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Fokker D.VII F Decals from Pheon

James H

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Pheon are about to release their latest set of decals. 


Check out this, quoted from Rowan Broadbent:



We're very pleased to announce a forthcoming set of decals in 1/32nd scale for the Wingnut Wings Fokker D.VIIF - kit no.32031.

Six/Seven subjects are:

1. 505/18, Vzfw. Willhelm Hippert, Jasta 74, St.Loup-en-Champagne, September 1918

2. Serial Unknown Oblt. Theodor Dahlmann, Adjutant JGIII, St Amand, September 1918.

3. 5125/18, Oblt Herman Göring, JGI, Marville, October 1918.


4. Serial unknown, Ltn d R Heinrich Drekmann (Udet's 'wingman') Jasta 4, Monthussart Farm, July 1918.

5.Serial unknown, Vzfw. Willhelm Stör, Jasta68, Preutin, September 1918

6. Serial unknown, Hptm. Rudolf Berthold JG.II, June/July 1918 and Ltn. Oliver von Beaulieu-Marconnay, Jasta 15, Chéry-les-Pouilly, August 1918 - probably also used by the same pilot as commander of Jasta 19 from 4th September but with a yellow-painted nose.


The decals will comprise two sheets - one A4 carrying FULL chequer and stripe markings for options 1 & 2:
and the other half this size (A5):

Price will be £12.75 plus P&P at the usual rates

In order to get a better control on our somewhat runaway printing costs, the decals will be sent for printing once we have enough pre-orders to cover a good part of the decal print costs. So if you want these decals please drop us an email to pre-order them at the usual addresses:




Although (as usual) we won't be asking for any money in advance, your pre-orders will be regarded as firm orders and as such, if placed before 22nd September they will benefit from a 20% reduction in price at £10.20 plus P&P  . The sooner we get your order, the sooner the decals will be produced! I'll post updates here as and when we get nearer to getting them printed.

We really hope that this new approach will help to ensure that we can produce more new decal sets for the future, at the same time as delivering lower prices for our supportive and committed customers.

The website's getting nearer - I'm told!  : smile.png


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If your planning to do Görings... its not a standard F that you find in the WNW box... From memory there is some differences in Cowls etc...

Hello Dave. I think that the engine cowlings were standard but Hermann had changes made around the cockpit on the port side, where the coaming was cut away and a grab handle fitted to ease entry due to his hip/leg problems. He also had solid sheet metal deflectors fitted on each side outsdie the guns. All these differences are shown on our profile if you look closely and we'll add scale drawings of the necessary modifications to the info booklet. All pretty easy to do but I share Jeroen's concern about getting the white finish to look right..... probably not as easy as you might think.


One area which I'm unsure of is the type of fabric covering used. Was it standard lozenge overpainted white (would need a lot of white coats to get the pristine finish in the pics or was it plain linen fabric or even silk (which was once suggested as the covering for Richthoffen's last triplane which may have been painted red at the Fokker factory)? The choice is interesting because it would have shown in the cockpit interior. I'd go for plain fabric, myself.


Thanks, Jim for posting the announcement. Orders are starting to come in already (thanks folks!) so I hope that we can get this printed soon.



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