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  1. Brilliant and inspiring work.
  2. Going to invest in these as well at a later stage. Need to get back on my feet first.
  3. Thanks Jeff, was a very stressful 2 months. The job market is dead over here.
  4. Brilliant book, but with the ZAR vs EUR exchange rate, out of my league.
  5. HaHa, already building a wish list.
  6. And lo and behold. Yesterday I received a formal job offer, starting on Monday. Phew, what a relief. Now to make up two months loss of income.
  7. I got a nice red letter that due to financial constraints and budget cutbacks, I will be retrenched. So jobless at the moment, it sucks in this COVID climate.
  8. I have a package waiting at my post office. It arrived during the week. I ordered the item Feb 2020 in Poland. Only a year to get here.
  9. Just awesome. Maybe I should try the same.
  10. That's superb. This is on my to do list, but much much later.
  11. I have always dreamt of a blow from Laura, but what is happening in your area doesnt quite match the picture I have.
  12. Happy Happy, I would have drink for you, but our "book shops" have been closed by the guavament. Covid risk they ay.
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