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Trouble Posting photo links

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Is anybody else having trouble pasting photo links (IMG-URL) into forum posts?  No matter how many ways I tried to do this I seem to be having an impossible difficulty pasting into the text area any photos.  I also tried the little image icon in the toolbar (above the text area) and get a window with a URL spacebar.  It freezes the page after I paste into it.  I needed to "back-page" to get any further action. To be clear, I am not having this problem with any of the other website forums that I contribute to,  so I think the problem is with your site.  Somebody should check this.  For your information I use "Photobucket" and image link the URLs from there.



Ed Okun

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Most of us here use Photobucket as well and don't have any issues so I don't think we have any issue with the forum software or the site.  I'm able to post photos from PB using a direct copy and paste from the IMG tab and using the tool bar and inserting the URL.  Do you experience this issue on multiple computers?

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