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1:32 Spanish Civil War Ju52/3m g3e

Iain Ogilvie

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This one's been on the go since '07 (my usual glacial buuild rate) but yesterday I dug her out for a looksee and made lots of progress (for once!):


Inner walls double skinned with corrugated plastic sheet and brass box section side rails added to straighten the sides:


Start made on more bulkheads - rectangular 'blanks' of correct width made up - and one 'notched to fit around brass 'rails'. Later I'll shape to fit roof and cut out middles - so the form upturned 'U' shapes:




New doors made/cut out to convert the fuselage to correct mark of Ju52:



Wing roots boxed in with plastic sheet cut oversize - will be cut back and shaped to profile later:



Wings loosely on - only a few minor tweaks need then fit's a good'un...



All control surfaces now prepped and bonded together:



Wheels assembled, spats assembled, cowl rings cut out and replacement canopy sourced from a spare Combat Models kit (hoping the original will turn up somewhere):



Fuselage top - next stage gun mount opening:



And reinforced internally with more corrugated styrene sheet:


Back later (prolly with some other random project! wink.png )



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*I'd* almost forgotten about this one!!


Thanks to a little sunshine I managed to get the last two exterior window sills replaced - so now back on models...

Thought someone might find my method of adding windows useful (you never know!)


Using a brilliant sheet of clear acrylic sheet (Bayer Vivac) = beautifully clear it comes with both sides of the sheet coated in a blue protective film:



New panes are cut using the openings as a template:



Once happy we have panes that fit - remove the protective film - and it's out with the black permanent marker - once around the outer edges of the clear pane and once around the window opening:



Excuse the finger prints!



All fitted nicely in place a fine brush is used to flow Plastic Weld into the joints from behind - pointing the brush sideways in towards the joint on the white plastic side (not the acrylic - marks easily!):



And Bob's your Aunty:



Panel loosely tacked in place - panes will be polished with Plastic Polish before masking again ready for paint:


Right - back to the slog...


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