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  1. So, there was a « before » and an « after » for the crowbar ? Thank you very much for this information. Hubert
  2. Excellent ! I hope that one day I’ll be able to paint figures as well as you. Hubert
  3. The brand name seems vey apt for the product. And it’s 1/48 ! Wow ! Hubert PS: I am curous to read the « instrution » 😂
  4. IIRC, the crowbar was always there. The (sometimes heated) debate among modellers was whether it was red in wartime. And it was not, as your pics clearly show … Hubert
  5. As we lose brain cells after 30, maybe it’s more an issue of the driver misjudging that his money bought him extra piloting talents at mid-life ? These Sevens have actually amazing road-handling qualities. Whilst definitely heavier, my Cayman GTS is also amazing. But, frankly, I am not sure I’d ever be able to push it to its limits without overreaching my driving talent Back to the kit. That one piece ABS chassis is a remarkable piece of engineering and molding. Hubert
  6. Too bad this one got the best of you, John. Looking at your pics, I feel you were not that far away from success, with a few plastic shims maybe ? Anyway, I’ll be in my chair for your next build. Hubert
  7. I thought you were going for a lemon or a banana 😂 ! Hubert
  8. Not only are your models great, but your figures deserve the same « wow » ! Hubert
  9. Well, to answer Peter's unanimous demand, I found some pics of the time ...I still have to find the drawings, though... It's totally scratchbuilt. Missing are the pics of the scratchbuilt Hispano and of the 4-bladed prop I carved ;). I hope you like it. Hubert
  10. Well, there was a Spitfire with a beer keg … more interesting IMHO Hubert
  11. I am with Rob here. Very nice, but we are getting so used to weathered armour, that a little weathering (or « dusting », probably more appropriate in this area of the world) would greatly enhance your very nice build. Hubert
  12. Gotta say the main plus about the Matchbox Lysander is that it’s 1/32 … But then that’s about all Hubert
  13. Testors reboxed the old 1/48 Hawk Hubert
  14. Lemme check … I know I scanned my drawings of the nose for Mike Swinburn … Hubert
  15. Very nice Lizzie, Phil. One of my fondest memories of the builds of my youth was the venerable 1/48 Hawk Lizzie. This one certainly beats it hands down . One day, maybe, I’ll feel like the 1/32 Matchbox deserves my attention. There is a striped yellow and black target tug scheme that makes me dream. But I would sooooooo much prefer a new mold 1/32 Lizzie … Hubert
  16. Thanks guys. Sometimes, as it looks at me from the top shelf, I have got an itch to restart it. But then I think I should redo the wings, as I now feel the ribs are too pronounced, and let the itch pass… I even bought, and later resold, the WNW kit with an idea that maybe … I actually felt quite proud that I got the shapes « right », at least comparing my scratchbuilt effort to WNW’s kit… Or maybe they used the same base drawings as I did, and this would bust a myth that their research was outstanding … You should have seen my drawings, on an A3 sheet, drawn with technical pens 🙄 … Hubert
  17. I found out quickly that, for almost the same budget as a Proxxon machine, I could get some real metal machining lathes or mills, Made in China. The lathe I bought has, surprisingly for the budget, a really very very small concentric error … And it can even handle steel … Hubert PS edit: what I mean by "very very small" is about 15 micrometer concentric error. Not bad for a less than 1 000 € lathe. And good enough for any modelling purpose ...
  18. Those floats remind me of my Shelf of Doom queen. An Aichi Hansa (a HB W29, built under licence in Japan, with a Hispano engine), that I started in 2008, before WingNut Wings existed . It’s still waiting for me to finish it … Hubert
  19. Don’t forget to paint the interwings space Interior Green , Peter 😂 Just my Hubert
  20. In your third pic, the spacing between the 3 chainplates is not even … Besides this (admittedly totally nitpicking ) comment, this looks great 👍 ! Hubert
  21. Being the son of a French Cavalry officer, I am old enough to remember the AMX 13, and the introduction into service of the AMX 30. The first one replaced the Chaffee, the later the M-47 … Hubert
  22. You finally tamed The Beast ! And the result - once again - speaks for itself. She looks great ! In spite of all the difficulties to overcome, the finished kit does not show any of it. All in all, shouldn’t Infinity be lauded, at least for having had the guts to release this one ? Again, well done, John 👍 ! Hubert
  23. Wait a sec … How many hazelnuts per 100 kms ? And what’s the CO2 and methane (scientific name for farts) ouput ? Hubert
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