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Clicking on stuff. Please be careful.

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I’ve received several PMs from Members regarding this previous hacker that snuck in last weekend. 
There were several links in those posts, and more than a few Members worded their PM in such a way that sounded like they really really wanted to click on one…. 

I know it’s tempting, the unopened box syndrome and all, BUT Please don’t!  If you receive a strange link from an unknown person, don’t click on it.

OR, if you just really GOTTA, then please copy and paste it somewhere other than here before you click and that way, you only nuke your computer, not all of ours and potentially the entire modeling community’s. 

Just remember, this site is here for all of us, and there’s better things we all want to be doing on our time off work than us rebuilding a website and deleting crap posts, and y’all having to restore and repair your build threads. 

Thanks ahead of time 😄😄😄😄

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