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  1. I had worked on this Hasegawa F6F off and on for about a year but finally decided to go on and finish it. I thought doing it like the one in the photo would be interesting. Would make a great diorama but I didn't want to take it that far. The carrier deck is from Big Tim. Paints used were Model Master. After market includes Barracudacast tires, FineMolds belts and, if I remember correctly, a True Details cockpit. The gun sight is from my spares stash. I hope you like the results of my efforts!
  2. JohnB

    VF-9 Hellcat finished

    Here ya go Steve.
  3. JohnB

    VF-9 Hellcat finished

    Thank you Rick!
  4. JohnB

    VF-9 Hellcat finished

    Thanks Ernie. No idea as to when the Airfix kit will show up.
  5. I received a email from someone this evening showing me he had my password. The one he had is the one I use here and a couple of other sites, He demanded bitcoin payment or he would send embarrassing content to all my contacts although I do not go to "those" sites and use passwords, etc. I'm pretty sure it's a scam but he DID have my password for LSM. So, just in case guys, I'd recommend changing your passwords. For the record, I DO NOT view or download porn nor do I have a webcam that I parade around in front of nekkid!!! LOL (Anybody that does that is asking for it!) Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys a heads-up on this "just in case". Jeroen, Is our security up to date? Here is a site that details all that: https://www.hoax-slayer.net/fake-blackmail-sextortion-scam-emails-using-real-passwords/
  6. I have decided to build this kit as one of the P-40C's flown by Welch or Taylor during the attack on Pearl. Should be fairly straight forward. This is all I have gotten done so far as I am waiting for Kitlinx to send me the CMK cockpit. Sean at TopNotch Custom Masks is doing the side numbers, etc for me. Should look good! But right now I'm killing time waiting for the CMK set.
  7. No real bad ones Carl so it's onward and upward! LOL
  8. I appreciate that, thanks.
  9. JohnB

    Mitsubishi A6M2 correct cockpit color?

    Maybe this can help Ron. http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/colorcharts/stuff_eng_colorcharts_japan.htm
  10. JohnB

    VF-9 Hellcat finished

    I'm glad you like it Peter. That kit may be old but still pretty good. Certainly not up to 2019 standards but that's okay by me. Add some after market wheels and cockpit and it's good to go. I too look forward to the Airfix kit.
  11. LOL! You just never know Peter! I have several in my stash.
  12. Thanks Dave. The shallowness of the cockpit doesn't really bother me. As they say, close enough for government work! LOL
  13. LOL Peter! I'm looking forward to finishing this one up as I'm ready to move on to something else. Don't know what yet though.
  14. Thanks. I rarin' to go on painting!
  15. Progress. I have to say most of the parts fit pretty well. Mask stencils are on the way from Topnotch in England so painting will begin soon.
  16. JohnB

    1/32 Fly Hurricane Mk.IIc

    Be warned! It's a SOB to build. The cockpit framing etc. makes it VERY difficult to install and get the wings on. I built one a couple of years ago but no more! Good luck!!!
  17. JohnB

    VF-9 Hellcat finished

    I say go for it. Should make a good looking model.
  18. JohnB

    VF-9 Hellcat finished

    I've done that too so I know how you feel!
  19. It was a new one on me too Carl. Thanks.
  20. The CMK cockpit set is finished. Much better than what the kit gives us. It's kind of strange to me that the gunsight on the B/C's was down between the rudder pedals and reflected up onto the armored glass behind the windscreen. Hard to see in the photos but it's there. Straight from my leftover parts stash.
  21. JohnB


    Welcome to LSM!
  22. LOL It's evident by the photo how bad the kit parts are. I like the CMK set. It's crisp in detail and looks good so I'll use it.
  23. Here's the KMC cockpit dry fitted to the fuselage halves. Maybe not exactly right but it is MUCH better than the kit parts so I'll proceed with using it.
  24. Thanks Nigel. Fingers crossed no that!