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Matchbox M1A1 Abrams


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I am currently working on finishing this little guy. I normally do not do 1/72 armor, but this was for the 50th anniversary of Matchbox and it was sitting in the stash. It is not a highly detailed kit, but I at least want to make it look good. Since the kit depicts an early M1, I went with a rather unique camo scheme that was applied to M1's at Ft. Knox in the early 1980's. This is where it is at now, I used Hitaka Lacquer for the OD, and Model Master Medium Green for the lighter green patches, with Tamyia Tire Black for the black squiggles (yes, I am a paint junkie😏).

Thank you looking, hopefully more to come soon.







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16 hours ago, Peterpools said:

Nice to see the old kits being built. Sue looks as if the box has had a hard life.

Very nice progress.


Thank you, yes the kit has been in storage for a while, and the box suffered.

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