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WW2 Luftwaffe colours


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I'm starting to get more interested in building WW2 german kits for some reason, this was never really a previous interest over the past 50 years so I'm late to this particular party. I can already see there's lots of differing views about colours and I'm trying to sort out one of those now without much success which made me think of adding this to the research zone. I think, if you are in agreement, this should cover all WW2 Luftwaffe colours however my specific issue relates to RLM 81, which seems to have several different brown and green interpretations. I'm building an aircraft with aftermarket decals and the aircraft is a very dark and deep green all over quoted as RLM81.  I happen to have RLM 81 in my paint collection but it's a deep brown colour rather than green.  Checking online there does appear to be variation in the paints offered. Any advice or help on RLM 81 would be appreciated, am I missing something or is there no agreement on what colour RLM 81 should be ??  If this is the wrong place for this question mods please feel free to move it where you think it should be.

Many thanks


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I'm hardly an expert, but the German name of RLM 81 ist Braun Violet, meaning brown violet and as far as I have used it, it's a dark brown tone.
I used it only on one plane build, namely my recently finished Arado 234. The RC235 from AK's Real Color was a good interpretation to my eye and sprayed also exceptionally well.

Which plane are you planning to build? I can hardly imagine a plane solely covered in RLM 81, but again, I'm not an expert.

Cheers Rob

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thanks Rob, you've confirmed what I initially thought. It's a 109 G10 I'm building from an AIMs sheet (32D011) an interesting scheme as the underwings are a mix of bare metal and light blue which is what made me go for it (https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AIMS32D015?result-token=eFgs6). It's definitely showing as green on the instructions and I've now found both green and brown versions of RLM 81 so I'm really confuggled which is not uncommon these days. I like the look of the green so will just try to match that ignoring the RLM colour. This luftwaffe stuff is way more complex than I expected as everything seems to have been random with big variation by regions and factories once resources and materials started to really become unavailable during the last three years of war.  I'm also finding the 109 interesting as again there appears to be so much variation in configuration even in the same sub type. 



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