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  1. Jeepers!!! They look fantastic. My hat off to your skills, I totally suck at painting figures.
  2. To think I grew up not far from there, on Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. So long ago now.
  3. Impressive. Those Redfox panels are the real deal.
  4. Damn, now I want to build one as well. Added to my "list".
  5. Impressive, how much is that 109 on pre-order? Couldnt find a price on the link.
  6. That is brilliant. How did you do the wood effect?
  7. Crickey, £500.00............ Would rather buy the Border model Lancaster then. Stunning motorbike models, but too rich for me.
  8. Oh yes please. Now make a set for the 1/32 B-17.
  9. That is something else. I cant figure out the pricing?
  10. This thread wants me to risk the divorce and buy myself a 1/32 Lanc.
  11. WOW, that is so well done. Pics are stunning.
  12. I built the Trumpeter 1:24 P-51D IV. was not bad at all.
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