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  1. The alternative is to steam the strips. Take a plumber's PVC pipe long enough to hold the strips. Plug it on one end to the kettle, and on the other end, plug it with a small hole in the plug to vent-off the steam. It will work like a tubular pressure cooker. Pressure-resistant tube, like the one for swimming pools works better just for this safety reason Hubert
  2. Remember heat allows for easier bending, especially if it goes two-ways like at the stern. Soak the srips in water, then swipe them with a soldering iron at minimum temperature, or under a hot air gun. Pre-twist them to shape, and finish the shaping in-situ. PVA glue adheres well to moist wood, btw. Hubert
  3. Quite a cook, indeed ! Keep it on, and in a few hundred thousand years there will be a new charcoal mine in sunny Texas Hubert
  4. Well I do find the same after a golf play, especially whan its warm and sunny like now. The only thing is the course is open (anew) but the club-house bar is still closed, because of Covid-19 restrictions Hubert
  5. Cool project. I love these heavy duty engines Hubert
  6. I’ll send you the shipping estimate, Ernie ... Hubert
  7. Yes, it is . As I said, it’s a full package, including the kit. Let me get back home to estimate the parcel weight. Hubert
  8. Fantastic ! (And so much better looking ) Hubert
  9. You’re not someone to chicken out in front of a challenge, Martin Hubert
  10. You're right. I *might* be tempted, just out of sheer curiosity, of course ... Hubert
  11. You can’t build the truck without the red car inches in front of it, Martin. Now what make was the car (for me poor European Ignoramus of American sedans of the 70s) ? Hubert
  12. Last time I heard, Eli had closed operations whilst he was fighting cancer ... I just hope I am not propagating more fake news, and above all, that Eli is getting better. Hubert
  13. After some serious soul introspection, I have decided that I may be open to a « just » offer for my WnW late Felixstowe ... Hubert
  14. I am anything but a prude, but I have to say that, with this stance, « Mindy » looks like the only long haul relationship she is likely to develop is with her pimp ... Just my , of course Hubert
  15. Hello all, As the building of my new house progresses and the prospects of moving there get nearer (this is hopefully my -2 or -1 house move, the next ones being to the crematorium with maybe a intermediate stop to the elderly home), I have to decide whether I will move all of the stash with me. The honest answer is no, because I will certainly not build everything I have. So I am selling some kits, 1/32 aircrafts with lots of AM for most of the list, plus various scales ship kits and some Non-LSM aircrafts. Shipping is extra, at cost, from Portugal to anywhere in the world. I will try to minimise the parcel weight without compromising the content, but you all know that postage costs can now kill a seemingly good deal. Payment is via Paypal, or, for European buyers, alternatively via SEPA banks transfer if you prefer. I will check the content before sending the kit and asking for final payment. If the content is not complete, I will not sell the kit. Therefore, I don't believe a return is a viable proposition. So here is the (initial - some may be added) list. All in 1/32 except when noted different. The « packages » all include the kit box as well, of course, but for 3), wich is just a bundle of AM sets 1) Trumpeter Mig-17 package. Includes : Sold * Profimodeller Profiset 32206 (full set of corrections/details in resin or PE, including wheels, ejection seat, wing fences, airbrakes,canopy frames, inspection panels, brass guns, and many more ), * Grey Matter corrected tail assembly, * AMS cockpit set, * G-Factor brass landing gear, * Squadron vac-form Mig-15 canopy, * Eduard PE cokpit set 32051, * and finally Grey Matter guns correction set. Asking price : € 45 2 )Trumpeter SBD-1-2 (early variants) full package. Includes : * Eduard Big Ed set (32584 rear cockpit, 32580 front cockpit, 32579 early seatbelts, 32163 flaps, 32160 engine details, 32154 exterior details, JX 057 masks) * Yellow Wings YHD32016 SBD-1 decal sheet Asking price : € 95 3) Duplicate detail set package for SBD 1-2 Dauntless (just AM sets, without the Trumpeter kit) * Includes Eduard 32160, 32163, 32584, 32580 Asking price : € 35 4) HK Models Mosquito B-IV package. includes : * Eduard Brassin 632 066 resin exhaust stacks set * Eduard Brassin 632 065 resin wheels set * Eduard Brassin 632 091 right engine RR Merlin full set * Profimodeller 32243 cockpit upgrade set Asking price : € 135. If interested, I can add for free - but for the extra shipping cost - the Revell 1/32 Mosquito Mk IV kit. 5) Trumpeter F-105-D package. Includes : * Aires 2045 resin cockpit set * Aires 2076 resin wheel bay set * Res-kit RS32-0076 resin wheels set * Master 32-038 turned aluminium pitot probe * GT Resin exhaust * GT Resin corrected fin * GT Resin resin cockpit frame detail set * GT resin corrected nose, scoops and ventral strake * Fisher resin wheels set - a duplicate for the Res-kit set above * And finally G-Factor brass LG set Asking price : € 185 6) I am willing to consider an offer for a WnW's Felixstowe F2-a late. This is a bit of a heart-breaker, as it was probably my dream-kit of all times. But reason tells me I may probably never tackle it, and it's better to let it go to a good home. I do not want to surf on the current wave of the profiteering craze you can see on eBay, but on the other hand, I will not let it go for a ridiculously low price either. FYI I paid it at the time (launch) € 279. 7) Revell Arado Ar-196 A3 (twin-floats): Sold I have this kit in duplicate, and again I may build one, but certainly not two. Beware that the box of any of my two kits has taken some beating, as should be expected from the @#!% Revell flimsy boxes ... Asking price : € 35 8) Zoukei-Mura SWS Horten Ho-229. Again, my type of kit with the level of details, but I will probably never have the time to tackle it. I believe the kit is now OOP and sold out. Asking price : € 140 9) Nichimo 1/20 Cessna 172 kit. Another rare kit, which is also, If I am right, OOP. The box-top is flimsy and has taken significant flak damage. The content is OK though. I love the subject and kit, but my 1/32 focus will probably mean I will not build it Asking price : € 140 10) 1/48 Hasegawa 09888 Saab J-35 Ô Austrian with "Black Special" scheme. Asking price : € 30 11) Donating to a good home (but shipping on top) : * Revell 1/28 Spad XIII * Set of 2 Revell 1/32 Beaufighter boxes, one of them the Lodela Mk X conversion with extra vac-form parts Gone ! * Amodel 1/72 White Knight and Spaceship One Gone ! * Revell 1/32 Mosquito Mk IV, provided it does not go as a bonus with the HK kit I have for sale. And now some ship kits : 12) Merit (Hobby-Boss) 1/200 Mikasa 1905. Sold I have a duplicate of this one, having subsequently bought the 1902 version, which I am keener on owing to the color scheme. Asking price : € 100 13) Revell 1/96 USS Kearsage. An old, and I believe OOP kit. The box top, in typical Revell fashion has taken some beating, but co,ntent OK. Asking price : € 60 14) Hasegawa 1/350 "Soya" Antartic Research vessel. Asking € 40 15) Eastern Express 1/350 Borodino . € 30 16) Zvesda 1/350 Cruiser Varyag. € 15 17) Otaki 1/36 "Miss Tahiti" Ketch : € 30 18) Revell 1/160 Steam paddle-steamer "Goethe" : € 25 19) ICM 1/350 "Grosser Kurfürst" WWI Battlewagon : € 20 20) Heller 1/600 Queen Mary 2: € 20 21) Glencoe 1/400 (approx) USS United States: € 40 22) Revell 1/350 SMS Emden : € 10 23) Revell SS Oriana (rare OOP liner ship). Scale approx 1/500. € 20 24) Lee 1/500 SS Brazil (ex-Revell molds). € 20. Instruction sheet is a photocopy of original, which was missing in my box. 25) Airfix 1/600 liners. € 10 each: * SS Canberra * RMS Queen Elzabeth II * RMS Queen Elizabeth 26) Airfix 1/160 Great Western steam and sails liner . € 20 27) Revell ship kits. € 10 each * 1/350 Hawaian Pilot cargoship * 1/380 N/S Savannah * 1/400 Oil Tanker "Glasgow" * 1/471 Hospital ship "Hope" * USS Burton Island ice breaker 28) Revell 1/570 Queen Mary. € 15 29) IMEX Cargo ships. € 15 each * 1/400 MS Nedloyd Bharain * 1/450 Cargoliner Trinidad 30) 2 very rare ITC kits ship . Boxes old and worn. Don't expect collector-pristine condition, but nice kits kits when built * "ATLANTIC" 3-masted schooner. Charlie Barr's Atlantic-crossing record holder for 70 years. Asking € 40 * "Corsair II" steam yacht. JP Morgan's famous 1930 yacht/commuter. Asking € 20 31) Pyro "Blockade Runner" mixed propulsion. € 15 This is a 1/96 scale (I believe, but not too sure) kit of the famous Revenue Cutter Harriet Lane. Box shows the age of the kit. 32) Revell 1/125 "Calypso" research vessel. € 30 The kit was later renamed "resarch vessel" without the "Calypso" name, owing to a licensing conflict with the Cousteau foundation. 33) Giving to a good home, but shipping on top. * Imai 1/350 tall sailing vessels : Mircea, Nippon Maru, Juan Sebastian de Elcano, Cutty Sark * Lindberg Russian Missile tracking fishing trawler. About 1/140 scale, model of a North Atlatic fishing trawler. Box sound but grease-stained * Lindberg Motorized shrimp boat (1/60) I am open to (reasonable) counter-offers and grouped deals, but no trade. This is to free some space after all Don’t hesitate to ask questions and contact me. Hubert
  16. Oven-cleaner works a treat for removing chrome or paint. Just put the sprues in a plastic bag and spray oven cleaner. The variety containing caustic soda is more effective. HTH Hubert PS: and if you have not tried them yet, the Molotov chrome pens produce amazing results.
  17. Thanks for the feedback. I remembered peeking quickly in the Deutsches Luftfahrt Museum hall during my (short - my ex-wife was not fond of aerospace museums, or modelling for that matter) visit there and recognising the unmistakable cowling shape of D.IV. I obviously completely missed the large wingspan wings, though Hubert
  18. Another cool project I’m looking forward to. IIRC, there is a surviving exemple in the Krakow Air Museum. Hubert
  19. Me ? A specialist in anything Messerschmitt ? Here is ALL my knowledge about the 108 : it has a prominent role in preparing the ground for an iconic fighter, the 109, for which the filiation is apparent in many areas. It was produced in France during and after the war. Being a transport and liaison aircraft, it had some cool civilian schemes. And I quite like the shark look the air-cooled engine gave it ... Voilà, voilà Hubert PS : and now I know slats should be deployed when the aircraft is at rest on the ground - although, in fairness, it looks like they are sometimes locked shut on some modern civilian Taifuns ...
  20. Looking like a good start. The second planking layer is good if you want to represent a natural wood model. But remember it will only be as good as the first layer underneath. Given the spacing between the bulkheads, and the risk of having "flats" on you hull because of this , I wonder if you wouldn't better off filling and fairing the void between them with balsa (or another softwood - I really hate balsa which is only good for lightweight RC a free-flight aircrafts) blocks. Hubert
  21. Got mine today, ordered direct from Eduard. I had added to my order resin wheels (with plain hub - there is another set with spoked wheels) and they are worth the investment IMHO. Also masks for the canopy (ref. JX253), certainly needed given the glasshouse, and finally a set of PE external add-ons (ref. 32452) where at least the PE wheel-well covers are a redundant item to the resin ones included with the wheels' set. Only a building will tell if this set was needed at all. I confirm that the standard boxing includes a PE-fret with a pre-printed IP (not bad, but maybe slightly inferior to the "Löök" one, which I passed) and small dteails like belts, handles, trim wheels, etc., a 3D-printed resin propeller to represent the original's wooden one (the metal prop is on the IM plastic sprues), and finally a small masks' sheet for the letters of the proposed markings, all military Luftwaffe ones, with Nazi Swastikas, unfortunately for me. I'll try to do a box-opening review asap. Hubert
  22. Go, Ernie, go ! You have chosen a kit from the Tamiwings of wooden ship models. Chris Watton’s kits are really among the best : well designed, test-fit by the designer himself, and with quality materials. If you think this is daunting, imagine doing this with a Trumpeter-Mig-15-type kit issued as a cheap knockoff by a pirate Chinese company. Hubert
  23. I confess my ignorance. Was there an ASW Choctaw ? I thought your interior detailing was for an ASW Wessex. Hubert
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