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1/35 Tamiya Stug III Ausf B

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Don't sit down this will be quick ....... In the clearing of my stash pre move , I bought this 18 months ago along with its cousin the Pz III Ausf L .

Built the PzIII last year , not a bad little kit. This Stug looks very like my chums ( that's a D though ) but will stick with a Panzer Grey for this one.. ..so lets see how many shades of Grey I can work into this simple little thing . Metal barrel.... basic PE screens ...6 marking options ....meh.... is ok 




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Rolling on after my Border Pz IV ....yes .....this is so 20 years behind. No real armour texture, weld beads are small and dubious ,  whole kit has the feel of "starter" to it. Vinyl tracks are really low detail compared to the moulded one on the border. 









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Hull is interesting with some attempt at movable steering arms and spring suspention .....yeah ok Tamiya shall we wedge a motor in there too ? 



Low part count and usual "no issue" fit means it builds quick , got here in about 3 hours ...




And on it's hull 




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Moving on .....primed , black based , basic light grey paint job , wet on wet acrylic with panzer grey , lightened with yet another lighter grey , dry brushed with yet another gray /green pastels . This is going to be 100% acrylic weathering no oils at all . Free weekend coming up as Mrs Womble is away with her family, so plenty of modelling time hopefully. Next up is decals and muds , then we will see where it goes . 


Looks a bit odd after several rounds with paint ...trust me it will come together 




Small parts painted and some dry brushing ....bear with ...new lights are boosting the apparent contrast on da bench on the bench pix. 




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