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  1. LOL Jeff. I appreciate that! I'll still have to add the rest of the landing gear, props, bomb bay doors and a few other odds and ends after I get the decals on.
  2. Yes, coming right along. I'll do some paint touchups then start with the decals. Should be a good looking model in the end.
  3. Thanks Carl. That Xtracolor does a great job.
  4. Most of the painting is now done. Some touchup work will be needed but not a big deal. Decaling can start fairly soon.
  5. I look forward to seeing this one take shape.
  6. Painting underway! Black undersides next.
  7. Thanks Phil. Yes, enamels have long been my paints of choice. I have always had good results with them. Just a matter of preference I guess. Now it's time to start painting the model! I will use Xtracolor for the two upper camo colors.
  8. More progress. Bombs, etc still to be installed.
  9. I need at least one bottle of this paint, preferably two. Any chance anyone of you has some you'd part with? Thanks!
  10. Thanks MARU. It's great to see you again.
  11. LOL Jeff. Have you ever read "Terror in the starboard seat"? Written by a 418 nav and a outstanding read.
  12. Agreed Gaz. It's coming along nicely.
  13. This one Jeff. I've always liked the a/c with the black undersides.
  14. Sometimes it's just the thing to do. I'm looking forward to continuing with it now.
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