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ME-163 Cockpit Progress

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Good Morning All!


Here is the result of my first pass at the Grand Phoenix cockpit for the Hase 1/32 ME-163. The upside to this cockpit set is the simplicity (although there wasn't much to the ME-163 cockpit to begin with). Even in it's simplicity, however, it is light years ahead of the kit cockpit. I am becoming a devoted fan of resin seats with molded-in belts; I always found etched brass belts to be realistic, but tedious to work with. Test fitting of the cockpit tub in the fuselage halves reveals that it will be a perfect fit (whew!).


One online reviewer of this cockpit set stated that he would "leave the accuracy of the cockpit set up to the builder". The shape of the box on the right console (electrical box?) does seem to be at variance with photos of the actual cockpit. Additionally, I couldn't find any clear evidence of what color the cylinder-shaped thingy at the rear of the left console should be. I went with RLM blue, just to give a bit of color to the spartan grey of the cockpit. However, if anyone has a definitive answer as to what color it should actually be, let me know! It is certainly not too late for a quick re-paint! Ultimately, as is so often the case I suspect most of the sidewall detail will disappear into the shadowy recesses of the fuselage interior.


The leather headrest will get several washes of heavily diluted black, red, and brown to tone it down and give it a more "leathery" patina. There is also still the diluted brown wash to come throughout the cockpit tub, then a bit more dry brushing, and finally a flat coat to tone it all down and blend everything together.


Comments welcomed and encouraged!





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The cockpit is now assembled and has received a flat coat to tone everything down a bit. I was distressed by the fracture in the seat pan (the resin there was less than paper thin). The fracture occured during installation of the seat; it is much more visible in the photo than upon visual inspection. I suspect that it would only make it worse should I attempt a repair, so I'll leave it alone (this kit was never going to be a contest winner anyway). Additionally, the kit will be buttoned up with a closed cockpit, so only the most eagle-eyed would notice it.


I'll be fitting the cockpit tub into the fuselage halves this evening...test fitting reveals a perfect fit.


Thanks for looking!





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