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Dragon 1/35 UH-1D kit vs Revell 1/32 UH-1D Problems?

Sgt Shultz II

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I was looking for a 1/35 UH-1D, found one on ebay but the guy wants $250 for it.  NO way am I going to pay that price for a kit I want to build, got enough projects now!

Anyway I was reading the kit from Dragon as well as the 1/32 Revell UH-1D have problems so I was wondering what they are and how easy to fix. I have a Revell kit coming so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for looking

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Great Hobbies has the Revell 1/32 in stock. 


That price is in loonies so figure about 20% cheaper with the exchange rate. 

The Dragon kit is a re-box of the Panda model so you could try searching under that name too.

As for errors, I haven't a clue what they are if any. 


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