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  1. Just about ready for some decals.
  2. Yes indeed! Some great pictures. Thanks!!!!!
  3. This one isn't her. Must be the earlier one. The last two of the serial is 20.
  4. Hmmm. Is this one after a repaint? Looks like she had just returned from the field and hasn't been repainted yet. Tail looks white to me.
  5. Yes indeed. Too bad she is in such deplorable condition.
  6. Great photos Anthony! Thanks. I see I'm going to have to go back and paint the horizontal tail surfaces white.
  7. White areas done and ready for masking off.
  8. Wow! I'd sure like to see some photos if that is possible at some point.
  9. Thanks guys. Just plodding along with this one.
  10. That has been done. Hard to hide 'em. (But I overcame all that on all 5 of my other Hasegawa P-40 builds.)
  11. Looking goooood!!!!!
  12. I'll have to work around that. I'll have to do something with the elevators as the kit ones are fabric covered. I've looked through my P-51 leftovers/spares but all I have are the same.
  13. I have the well pieces if that's what you mean Smitty. I'll just have to adapt them to the tail.
  14. That's sounds good Rob. By the way, they made a mistake on the "Lulu Belle" decal. It should be yellow, not white.
  15. Thanks. That is a interesting thought. Hard to say what is what on those birds!
  16. Thank you Gaz!!! I don't intend to use all of the PE supplied in the kit as I think some of them are unnecessary. And that saves some work too!
  17. Thanks Bill. I'll check it out. Nice to have options!
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