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  1. What a brilliant build. You would think that I would have built every version of the Mirage there is as I am South African, but alas, I haven't. Need to fix that. Well done Alain.
  2. Looking good. I have an ICM HE-111 lurking in the stash. I just need to knuckle down and start building again. I will be using this thread as a reference for sure.
  3. Good going Peter. Glad you are back and treating us with an exhibit of your awesome skills.
  4. That is an inspiring paint job Martin. Well done man.
  5. Thanks, they are number 1 on the list.
  6. Hi Guys, as asked on LSP as well, our first grand child is due in September, and as my daughter now lives in Toronto, we wish to fly over and be there for the great occasion. Why not take the opprtunity and visit a decent hobbyshop? Any recommendations in Toronto? Hopefully one with a website so I can browse and "plan" a side budget for a bit of a spend. Please share and post links if you can. Oh, and it's going to be a boy!!!
  7. And a link to where you ordered from please.
  8. Oh man, that looks good, and close to home for me.
  9. What are you on about? That looks excellent.
  10. Thanks Martin, we have him on a new diet, working like a charm.
  11. Shadow, not a puppy anymore. Watching the news with us on the telle.
  12. Superb work. Hopefully I can get my Mojo back now that my life is slowly coming back together again.
  13. WOW, thats some progress. Those Quinta seat belts look the real deal.
  14. Looking good. I started an ICM kit as well, my first one. So far I am impressed.
  15. Not impressed at all. Not at that price point anyways. Molotow chrome looks better if you ask me.
  16. Wow, a day late. Royal Mail has been doing mr for two months now. I have two UK orders that are just floating around somewhere. There is a USPS order somewhere as well, was sent in December. Guess I might just write them off. Oh, and an order from Eduard is also "on it's way" for two months now. Shipping has gone to the dogs, and that is a huge problem for me. We just dont have suppliers in South Africa for after market stuff. The few that might have an item, charge you 5 times more than importing it yourself. Not too long ago I could order from Hannants on Monday morning, and I receive my parcel on the Friday. Gone are those days.
  17. That has been slated as an urban legend, or plain propoganda if you will. There is no evidence that it is true.
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