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  1. No I just keep breaking them the next time they go on will be the last time.I am to the turret now started building the breech last night off Tuesday.Oh I got my 1/48 scale Tamy Lanc in today order like three weeks ago I guess all the way from Japan and we have cargo ships off the coast longer than that? And Phil how does that happen you mean the the teeth pointing out??
  2. Hey Peter I luv these kits I introduced myself here with a Revell P-51 and spend a few more bucks except no engine one be hard press to say it looks less than a Tamy kit in the cabinet at 1/2 the cost.I have two more awaiting their builds one day now to order some Quinta.
  3. Hell Peter your first one looks great the engine here looks phenomenal!!
  4. That's were I was going hence the paint at this point Rob something to break up the monotony.
  5. That has been thrown out there taken off for the camo and reattached Phil might have the answer in the mean time started on the upper deck/turret deck tonight.
  6. The tracks are time consuming for sure this side seems a little loose while the other side seems better both have 98 links?I have jumped around not hard on the sequence little things but the instructions have me installing all the tools on the deck at this point?I wonder did they just spray everything in camo colors?I can see the manual jack and the bottle jack getting sprayed but the rest of the hand tools?Well if some more informed than I can clear that up be much appreciated.
  7. I am figuring that out Phil I have one track built 80% flexible seems loose though?The next track I am using a thicker liquid glue might not run as much will see.
  8. After step #5 complete.The tracks had a small learning curve for someone who has never played with individual links less glue is better CA not so great.I liked the idea of the working suspension esp. if someone was doing a diorama.Phil the kit does fit like a dream kinda like the Tamy of tanks without the cost so much.That's it for now assembling tracks a little at a time so when the time comes I am ready
  9. I did not know this was out there Kai Beautiful build Sir! I have a Tamy 1/48 sitting in the cart to which I have No rendition of the Lanc in the stash or built I think you made me pull the trigger.
  10. Mike how you make plastic look like wood!! is beyond me great looking build Sir!
  11. A lot of the builders on this site as well as others are Artist in their own rights.
  12. John looks flawless one day maybe just maybe ............but mine always seem to have the Persian Rug flaw
  13. Harv things are starting to get set up on Hwy 90 just took a cruz tents,RVs and some vendors 90turns into a big Mardi Gras parade by the end of the week.
  14. Up over 8K in per-registration looks to be 10K+ this year if all goes well weather wise sorry for our Friends in LA due to the storm who cannot make it. https://cruisinthecoast.com/
  15. It's a power game by many many guberments around the world to take control of the people using fear!I have been sick 2X with this BS first time was tough I will give you that but now the Israel study says I have 13X the immunity of a vaxx person!I honestly believe that is why the second time I have had head colds worst than this stuff.No! I am not getting the vaxx I will perish first but then I believe the Lord has a plan.Aussie Land hang tough you guys are the guinea pigs for the NWO that Trudeau was talking about 8/12 months ago go peaceful but strong. "When you are weak appear strong and when you are strong appear weak" sounds like Sun Tzu?
  16. Got a bit more done got through step 2 Peter so far Nice fit.
  17. Already started and have to say nice fit thus far but just the beginning.I have another RFM with the complete interior I believe a Tiger I that has way more pieces than this kit and the box is 2/3" deeper/taller however you wish to look at it.The idea is to cut my teeth with the easier of the two kits and see how RFM like to assemble their stuff together.I have not decided on a paint scheme yet but I will have to look around here at the other builds that are happening and the net to figure the weathering aspect of the build.This may take a while.
  18. A clean build but never less it's completed and have to say enjoyable.
  19. Their goes my knowledge of the German language.
  20. though not a Panzer the beast of beast
  21. I see your point Gary they leaked but like we always say less is better or build it up slowly but they sure like to leak.
  22. Nice John liking the looks of the colors being applied and the P-39 is not one of those planes that enamored itself to me but I like the look!
  23. I think I'll add Frigg'in Awesome!! One question want is the item/equipment in front of the chair that is coming and going out of the pics it's so detailed?
  24. That seat is amazing all the way to the rivet detail
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