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  1. Ok. It has all the looks of a rocket about to take-off, but where are the wings ? Anyway, Brilliant job seems an apt description 👍 ! Hubert
  2. From experience, you will need to drill the « rods » holes with a very small (0.3) than slightly larger (0.5 / 0.6) bit. Be prepared for some nerve-wracking job and a lot of failures If you have a vertical drill, it’s even better, and will save a few drill bits. I’d then recommend stacking the pieces of strip together and holding them in a mini-vice.
  3. Me, I am contented with resin kits of some interwar &(**%$!^, some unarmed @(&%, or some civilian %()(@ , or even scratchbuilding some interwar &(**%$!^, some unarmed @(&%, or some civilian %()(@ Hubert, feeling cheeky and jestful … PS: I just received the Lukgraph DH-90 Dragonfly. What a gorgeous kit of some interwar &(**%$!^, some unarmed @(&%, or some civilian %()(@ 😍 !
  4. I take this remark personally, and resent it deeply, Gary 😩 😭 …. Why, oh why so much violence 🥴 ? (🤣 😂) Hubert 😄 PS: the next big question is : will JohnB buy one, and then how many more will he churn out ? More than Corsairs ?
  5. Well, these guys seem to have learnt the lesson that quality + iconic subject = cash flow. Wishing them plenty more of all of the above. Hubert
  6. If it’s a consolation, you’re not the first one to miss the distinct angle of the Mirage MLG. And I know a friend who glued the MLG of a F-15 with wheels facing inwards. And a famous French modelling magazine published an article on the build of an E2-C Hawkeye, with the main wheels facing outwards 🤪 ! But, now we cannot unsee it ! Hubert
  7. That’s WHEN Gary will have spilled a bottle of Tamiya Extra-Thin and a pot of enamel, plus let a drop of hot solder fall on the mat, that he will really be able to claim he has joined the rest of the modelling world 😁! Just my Hubert
  8. Dang ! I wish you had not mentioned this, Ernie ! This led me to check whether there existed JA-37s without the splinter camo (you know, me and camoes ), then I found « Blå Petter », then I found also some NMF birds, then, « unknowingly and inadvertently» my finger slipped on the « order » button … Damn you, my friend ! Hubert
  9. Sorry, I can’t help you much, but I know that the only thing that will last for 3 days are LEDs. I also know that there are some fiber optics sets. With one led as a light source you can carry light to many points on you kit. I wish I did know where to point you at for those, though Hubert
  10. Sorry, I know zilch about both kits, but I can already tell you that the Dragon kit is the « wrong » scale … Hubert
  11. Hi Tim, These kits were OOP (and hard to find as second-hand - the last eBay auction of a Bulldog I saw went for USD 268), and are being reissued because of customers’ demand like mine. The asked price is a great deal, considering what I saw. And it’s a one-off production run, made-to-order. HTH Hubert
  12. Beautiful detail work, Gary. And the great tip of clear nail varnish is duly filed in my memory 👍 Hubert
  13. My friend Martin Field, who mastered for me a 1/32 Dragon Rapide kit - which I passed to release for a number of other life reasons - was working a few years ago on the master for a large scale (I think I remember 1/6, but may be wrong on this one) Vincent. If the person who commissioned Martin was more diligent than me, then this kit must be available somewhere. Btw, sadly, I learned that Martin died of cancer a few days ago. Hubert
  14. I mentioned it in another post in the « Buy, sell, swap » section of the forum, but SW have decided to re-release, on a limited basis, a number of their discontinued kits. The production run is based on firm (i.e. pre-paid) orders from the customers, so will match the actual numbers of customers for each. The deadline for receiving these orders is September 10th, so there are only three days left for you to act if you want one of those. The list of reissued kits is : · 1/32 Bristol Bulldog Mk IIA · 1/32 Hawker Hart · 1/32 A. W. Siskin IIIA · 1/32 Fairey Flycatcher · 1/32 Heinkel He-51 · 1/32 Heinkel He-51 B2 Needles to say I was elated to see Silver Wings listen to pleas of their customers (including mine) and come back with this offer. Hubert
  15. Pity about the canopy, but it’s good to read a solution is on its way. The result is already outstanding as it is ! Hubert
  16. You’re definitely our scratchbuild master, Rich 👍 ! Hubert
  17. Hey Gary, I don’t want to (well in fact, maybe a little ), but it seems Zoukei-Mura got the underbelly shape right on their future 109 … Oh well, by the time it’s released, your scars from this one will have healed … Great work and admirable persistence Hubert
  18. Got the following email from Silver wings ... YES ! " Dear Friends! In our ongoing efforts to better focus on feedback we receive from you, we have decided to make some of our discontinued kit available again. After carefully analyzing answers to the survey, we are going to do one last run of the following kits, based on pre-orders only: · 1/32 Bristol Bulldog Mk IIA · 1/32 Hawker Hart · 1/32 A. W. Siskin IIIA · 1/32 Fairey Flycatcher · 1/32 Heinkel He-51 · 1/32 Heinkel He-51 B2 We will be offering these kits in the time-limited offer of 110 EUR / 130 USD / 95GBP / 178 AUD / 165 CAD + 50% off the shipping cost. In order to take advantage of this offer, please submit your order to silverwings@silverwings.pl no later than September 10, 2021. After that date, we will tally the orders and produce just enough kits to fill the orders. Note that you may include any other kits you wish to order to save on shipping costs. Thank you for your support! The Silver Wings Team " My prayers have been answered ! Hubert
  19. ... me, I'll have a go with my brain ( hmmm ... what's more valuable and useful between my brain and a kidney 🤔 ?) Hubert
  20. Is it done yet ? Hang on …. YES IT’S DONE ! 🍾 🍻 🥂 🌟 ! Congrats for a stunning build and oustanding result 🏆 🥇 🎖️ Hubert
  21. Here it is. http://shop.hphmodels.cz/en/accessories/33-specialni-dvouslozkove-epoxydove-lepidlo.html HTH Hubert
  22. Yes, I bought mine (some time ago, admittedly) from HPH’s e-store. HTH Hubert
  23. AFAIK, the best glue for resin is HPH’s two-components epoxy glue. Hubert
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