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Since Grey Matter Figures closed up shop...


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1 hour ago, biggtim said:

Trust me, John, I've put a LOT of time into trying to track down Tim Skelton to ask that very thing. I had hoped to acquire the rights to the Rutman stuff he sold, but I just can't find the guy.


Maybe at some time later on he'll surface. It would be nice to have his stuff available again.


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I believe he used to live in Alfreton. Beyond that, I know next to nothing. I'm hoping some of the Telford crowd might have met him before and be able to track him down. Even Jerry Rutman doesn't know how to contact him anymore.

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Ok .........looking at your correspondence on TOS , he was wrapping up the company March last year due to illness ( knocking 62 if his profile is correct) , the website has gone , and can't find them on eBay. Not been on LSP since May 2022 

According to Facebook ...

19 Moseley Street, DE5 3DA

  • mark@greymatterfigures.com

Facebook reckons he traded out of 19 Moseley Street, Ripley , DE5 3DA Derbyshire , which is near Alfreton . It looks like that house is up for sale on Rightmove ...

TBH if Jerry Rutman doesn't know where he's gone it's possible he either died , got very ill or just wrapped it all up with no ongoing plan . 




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Thanks for looking! I tried all the old email addresses from GMF, including Mark's, and they are long defunct. I do hope Tim is still kicking somewhere, though! Maybe Mark can be tracked down, but I don't even know his last name. I even went as far as messaging some of Tim's friends on FB, with no responses. If I could at least find out if he's living or not, I would know whether to keep trying or give up. 

I've already spoken to Jerry, and he has given his blessing, but as he no longer has the legal rights to those kits, I don't feel right reproducing any of that stuff without Tim's ok.


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