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  1. Well the tailplanes are on,bomb racks ,gear ready to be installed and started with the Montex Mask tonight paint in the future post methinks.
  2. I think I am ready to go back to WORK it's safe there I can F-off there.
  3. Like it but honestly first sight thought it was Japanese with those headlights and curves.
  4. Nice Details Jeron may I ask if you have the answer what is the third stick for?
  5. I am not a big jet guy Kai but you do really nice work/effects.
  6. With the Fuse in hand Peter their are notches in the wing root area for the spares to lay into when I did the r/s I barley intersected the fuse w/spar and I must of checked the fit 10X it was perfect.I guess I was tired that night wanted to let the fuse sit overnight to dry and it did for days all's good now.
  7. It's been a long time since I posted last and I almost ditched the build but fought my way through.The first photo is for Phil he said he had one in the stash.I had to add filler because I messed up when inserting the copit assembly into the R/side of the fuselage and not notching the wing spars all the way snug,it throws everything out of alignment.I got the spare to move up some with lavish amount of liquid glue being applied and needle nose pliers but it was not enough.So,I had to whittle down the spar up front on the R/side some to get the wing to align with the fuselage gap up top R/S gap on the bottom L/S all's good now.I did the wings out of wonk to the instructions building them and adding the cowlings for the engine and the engine just does slide her way in Nice Frigg'in Fit it was!I think if I had paid more attention to those spares no filler live and learn keep that in mind Phil.
  8. These got my attention ...........
  9. That was the scheme I remember the most
  10. I am liking it John esp. the add-on to the rear seat that is cool!I have lived in Biloxi for the most all my life and I remember watching these planes as a young boy(60s) take off/land all day at KAFB.MY Dad was a CS Instructor out at KAFB and they had a park/recreation area across from the flight line just sit and watch.
  11. This has been a time consuming build PE wise while only two small frets almost 100 piece count lotsa lotsa little boxes then orientation to the kit really having to trust Eduards sheet.I tried to crop and enlarge guys but they changed GIMP and have yet to get it to save the changes it is what it is.
  12. Is it CA for the fast set Rob? I was thinking of using Titebond?
  13. Carl like that one alot very Nice indeed Sir!
  14. Noticed but have never mentioned it but ICM does some nice glass.
  15. Liking it Ernie have one WNW kit the Albatross you making me want to pull that girl to play but first the 111 and on to some 1/48 WWI crates need a change up.
  16. That's a big chunk of resin John I have been know to move thick pieces like that across the band saw The fit looks workable from this angle?what does the tub look like inside?
  17. Wish I was in your shoes Scott just turned 61 I want to keep working just in what I want to do wood work got two small paying gigs to get get done in the next 2/4 wks. Where's Waldo/PeterPools? inquiring minds want to know?
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