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Fischer A-1E


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I am in the process of building this conversion and I am puzzled by one thing. Are the instrument dials decals? 
I am not exactly sure what medium they are. All help is greatly appreciated,



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Mike, I just pulled my kit out and did not even see that covered with the instructions.  I remember when I built my fat face there was an online build article done by Paul, but I cannot find it now.  I showed a lot of things the instructions didn’t. Might be an article on LSP?  
I was going to dig out my donor kit, but it’s buried deep in my garage loft.  But I’m thinking you use the decals from it on the backer behind the gauge panel? 


Forget all that. I just figured it all out once my printed gauge face fell out of the decal bag. 
It’s a photo print that you trim and glue to the back of the instrument panel once you have it painted the way you want it. 
you can drip some clear epoxy into the gauge openings to look like glass lenses. 

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