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P-40M 44th FS, 18FG - White 125 - Gypsy Rose Lee


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Well, this beaut P40 certainly deserves to be celebrated with a glass of fine port to the starboard of the workbench.

Hahahahaha!! Very fine suggestion :D :D This will result in a definite list to starboard!


I take it port side of the work bench is where ships are built.

:D :D :D
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V-e-r-y well done on that build.

You can never have enough Corsairs, P-40s, P-47s, P-51s or flying boats.


I am a big fan of the classic OD/NG P-40. Pure workhorse of the PTO and MTO, outshone by the 'Stang and F6F.

I'm of course biased since we also used them in the SW Pac.





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Thanks Rossco. Agreed.. it was definitely a workhorse.. some really interesting RNZAF schemes to do.. I agree with you on the classic OD/NG P-40... the white tail is a bonus. Gotta do a sharkmouth scheme one of these days. Possibilities!




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I love this build. I really want this kit. How does it go together?

Hi there - thanks!


The kit goes together quite well and is an enjoyable build. Like most of the Hasegawa 1/32 kits, it is an excellent balance between detail and build simplicity.


Things to watch out for - there are spots where joins do not appear on actual panel lines and therefore filling/sanding is necessary

- rear fuselage (tail) halves are separate pieces -for accuracy you'll need to remove this seam when joined to the front fuselage half. (I didn't).

- rear canopy inserts (I did fix this... And it took ages but well worth it to get the right look)


And careful dryfitting /adjustment is necessary for the wing root /fuselage join.


I can definitely recommend this kit. And the other P-40 variants.




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