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Fixing seams


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Whilst the maestros of this site evidently do this effortlessly,may I offer a tip to us mere mortals.(OMG you guys are GOOD). I have seen many photos of putty liberally "splathered " over seams/joins. So,to minimise clean up,apply as appropriate Tamiya tape either side of the guilty seam.I have only ever done this with Tamiya putty.Spread the putty on,leave 30 seconds,then wipe with nail polish remover. Then whip the tape off,and give it another "lick",to

knock down the ridge left by the tape edge.ET VOILA! a 2 mil wide area (yes it could be more) left to sand,and minimal rescribing.Hope this helps someone!

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Mr Surfacer 500 and Mr Dissolve Putty works well for brush application.  Have yet to master ejector pin coverage, it's a work in progress.


I prefer Tamiya grey putty over Squadron green. 


After recommendation from Matt M, I have picked up a tube of 3M Acryl Red Glazing Putty #5089 (pick it up at any auto supply/repair store) and will use this on my next build.  14.5 oz should last a long time as long as shelf life is good.  Sold in UK as well as US. 


Yes on using tape to keep putty area neat.

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Good point Rick,a friend of mine who is into auto modelling,saw my tube of Tamiya putty on my bench,and asked me"why are you paying for that? Go to any auto shop,buy their scratch and dink filler.Its the same stuff,just you don't pay someone to put it in a tube 1/10th the size,and then pay twice the price"? Let us know how it works?

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