3. This ^ Also have a compressed disc leading to Pinched nerves through the Lumbar region, which leads to radiating hip and leg pain. The outside of my calves are numb to the touch. But I'm the same; I'll not them cut me open either, especially as I'm able to manage the pain by isolating it in my mind as virtual pain and not real as if an actual muscle or bone injury. I would also recommend keeping the lower back and hips regions as stretched and limber as possible. Having Dolores walk on that area would also help!
  4. Another gem from the home of petty sniping this morning... I guess it helps if you're the Business Partner of one of the Moderators.
  5. Probably in fairness to George Lucas, I remember the original intent of A New Hope, was to be more like the Flash Gordon / Lone Ranger 30 minute serial films of the 1930's and 40's. A nod to a different era; itself now also part of a different era, in this current age of Keyboard Warriors and empowered Geekdom. You weren't meant to question that the Kessel run and return would take 78 years to complete, and that everyone else Han and Chewie knew would have aged accordingly; or that the Death Star could have simply come out of Hyperspace at the exact position required to destroy the Rebel base, and there would have been no Battle of Yavin as such. It would have made it far less entertaining for a 10 year old Yours Truly.
  6. You may wish to consider Tamiya TS-45 spray can lacquer, over a base of their fine white primer. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/85045/index.htm Should be readily available at most Mr.Toys locally. S
  7. No less fanciful than the notion of having a spherical Space Station the size of a small Moon that is capable of both real and hyperspace travel about multiple axes, while having just a single 2 metre wide exhaust port situated on the equator.
  8. After four years out of the front yard, I can just hear what his Wife might say... "That's thing's not coming back 'ere... Norfolk-enchance!"
  9. I am on an Island in the Pacific Ocean. No problems with access here.
  10. Wumm

    sad evening

    My sympathies Harv, Another of the Greatest Generation departed. Steve.
  11. It is spectacular out here Jeff. I grew up around 200 miles away in Rockhampton, and must have been out to Great Keppel Island a dozen times or more, it was only a half-hour day trip from the "Big Island". My Wife keeps a Marine Aquarium at home and it's her first time amongst the corals... Yesterday she saw a Yellow Tang in the wild, something she wasn't expecting in these waters and it made her day. But she didn't get any footage unfortunately, some Bozo had the camera and was off looking at Big White Beaver! I would love to do a kit of this aircraft in 1/32. It was my unexpected highlight of this trip.
  12. I must have missed this one first time around... Very nicely done Martin!
  13. Not just for the Canucks... VH-OHU operating out of Hamilton Island for flights out to the Great Barrier Reef. This Girl's got character!
  14. The alternative view point that prevails elsewhere is: "If you can't cast your own parts, scratch-build the parts you can't cast, and everything doesn't come out perfect... You're not a real Modeller." Rather, often we do our best, yet sometimes we still fail. We're with you, we get it, we live it.
  15. Probably something to do with drag...
  16. I say, that's no stray... Somebody loved her in a past life. Be that somebody, Mike... Be that somebody
  17. Meanwhile, here at World's end... After a hot start to March, we've had a fortnight of rain and drizzle, only for the temperature to hit 30°C / 86°F yesterday. Nature is confused... The Jacaranda trees think it's Spring here too and have just started blooming their lovely violet bursts again.
  18. It looks fantastic! For extra interest, consider adding a small colourful ball against the base; as if it's rolled off into the woods and your Boy has chased it there, only to make his wonderful discovery... To add colour and tell a story.
  19. Wumm


    Gee, thanks Guys... Monster day... Up at 4 as usual, walk Doggos and then off to work, which was pretty cruisy. Finished off with a run down to the Gold Coast for dinner, and then Beck even drove home for me (and made me Breakfast this morning as well) and has granted me some bench time today. Thoroughly milked for all it was worth! S
  20. Ok, so some fettling required then. Thanks Jim.
  21. Is that best done by setting back parts C-11 and C-12 a little? (And if you were so inclined, could these parts even be left out if you're not showing the guns?)
  22. OK, in that case... Put a second stick and throttle in (if they're not included), and in the front office add a small circular display within a square to the panel, like this from the Owl conversion for the Fw190 A8/R11.
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