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M706 Armored Car & M151A1 Jeep


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I finally got the time to post the pics of my Vietnam diorama. As I may, (or may not), have mentioned, I'm a former US Army Military Policeman, so I decided to eventually make dioramas of MPs and equipment since their inception during the American Revolution. Not knowing where to start, I stumbled across a picture of a friend while he was in Vietnam as an MP providing convoy security. This is my result. I call it "Saved By Blind Faith"



The team in the jeep has been hit and the M-706, aka V-100 Commando Car, has come to their aid.



Side view. You see the M60 gunner laying down suppressive fire with help from the twin .30 cals in the turret, as the driver carries his wounded team leader to safety.



Now you see where I got the name from. The vehicle belongs to the 16th MP Group, part of the 18th MP Brigade. They eventually became the 16th MP Brigade, of which I was a member of for 10 years, so the bumper markings were deliberate.



Side view. What you can't see is the scratchbuilt radio equipment, but it's there. Along with spent shell casings littering the floor.



Side view of the M151A1. Although I just realized my wiper blades are missing. Guess I better make more.



Overhead of the jeep. The radio mic cord is a strand of copper wire that I first wound around a paper clip, then stretched to the length I wanted, and painted it black. The spent casings are brass rod cut down to scale length, dipped in white glue and then dropped from the approximate height of the M60 ejection port.


Feel free to ask me any questions, thanks for looking!

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Very nice! Weathering superb. Yellow and blue enemy vehicle in background of the 5th photo needs a touch more dusting though!

I was going for the "fresh from the factory" look on the yellow & blue one. :D

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Thanks for the kind words, Matt. The irony of the V-100, is that it's been resurrected as the M-1117. First time I saw the M-1117 Guardian, I knew exactly where the basic design came from! Of course now it sports 3 weapon systems in one turret, far cry from the gun jeeps and 1st generation Humm-Vees I had as an MP!

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