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RAF WWII Roundel Colors/paints ... Help needed


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Seems figuring out the correct colors and paints for late war RAF WWII Roundels is a lot more complicated then I thought. Paint colors always seem to be that way and no straight and easy answer.

My research shows and I'm not sure these paint selections are correct. I would prefer to use MRP Lacquers but have no issues using Tamiya or Mr Color.  Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Tamiya Acrylics                                                               Mr Color

Dull Red: 75% Reed XF7 & 25% red brown XF64   ....    Mr Color: : C327 Red H327

Blue; 75% Flat Blue XF8 & 25% Flat Black                     Mr Color: C326 Blue H326

Yellow: 96% yellow XF5 & 5% Flat Red                          Mr Color: C329 Yellow C329

Research shows the Blue should be BS106



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Peter, here's what I've been using. This is with Tamiya acrylics. It's similar to what you have above. 

Dull Roundel Red – Mix of 75% flat Red (XF-7 ), 25% Hull Red (XF-9)

Dull Roundel Blue – Mix of 95% flat Blue (XF-8), 5% flat Black (XF-1) 

Yellow – Flat Yellow (XF-3) with a tiny amount of flat Red (XF-7) 

Hope that helps. 




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Carl, thank you for the information and I'm glad I'm heading in the right direction. Looking at the mixes, it seems we only vary with the Roundel Red, where you are using Hull Red XF9 and what I found online was using red Brown XF 64.  I'll do some testing but I'm already leaning your way.


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