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  1. it's horses for courses but I'd make sure the topside is perfect and used an old lolly pop stick and some thick glue to fix the underside - once up on it's wheels put it on a low shelf and nobody will see under there and you'll forget after a few years Despite the problems faced you are making it look good, clearly your modelling skills are easily up to the task in hand. Mine are not at that level but I'm still going to give this kit a go based on what you've done. I suspect that at the end of the build you will feel a certain amount of satisfaction that it's made you work hard for the great results - something you would not have got if it was closer to shake and bake !! Keep going, you are inspiring me to do mine.
  2. looking good, you are making me want to crack mine open and start building !! neil
  3. Hi Mike, it's Stow Maries WW1 airfield museum in Essex. They also have an Albatros and an Avro 504 on site. For anyone with interest in WW1 aircraft it is worth a visit as the site is virtually unchanged since the RAF left it after the end of the war. It's not massive but it is unique I think as unlike other ex-WW1 airfields this has not been developed and stands as it did the day they left - albeit with a 100 years of wear ! https://www.stowmaries.org.uk/ cheers neil
  4. hope this helps, close up of the real thing taken this afternoon. neil
  5. what a great build, shame about the White Spirits but sounds like you have a workable plan B !! I had the pleasure of watching the real aircraft fly today at Stow Maries WW1 Aerodrome along with several other aircraft including an Albatross. Once in the air you realise how fragile looking the aircraft is compared to the Albatross.
  6. I wasn't sure I should post this but decided I should. I guess the events in Ukraine have been obvious to all of us. I got really excited about joining this group build, building my already in the stash Mig 29 in Ukrainian colours. I rarely post pictures of my models and felt this would be a good thing to do to show I support the Ukrainians. Over the past few months I've been looking at the announcements of new kits coming out this year including those from Ukrainian producers, planning what I will buy. I spent time tonight properly looking the news including the refugees heading over the boarder from Ukraine into Poland and other countries. I'm retired and live on a pension, I have a limited budget of £100 a month to spend on hobby interests. Watching the news tonight, which has not been that different to other nights over the past week or so since the awful and unfathomable declaration of war by the Russian leaders made me sit back and rethink what I was doing. I now wont be joining this group build and plan instead to stop spending my money for the foreseeable future on my hobbies and will spend my hobby money on the items being asked for by those supporting the refugees on the front line, basic hygiene and first aid supplies. I'm not saying anyone else should do the same or that I'm doing the right thing, it just felt right to say what I planned to now do.
  7. thanks, it did make a difference once looked at with both colours on the model. I'm happy with it after all this great feedback.
  8. that kit looks amazing - I nearly feel off the chair when I noticed the price though, that's divorce territory !!!
  9. it's a conversation about modelling and bikes - that's all that matters, never a problem. Thanks for the tip on the sanding, will give it a go. This is only my 2nd model using an airbrush, I've modelled for just 45 years the old fashion way - paintbrush or rattle can !
  10. thanks Steve. Is the customer motorcycle stuff on your footer yours ?? If so, as a bike owner (all Italian) and rider can I say they look brilliant !
  11. thanks The Dude - appreciate the pictures. I think once mine has been weathered a bit it will tone down nicely. I have just taken the masking off and it looks a lot better when looking at both colours. This is the first time I have used vallejo paints and the paint lifted in a couple of places when taking the tamiya masking tape off so will need to work out how to avoid that in future. I have the 1/32 HE111 in my stash, your pictures make me think about doing that next !
  12. Hi all, I bought the revell JU88 when it first came out and spent ages on my first ever PE set at the same time. That feels like it must have been 10 years ago or so ? Anyway, I lost the will to carry on after the interior was complete and it has sat on one of those shelves that we all have until a few weeks ago. This will be my first ever WW2 german build (excluding those done in my youth during the late 60's early 70's). I've just sprayed the upper surfaces with RML71 dark green and I think I was expecting something greener - the colour to my eyes seems to be more olive than I was expecting. The paint was vallejo 71.015 dark green. I would appreciate any feedback, if the colour tone is correct then fine but if not I'd rather change it. Any feedback on the colour would be greatly received. Stay safe neil
  13. I got mine last week, looks really nice and great value for money looking at what's in the box. I've been building mostly jets recently but this has got my interest up for a WW2 build.
  14. I'd like the single seater but if that's not around would be happy with the 2 seater.
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