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  1. Work of Art Kent/ I have so much to learn. Stuff like this that inspires us mere mortals.
  2. Looking very good. For markings, have you looked at www.hannants.co.uk?
  3. WOW, exquisite!!! Very well done.
  4. Welcome.
  5. What a brilliant piece of kit, alas, the ZAR exchange rate put this waaayyyy out my reach.
  6. What CrazyPoet said. I just got back into the hobby and I just dont feel my work justifies being posted here as yet. I am still busy with 2nd practice build ans it's only 1/48 scale.
  7. What a fantastic start. Following this as I want to buy one as soon as I have saved up enough. Here in SA it's almost a 1/4 of my salary.
  8. Some really brilliant PE work there. I dont have the guts to work with PE.
  9. No pricing on your website?
  10. Something just stirred in my pants. Awesome job!!!!
  11. You sure you have enough in your stash? I'm green with envy.
  12. That is an insane good build. Well done. Something to strive for. for me personally. I will just need to get my skill levels up 2000%.
  13. Brilliant!!!
  14. What material was used for the Mosquito prop blades? Were they wood or an alloy of sorts? 1940 onwards. I believed they were made in Canada.