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German Air Projects 1939-1945 - Vol.4 - Attack, Multi-Purpose and Other Aircraft


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German Air Projects 1939-1945

vol.4 - Attack, Multi-Purpose and Other Aircraft
Marek Rys
£13.99 from MMP Books




Had the Second World War not ended in 1945, countries from both sides had a number of new designs which would have seen action. Indeed many were on the cusp of production, only for the war's end to vanquish their raison d'être in an instant. These still-born weapons systems were also land-based and sea fairing, but it is arguably the aircraft that have stirred the most interest and, perhaps unsurprisingly, those of Nazi Germany prove by far the most popular. Thus, the whole genre of so-called "Luft '46" has positively thrived over the last few years.










The book is a comparatively modest one - measuring roughly 5"x7", with c120 pages - but then again it's not that expensive. The book is divided into two main parts: the first half has the designs listed alphabetically; there is usually a brief description of each type, a single line or sometimes three view drawing, and dimensions where known are provided. This aircraft list is broken down further by their type or function: firstly Attack and Multi-Purpose (itself a bit of a mixed bag); secondly, 'Other' which is, well, everything else and includes transports, flying boats and the like. Bombers and Fighters are dealt with in two separate volumes if that is what you are after.








The second half of the book is devoted solely to digital artwork, and this is where it may convert the 'non-believers'. Apart from being stunning renditions, I think the appeal is seeing sometimes futuristic designs in familiar camouflage schemes and markings: white wing tips and fuselage bands of the Afrika campaign; the dashing Wellenmuster 'squiggle' camo; well-known chevrons, victory markings and unit insignia, and so on. This made me realise that the schemes are as important as the airframes, if not more so.








In my opinion there appear to be two rather divergent schools of thought where Luft '46 is concerned: one embraces these sometimes whacky designs, often adding 'what ifs' of their own; whilst the other strictly draws the line at VE Day, and often shuns anything that didn't make it into combat, let alone off the drawing board. Before reading this book I will admit I was firmly in the latter. As an illustration of my 'orthodoxy' I would not consider modelling any Allied plane in a post WWII guise, even if the type was busy flying against the Luftwaffe only a few days previous.






But, after reading this book, and being sometimes mesmerised by the emotive artwork as well as the sheer outlandishness of projects themselves, I must say I have mellowed somewhat. Even if it is extremely unlikely that any of the projects will make it to my favoured 1/32 scale, something crazy in 1/48 might prompt me to 'dip my toe'. In that light, I guess the book has done its job and therefore deserves its 'Recommended' status.




With thanks to MMP Books for the review sample. To purchase directly, click THIS link.


Nicholas Mayhew



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Nice review. These MMP books are setting a new standard, methinks.

Have their Hurricane book, and the Dewoitine ( Dewoitinerez, Dewoitinais, Dewoitinons, ...pardon my French ) book is on the way. 


Some of these planes may appear to have a high TinTin - influence, but others look like planes that were perfectly feasible...

So, no - this is not SciFi, by any means. It's just aviation history that was stopped short by the end of WW2.

Just imagine if that end would have been delayed until 1946, or '48...

You mean, Kuifje?



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