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Ordering from Super Hobby in Poland?


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I found their webstore this weekend showing they stock the Hobby Easy 2000 Bf-109E kits, and never having ordered from them before I thought I would ask if anyone here has before.  If you have, how did it go?  I would be ordering a couple of kits from them and have them shipped to me in the USA.


Thank you!

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Just got my TBM-3W decals from them last week.  Shipped out same day.  Sat in customs in Warsaw a couple days and then NY Customs a couple days. 
Pay close attention to the shipping options. My order first popped up with the highest cost option, but lowest cost for a sheet of decals (with tracking) was still $15.  

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Just a follow up to this thread, I ordered three of the Hobby 2000 Bf-109E-7 Trops from Super Hobby on the 7th, and got free shipping to the USA.  They shipped them on the 8th, and they arrived safely today the 16th.  I am very happy with how this transaction went, and look forward to ordering from them in the future!

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