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  1. Hey Bill! Thanks for the info! I'll check with Home Depot and see if they have xylene or xylol. That could be just what I need. Very much appreciate it! Best, John
  2. More progress!!! The wings still need to clipped.
  3. Progress. Click for best resolution, etc.
  4. I look forward to seeing the completed model. I know it will be a beauty!
  5. I still have a bunch of their paint and use some from time to time. I expect there is a compatible thinner around, I just don't know what it is! LOL Thanks Peter!
  6. Coming along nicely. Looks good.
  7. Thanks Peter. Something a bit different from the military look! Nice change of pace for me.
  8. Thanks Gaz!!! I felt like I was in a rut in my modeling until I found the availability of the good quality racer decals. Now I can proceed with a bit more enjoyment in my builds.
  9. Thank you Kai. Still a long way to go but I look forward to making some nice progress.
  10. ...for another P-51 racer build. Tamiya preferred but Revell will do. I just need the two halves. Happy to pay for 'em just send me a PM if you will help. Thanks!!! Due to the overwhelming lack of response here I picked one up on ebay. So, NEVER MIND. 😐
  11. LOL Peter. I'm pleased you have so much confidence in me! We will see! 😐
  12. Thank you Peter. Hopefully this one will turn out well. I see some hurdles ahead however. 😉
  13. Probably so but you'd need a template to go by I suppose.
  14. I sure hope it will be good! LOL No, I had a Tamiya kit in the stash waiting for attention so now it's time has come.
  15. This ought to be a real eye-catcher. It will have to have the wings clipped and racing tips added which I'll have to scratch build (fingers crossed it goes well!). 😉
  16. Just getting started on this one. It will be one of E.D. Weiner's racers. I've removed the fuselage fuel tank and added a "floor" piece plus I've removed some of the side wall areas that were likely removed from the real a/c (in my estimation LOL) and added fuselage stringers that would then be visible. I think the yellow/black color scheme will be very eye-catching!
  17. Many thanks Frank! I'm happy you like it. It's now a favorite of mine! LOL I'm just getting started on the yellow/black racer Bardahl Miss #49 so will post some WIP photos shortly.
  18. I wasn't able to get a account due to some problem with the "captcha" I entered whatever that is. No clue. Thanks anyway Gaz!!!
  19. I'm gonna add a comment here: This build has turned out to be one that I really like. Gotta be one of my most favorite! Now I'm going to do another P-51 racer and who knows what else. LOL
  20. Thank you Ron! I appreciate that. Thanks again.
  21. Thanks! Very much appreciate the nice comments. I do plan another P-51 racer in the near future and maybe other racing a/c to follow. A great change of pace.
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