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Round maintenance openings - made from real aluminum.

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By the Wingnut Wings Pfalz D.IIIa " the old Jasta37 worn-out workhorse " I had to represent different layers of old (Pfalz silver-gray) and new paint (Jasta 37 black) believable.


In factory new condition, the plane was silver-gray over all, the engine cowling was nature metal and the maintenance openings are painted green (close to RLM02 - green).
Generally, I try to go the way, to build layers of color in the order as the real aircraft was painted.

Back to the maintenance openings :
This openings are made from sheet aluminum and painted with RLM02 in the original.
It is clear that - over time - , the green color slightly peels off or scraped off .
To stay as close as possible to the original, I made the maintenance openings from the aluminum of a simple tea light.




A small hole was placed in the middle of the Disk.






In this hole, a Eyelet made ​​of thin copper wire was glued as a Fastener.
It is better to use a silver wire, I had at that time only copper wire by hand.




The Alu-Disk was painted with RLM02.




Of fine steel wool and the color was polished off some scratches attached to the edges.




This was followed by a layer of clear coat - then a layer of hairspray.

Ultimately, even a thin layer of matt black.

With warm water and a hard brush the hair spray was dissolved.

Now I had black access cover where the underlying coating and the base material were visible.







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