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How much of the night fighter hurricane was painted black ?


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I'm building the 1/32 Revell hurricane and will do Z3971 in it's night fighter black scheme. Searching the net for photos of the actual plane and I'm trying to work out if they painted everything black, wheels, gear, bay, etc. It's difficult to tell but I've found one picture and it does look like the wheels and gear are black. The drawing Revell uses in the instructions looks like the wheels are black but the bay is silver but this is not mentioned.  Are there any hurricane experts out there who know the answer ??   I'm also starting to think about weathering, I've not weathered an aircraft finished in (what I assume is matt) black, again any tips on this would be welcome - looking at black and white photos doesn't help.  The kit by the way is cracking, the cockpit is beautiful and well engineered. I struggled a bit attaching wings and fuselarge in a couple of areas which I assume was my poor build quality. Lessons learnt for the next build (sea hurricane next please !!).

thanks in advance


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