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Dutch Decal DD32015 F-104G add-on sheet "Dusty 3000 Hrs" Graffiti


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Dutch Decal


F-104G RNLAF 312 Sqn "Dusty 3000 Hrs" Graffiti

Price €12.95 including VAT at the Dutch resellers of Dutch Decal; see here: http://www.dutchdecal.nl/where-to-get


If you really, REALLY want to have a different looking F-104G Starfighter in your collection, finish it with this decal sheet! It does need the original F-104G sheet DD32014 for the rosettes, emblems and stencilling though. A review of that decalsheet can be found here: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/1746-dutch-decal-dd-32014-f-104g-starfighter/#entry24374




In December 1982, F-104G D-8337 of 312 Sqn, Volkel Airbase had logged 3000 hours. This happy occasion inspired the squadron techies to improve somewhat on the serious Teutonic standard camouflage of the Starfighter...




As a bonus there is also the tail art "Mirror Image" - a nude lady appearing out of a cloud- that appeared on 311 Sqn F-104G D-8063, also in 1982. The tail number is also supplied.




The printing looks very good. Sharp isn't really the right word with graffiti like this! The decalfilm looks to be quite thin so should pose no problems on the model. Because of the large "art"work there is plenty of decalfilm however, so be sure to really gloss coat your model to avoid any chance of silvering.


This sheet really is a hoot! Thanks to Dutch Decal for providing the review sample.


Very Highly Recommended!


Erik Bosch

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Erik sorry but i can`t see the attachments.


When I click on the attach to see, i got this:


"You do not have permission to view this attachment."




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Hmmmmm, the same problem as with the book-review.... Could you view the article on the other decal sheet?

I'll ask Ben if he can look into this too. I had the problem too with my Android-tablet but not with the computer at work whilst not being signed in...

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Erik - I think this is a really great sheet and certainly one that is a little less than mainstream and is certainly very unusual!

However can I just ask if you meant to say that the sheet contains markings for D-8063? If it does that would certainly be a very welcome bonus!!


Steve S.

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Hi Steve, sorry if I was not clear: the sheet does indeed contain markings for D-8063, but only the tail registration and the artwork of the "mirror maiden" on the tail. The rest of the markings need to be sourced from DD 32014, such as the rosettes, fuselage registration and stencilling.


DD 32015 really is an add-on sheet. It can't be used by itself.



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D-8063, here with 306 Recce-squadron markings ànd Mirror-Image artwork.


The aircraft wasn't an RF-104G however. No. 306 Sqn used RF-104G's with the gun port faired over. Even after switching over from internal camera's to the Orpheus recce-pod, the gun wasn't retro-fitted. Maybe in the sunset of it's life it was just a question of pooling the remaining F-104's between 306, 311 and 312 Sqn at Volkel just before Volkel converted to the F-16 and only the retirement flight UFO remained...






The tailpiece of D-8063, still at Volkel airbase. You can just see evidence of the emblem of 311 Sqn underneath tat of 312 Sqn. The dark circle outline around that should've been from the UFO-emblem. (Picture: http://www.hottail.nl/special/vintage/Preserved/Index.html )




And with 312 Sqn emblem...

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