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Galland's JV44 Me262 A-1a decals


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Just been in conversation with Ernst Peddinghaus (of Peddinghaus-decals) regarding their JV44 decals. They are quite extensive in 1/48 scale but not so much in 1/32 scale. But he's just let me know that he is going to be releasing the 1/32 scale decals for Galland's JV44 Me262 A-1a by the end of this month. Now looking at the 1/48 decals i'm wondering if he means Me262 a-1a W.Nr 210534 (White 3) which was flown by Galland and Franz Stigler. Or it could just be Galland's 'Double Chevron'  mount.


Guess we'll wait and see. Thought i'd just let those interested know :)

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I've since been informed by others on another forum that the Werk Number given is incorrect. That besides. I'm buying it. I am going to try and build four of the Me262's (Galland, Stigler, Schallmoser and Steinhoff) from JV44. To compliment these i am also going to be building the four Fw190 D9/11 from JV44 too :)

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