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  1. thanks, it did make a difference once looked at with both colours on the model. I'm happy with it after all this great feedback.
  2. that kit looks amazing - I nearly feel off the chair when I noticed the price though, that's divorce territory !!!
  3. it's a conversation about modelling and bikes - that's all that matters, never a problem. Thanks for the tip on the sanding, will give it a go. This is only my 2nd model using an airbrush, I've modelled for just 45 years the old fashion way - paintbrush or rattle can !
  4. thanks Steve. Is the customer motorcycle stuff on your footer yours ?? If so, as a bike owner (all Italian) and rider can I say they look brilliant !
  5. thanks The Dude - appreciate the pictures. I think once mine has been weathered a bit it will tone down nicely. I have just taken the masking off and it looks a lot better when looking at both colours. This is the first time I have used vallejo paints and the paint lifted in a couple of places when taking the tamiya masking tape off so will need to work out how to avoid that in future. I have the 1/32 HE111 in my stash, your pictures make me think about doing that next !
  6. Hi all, I bought the revell JU88 when it first came out and spent ages on my first ever PE set at the same time. That feels like it must have been 10 years ago or so ? Anyway, I lost the will to carry on after the interior was complete and it has sat on one of those shelves that we all have until a few weeks ago. This will be my first ever WW2 german build (excluding those done in my youth during the late 60's early 70's). I've just sprayed the upper surfaces with RML71 dark green and I think I was expecting something greener - the colour to my eyes seems to be more olive than I was expecting. The paint was vallejo 71.015 dark green. I would appreciate any feedback, if the colour tone is correct then fine but if not I'd rather change it. Any feedback on the colour would be greatly received. Stay safe neil
  7. I got mine last week, looks really nice and great value for money looking at what's in the box. I've been building mostly jets recently but this has got my interest up for a WW2 build.
  8. I'd like the single seater but if that's not around would be happy with the 2 seater.
  9. I still can't wait to buy one though. I can understand people not being happy if the kit is inaccurate and accuracy is important to them (or indeed a factor in value for money) however true accuracy isn't high on my list of requirements so I'm looking forward to getting this kit. Just can't find these kits in the UK which is frustrating ?? For me you can't beat the looks of a delta wing jet and there are so many more that could be released in 1/32 but that's most unlikely.
  10. Hope you are all doing ok in these strange times. Two quick questions that I've been pondering - lockdown gives you time to think about things ! I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on the Kitty Hawk Mirage 2000 but it's still not available in UK shops, any views on why and when it will be ?? Also watched some great videos today of F22's, they are a really good looking plane to my eyes, why haven't they been released in 1/32 (ignoring the testors kit) ?? Thanks for your thoughts, I'm back to more pondering neil
  11. just tried ordering this on their website but I keeps creating an error at the point of payment. Oh well, it would only go into the ever growing stash so maybe that's not too much of a problem
  12. I just finished painting mine, it's waiting for its Australian navy decals to turn up in the post. I used 2 medium bolts and a small one (sorry, not helpful but it made me smile, blame it on lockdown )
  13. I have this in my stash to build but haven't had the courage to start it - your build looks fantastic. My dad was a rear gunner on a 298 squadron halifax, I keep putting off starting in the hope that someone (HK models - please !!!) releases a 1/32 kit but I know in my heart it wont happen and I will have to tackle the FM kit. When I do I will be using your build as a guide so thank you. neil
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