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Dragon Panzer III Ausf.G 'Afrika'


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Hi Guys,


Here's the second of my armour builds, Dragon Panzer III Ausf.G.


I didn't do a WIP as it was a fairly quick, OOB build (apart from the tracks which are from Friul).


Cheers Guys, hope you like!




























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Looks fantastic Chris!


What paints did you use? And the chipping was done before with some mask or after with which colour? Asking as I am thinking of cracking open the Tasca 1/24 Pz. Kpfw II later today at work..

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that just looks sensational. I am in the process of my first armour build, so ant tips you can pass on how you did the weathering would be appreciated.  If mine turns out half as good as yours I would be mightily impressed





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Cheers Guys,


Dave & Bruce,


The paints and most of the weathering products all came from AK Interactive. I've listed below everything I used:


1. AK550: Afrika Korps Color Set

2. AK066: Wash for DAK Vehicles

3. AK065: Afrika Korps Filter

4. AK067: Streaking Grime for DAK Vehicles

5: AK022: Africa Dust Effects

6: AK041: North Africa Dust Pigment

7: AK711: Chipping Color


I also used some Desert Sand pigment powder too, fixed with Vallejo matt varnish.


The AK Interactive paints and weathering stuff are, frankly, superb! I wish they would do aircraft colours too, it's some of the best paint I've used!


All the techniques I learned from watching Youtube videos. I just searched for 'AK Interactive' or 'Tank Weathering'. Theres loads on there, hours of entertainment!


Hope this helps,



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