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  1. Pretty damn good flying there.
  2. $1.20 a litre here. The price is made up of 60% taxes.
  3. I Know, so was I with my stupid reply. I basically called you out on it.
  4. Lot's of snow in Bulgarian winter months.
  5. Our 3 yearly company incentive trip is sending the wife and I to the Melia Grand Hermitage in Varna, Bulgaria, in June. We plan on flying to Sofia for a day and also spending a day in Plovdiv. Who has, been? Any pointers?
  6. Maybe I should try this. Started my 1/24 Mozzie and I just cant get traction on the thing.
  7. https://yts.am/movie/t-34-2018
  8. I have the G, with every piece of AM out there. When it's done and mounted on the wall, everybody will say, "Wow, a B-17G", the wont say "The nose is too round". My 2c.
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