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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

WNW Bristol F.2b


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Well done, my Brisfit was dropped several times. There is something rattling around in the

Cockpit, but I don't have the hart to remove the masking and have a look.

Judging by your safe, perhaps I should.


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@ Wackyracer- It does seem to be holding together quite well. I'm not bothering to fix the control surfaces until the end as I keep knocking them off.


@ Ralph- It's not as scary as it looks. Take your time, follow the diagram and have some good reference handy for the more obscure areas.


@ Guy- Thanks for the continuing support, I'm not one to let things defeat me. There's always a fix (unless fire is involved, maybe!)


@ Cees- Go on. You know you want to. I'm guessing it should be easy to re-attach, whatever it is.

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And so.... the end is near....

The Starboard wing is now rigged and the control surfaces are all back on (let's hope it's the last time I am going to have to do that!). I've a feeling this will be winging its way to the 'completed builds' topic by the end of the weekend.




Just a couple of bits and bobs to attach (compass, windshield and Holt flares) and a touch up here and there and it will be done.



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