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  1. I've recently bought a load of second hand books on the lanc, good read and nice to have, however.....so far most of the reference pictures I've used for my build have come from the net. Be careful though as an awful lot of (mainly colour pictures) on there seem to be of lancs that have been restored and therefore I don't think they are exactly accurate for wartime lancs. Keep cross checking different pictures and you'll start to see what's restored and what's not, that's how I spotted the seat pan isn't flat (99% of pictures show a seat cushion). Having spent a fortune on aftermarket stuff for the B17 interior when I got it, only for it to be never seen once closed up, I keep testing what can be seen in the Lanc. To be honest, not a lot, and not a lot of detail with the naked eye. I'm following Nige's build with interest but not getting hung up on the detail of my build as it wont be seen !
  2. did exactly the same myself last night based on what I was seeing here - I also opted for german decals and placards for allied. This hobby is expensive and I have no doubt only 10% of what I put into the kit will be seen once sealed up !
  3. all those fuselage windows to mask - had the thought run through my head this morning. I had better get a film on and a pint ready to get through it !
  4. npb748r

    HB Models B-24 Hints, Tweaks, Tips

    I picked the kit up before Christmas but haven't looked too deeply inside. My biggest issue is trying to agree with myself what scheme to do it in. I'm not a fan of bare metal finish, not keen on nose art and don't want to do a US plane. So I started with RAF coastal command thought but ignoring my list of don't likes/wants, I've thought about blue finish USN, RAF 100 Group, RAF SEA scheme and then Chinese and India schemes. I've never owned a kit that has caused me so much trouble working out what to build. At the moment, I'm back to a coastal command scheme !
  5. thanks David, that does, I prefer the look of the black interior (it hides my rubbish building/painting abilities !). Now need to work out how to make those wire small containers. regards neil
  6. Great thread. I have a couple of observations and questions as I've just been working on my build. I've sorted the seat length by cheating, I inserted plastic card between the seat back and cushion, moving the seat back forward and making the seat pan visually shorter. In most pictures I can find the seat cushion is present, I'm guessing as these are of restored aircraft and the crew no longer fly with parachutes ? I did find a photo of a recovered aircraft that seemed to indicate that the seat base is not flat but is scooped in the middle of it. The kit is also missing the prominent pipework behind the seat that attaches to what I think is the undercarriage control lever. I used wire to represent this. In some of the pictures I've found there is a small container behind the pilots seat (ribbed with mesh) which appears empty in some pictures and holds a bottle in others. Anyone know what these are ? Finally, a lot of the pictures I've been looking at show different interior colours - some all green, some all black and some green and black mixed (as per instructions). Anybody know what the actual colours were at time of production - I suspect I've been looking at restored aircraft.
  7. npb748r

    Airscale 1/32 Lancaster IP review

    great review Nige, I'm just about to start working on the instrument panels upgrade. I started my kit last night by trying to correct the pilot seat length without resorting to cutting which I think I managed by pulling the seat back cushion forward. I've only just joined this site, having been a lurking member of LSP for some years however the posts you refer to above (especially the specific one - unbelievable response from the site admin people) coupled with the way a number of people wrote negative comments about the B24 even before they had it in their hands has made me want to be somewhere less nasty. I build kits as a hobby and an escape from the more stressful side of life, I don't want to read those sort of comments, it ruins the fun for me. So here I am and hopefully here I'll stay, looking forward to learning, with gratitude, from all who post - especially on this kit. neil