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PzKfw V "A" Panther , SS Panzer Regiment 9, Normandy (1/35 Tamiya)


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Well after a lot of on again off again work I finally finished this one.  Fully aware that this is a 40 year old kit with tons of inaccuracies it was a good learning experience for me and a lot of fun.



  • RB metal barrel
  • Metal tow hooks
  • Various pieces from Verlinden Panther upgrade set
  • Sealed off lower hull areas with sheet plastic
  • Scratch built Jerry can rack
  • Zimmerit applied with wide tip soldering iron
  • Fenders and rear stowage boxes re-worked with lead foil
  • Bison decals

Weathering was done using mostly old school techniques, oil wash and dry brushing, AK Interactive Rust Streaks and Flory Washes were also used.



















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