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  1. Just awesome. Maybe I should try the same.
  2. That's superb. This is on my to do list, but much much later.
  3. I have always dreamt of a blow from Laura, but what is happening in your area doesnt quite match the picture I have.
  4. Happy Happy, I would have drink for you, but our "book shops" have been closed by the guavament. Covid risk they ay.
  5. Or quickly build some ships!!! In my prayers you and family.
  6. I would gladly ship you a kit or two, but the South African post offices useless bunch arent working. I have a parcel that landed in JHB International mail service in January, it's still there. They only work one or two days a month due to "Covid".
  7. That is superb!! How did you get the Yellow Zinc Chromate?
  8. We cant buy cigarettes or alcohol, neither routers, printers, printer paper or ink. Oh, and the banks have shut down any payments to foreign countries using debit/credit cards or Paypal. We also cant buy candles or adult nappies for elderly that suffer with incontinence
  9. Been WFH since last Tuesday. Government announced full lock down from midnight tomorrow for 21 days. I should be able to get some bench time in, but since I can connect remotely , I dont see that happening. Lot's of panic buying happening at the moment. Stocks are low and lot's of price gouging taking place. The military has also been mobilized. Interesting times ahead.
  10. Damn, you are a rich man. Here extra thin is more scarce than TP.
  11. I envy you. I would love a 1/32 Beau, cant source one anywhere here in the Jungle,
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