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  1. The Eduard Lizzie is 1/48 ..., whereas the Revell/Matchbox is 1/32 ... Hubert
  2. Oldie but goldie. It started life as a Matchbox kit. So you get waht you should expect from an old Matchbox kit: some surface details on the heavy side, sometimes marginal fit, and a level of detailing that could be better given the scale, size, and glass-house. It can be made, with TLC, into a great rendition. But do not expect a Tamiyesque build. Hubert
  3. Let's start with a 1:1 F-14 Hubert
  4. Nope. An old faithful in this field ... 1/32 only for aircrafts. Not even considering this abomination of 1/35. And that makes a sizeable stash already Hubert
  5. You could always imagine a « face-to-face » set-up à la Rocky vs Drago (that was Rocky V, wasn’t it ?) poster ... Hubert PS : oops, sorry, quoted the wrong post
  6. The more you work with metal, the better you seem at it, Peter. Truly outstanding work Hubert
  7. Thanks, although I believe you missed a zero Hubert
  8. So guys, all these discussions about 1:1 replicas, and ships, got me thinking ... I intend to build a 1/5 (let’s be reasonable and think about mooring fees ) replica of the most beautiful liner ever built, The Normandie . Of course, internal fittings will have to be adapted to make it usable ... As I have : 1) a faint idea about ship-building linked to my ship-modelling experience 2) no idea about real ship building requirements (well, some in fact, but I am too important to deal with such trivia) 3) no competence in steel-welding 4) not the first cent for this project I am counting on you all to do the work and money-supply for me...So, please (see, I am being nice) donate everything you can. And when it is finished, and I have all the pretty girls running after me, I will be the Ruler of the World ! How is that for a project ? Hubert
  9. Not knowing any drummer in my vicinity, I'll stretch my arms halfway across the globe to give you a hug, Dale Hubert
  10. Hey, it just occurred to me that a new member here has his head so overblown and full of s#%&t that it could pass as The Moon in Ryan's 1:1 Moon-landing diorama Hubert
  11. Methink you should do a 1:1 F-14 instead Hubert
  12. Do we need further proof that we are dealing with a raving lunatic ? Hubert, just holding the trigger on a list of flowery and gross expletives
  13. Besides the fun we may have in this thread, the fact is that a new member comes here, with an ambitious - if not totally lunatic - project, and has an abrasive if not outright insulting tone in most of his posts .... This is not linked to the poor command of English of this member, who has demonstrated his/her english was good enough, but to an arrogant behaviour expressed by someone with the interpersonal skills of Komodo dragon ... Why do we tolerate this attitude ? I am personally fed up with this thread and the tone of the posts of the original poster. It’s high time we send this member and his project to where they belong ... Hubert
  14. If I ever get the courage to tackle my MiG-17, this is the one I’d like to do ... Hubert
  15. Nice one ... Now we need its Western counterpart, the SNCASE Vautour Hubert
  16. Good to hear ! Looking forward to see you converting this beast into a peaceful bomber ... Hubert
  17. It is definitely resin. I have read somewhere a price tag of GBP 180. Not cheap, but that is a lot of resin you get, and not unreasonable compared to a similar-sized IM jet. Plus Boris will make this price tag lower in USD or Euro soon. Kind of instant clearance rebate Hubert
  18. There is actually a 1/32 paper kit of both the Tu-95 and B-58. And a 1/33 one of the B-52 ... so paper kits of airplanes, close to kits of paper airplanes Hubert
  19. So sorry to read this. Condolences to Joy, her family, and to you as well, of course. Hubert
  20. Yes, I know. That is why I said « existing in kit form » . Still an unlikely choice (but Paul did it on commission). Hubert
  21. Lovely kit, beautifully finished and weathered : it has that unique « well lived » look. Hubert
  22. I can’t remember where I read that Hataka lacquers were good, and acrylics only so so ... Hubert
  23. If it’s about what does not exist ... HP Heyford, HP Hampden, Lockheed 14, CF-100, CF-105, B-35, Saab J-35, Sikorsky S-39, Amiot 143, Boeing Clipper, Boeing Stratoliner .... About unlikely aeroplanes existing in kit form, how about the 1/24 Bugatti 100 P and Gloster VI ? Hubert
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