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  1. Thanks Ernie. The crappy photos really don't do it justice as it looks much better "in person" LOL.
  2. It's been about 3 weeks so I guess it's time for a couple of pics. Cockpit just about completed (I haven't attached the throttle yet because I'm sure I'd knock it off and lose it as the build progresses).
  3. I'm glad you like the TBM build Ernie. I've used the Alclad Kleer Flat, Semi-flat and gloss for years and never had a problem. Lucky I guess!
  4. One of Trumpeter's better kits.
  5. No Eduard stuff Mike. Just the Black Box/Avionics parts.
  6. Paul Allen does it again. http://warbirdsnews.com/aircraft-restoration/paul-g-allen-expedition-discovers-the-sunken-uss-wasp-and-her-aircraft.html
  7. Thank you Peter. Love those Corsairs!
  8. Certainly something with a high "CUSS FACTOR".
  9. I'm glad you like the results of my efforts Jeff.
  10. I have photos in my files of all my builds Phil. Here's one of my Mustangs.
  11. They were all done and posted on "The other site" Phil. Before we bailed out of there!
  12. Currently working on another Tamiya P-51D (my 8th). Here is the scheme I plan to use. As these markings aren't available in 1/32 I've made them by scanning a 1/48 Aero Master sheet, resizing and then printing on clear decal paper with my laser printer. WIP photos soon.
  13. Thanks Dave. I'll check it out. I checked it out and I think it would work just fine. They sure are proud of it @$26.00!
  14. Is there a stateside seller of their stuff? I'm specifically wanting their Spitfire MK II spinner/props or anyone else's replacement spinner/props for the Revell Mk II kit. Thanks!
  15. Thanks. I had to be careful not to overdo it but I think it turned out okay.
  16. Thank you Mike! I'm glad you like it.
  17. Thanks Phil! I'm glad you like the results of my efforts. I look forward to seeing your Corsair build!
  18. Thank you Rob. I wanted this one to really show some wear and I'm pleased with the way it turned out. I agree, the gray fin is a bit unusual.
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