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Oh my gosh...


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(Or : The perils of operating outside one's own sphere of expertise)

Today is Father's Day here in Au, and my Wife was out half the day visiting her Dad and Siblings. At one point in the afternoon, it began to rain a little, so I did the thoughtful Husbandy thing and brought the washing inside, and bunged it all inside the dryer.

So Mrs.M comes home; and having navigated the Spaniel obstacle course and after the customary cheek peck, went straight out to check the washing... Which I thought I had taken good care of. Little did I know that I hadn't put it on for nearly long enough.

"How long has this been on? It's got 5 minutes left and it's still damp."

"Oh, about 45 minutes I guess" was my answer.

"OH MY GOSH! There's towels inside. It needed at least an hour or more."

"Well, I just turned it to 'Sports Wear' because it has togs and towels in there, and that's what came up" said I.

Again. "OH MY GOSH!"

A brief and calm discussion then ensued, wherein the two of us spoke of the perils of operating outside of one's own sphere of expertise.

So I asked...

"OK then... How much oil does it take to fill the engine of your car at the next service?"

"One point eight litres. It has a 1.8 litre engine, that's what that means doesn't it?"



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