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Revell 1/32 Zero Rebuild

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This build was a bit unusual in that I started with an already-built model, and decided to strip it down and rebuild it (rather than throw it away). It turned out to be one of my most satisfying projects! Here's what I started with:






A bit ordinary, as you can see! Here's what it looked like after disassembly:




Not getting any better! And here's what I was left with after stripping the paint off:




And now the final glamour shots:








The markings are mostly sprayed on, the wheel bays are a mix of CMK and scratch-building, the tail wheel details are CMK, and there's some Hobby Decals stencils on it here and there. Form some reason I only took 3 glamour shots, so here's some photos of the finished model on the workbench:










Check out the build thread if you're interested in seeing how this went from A to B.


Thanks for looking!


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That looks great Kevin.

So did you rescribe and sand all the surfaces? Must have..

You sure turned that green frog in a prince!


Thanks Jeroen! Yep, full rescribe. I also reshaped the gun troughs on the cowl, reshaped the spinner, scratch-built the landing and cowl flaps, and installed gun barrels from Master Model. The main landing gear (legs, doors and wheels) and drop tank came from a Doyusha A6M2 kit, which is destined to become a Rufe some day.


Thanks all for your kind words.



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